Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 171

The sudden explosion of the corpse tide caught everyone off guard.

Because of the huge impact, some of the zombies were directly blown up, reaching a few meters away from Tanaka and Takahashi, and then these zombies were killed by the soldiers on the edge of the car.

But before they could return to their senses, the explosion once again erupted from the corpse tide, and this time it was a series of explosions, blowing up the zombies in the corpse tide.

Speaking of image points, it is like popcorn.

Several of them fell directly into the safety zone around Tanaka and Takahashi, fortunately, the soldiers around them were all watching closely, otherwise something big would have happened.

“Back! Hurry back! ”

Tanaka roared desperately, his legs a little weak.

By this time, however, it was too late to retreat, and the tide of corpses had mixed with the zombies in the airfield, and the military vehicles used to form the wall were rattled by these zombies.


At this time, a bomb exploded on the side of those military vehicles, and the violent impact directly killed all the zombies there, and detonated the military vehicle by the way.

The dazzling flames burst out in an instant, and the two cannons next to them were not spared, and they were directly blown to pieces.

Tanaka and Takahashi had also retreated, otherwise the car that had just exploded would have burned them to death.

The two fled awkwardly to an off-road vehicle behind them, shouting to evacuate.

Those soldiers were also afraid to die, and as soon as they heard that they could evacuate, they all got on the nearest car without stopping, hoping that they would have an extra leg at this time.

The tide of corpses gradually rushed away from the safety zone enclosed by the car and squeezed in through some small crevices.

“Bastards! Bastard! Bastard!! How dare that kid! How dare you!? ”

Tanaka in the car trembled, looking at the picture of zombies beating outside the window, and his ears were full of ‘banging’ sounds, and as the car started, they ran over the zombies who were blocking the way, some bumps.

“That kid had so many explosives, and tied them to zombies to make a human bomb!” What a calculation! ”

Takahashi next to Tanaka was not much better, he had almost been blown up just now, and his hair was quite charred.

The so-called human bomb, that is, the explosives are tied to the living people, let people go to the designated place and then detonate, usually speaking, this method is very cruel, but has a miraculous effect, although it is despised by many people, but many people still choose to do this in order to win.

For now, Fang Nan is using this method, the only difference is that he hangs explosives on zombies.

Takahashi looked at the explosions behind him in fear, and the entire safety zone surrounded by cars was no longer in shape, and a large number of zombies poured in from the gap.

More than two hundred soldiers, at this time there are only more than a hundred left, they rush to drive forward, quickly leave, what tasks, what orders, at this moment are left out of the cloud of nine clouds, these are not worth mentioning in front of their lives.

Downstairs on both sides of the airport, people from the United States and France saw this scene, and more than a dozen vehicles of the military department passed in front of their eyes, and immediately they looked at each other and rushed towards their vehicles without saying a word.

“Fark! There are so many zombies! ”

“Those zombies are actually exploding?” Did it evolve? ”

“Don’t pay attention to so much, run first, and then slow down a few seconds and we will be surrounded!”

The elite squads of the two countries sat on the armed vehicles they came to, and their defensive capabilities were no worse than those of the island army headquarters, or even stronger.

When they got into the car, they felt a long-lost sense of security.

But soon, another explosion pulled them back to reality, and the ferocious air wave instantly swept into them, making the two people who had already entered the car feel a shock.

“Sleeper! Did these zombies eat missiles? ”

This explosion frightened the American Eagles who had said before that the soldier who wanted to arrest Fang Nan alone had burst out a foul mouth.

“Quick! Get out of here by car!! ”

The captain of the American Eagles opened his mouth to urge, and a drop of cold sweat appeared on his face.

On the French side, the captain of the Combat Squad got into the car and immediately ignited the fire, without even a word of nonsense, and his teammates also got into the two cars behind him, and then followed behind the island army.

The Slower Eagles could only follow behind, but at this time, the tide of corpses rushed over, and a zombie in the front was tied with a C4 bomb.

Then the C4 bomb exploded.

Rumble —

Another incomparably fierce heat wave compressed, and then burst out and rolled away.

Unfortunately, there were four armed vehicles in the United States, because it was a slow step, and the last one was just within thirty meters of the C4.

No matter how strong the defense power of this armed car was, it was instantly incinerated by this huge energy, and the strong impact force broke the frame.

The members of the American Eagles above could not even scream, and they directly turned to ashes.

In this way, under the impact of this tide of corpses and explosions, this trap waiting for Fang Nan’s arrival was completely disintegrated.

Withdrew with heavy losses from the Island Army and the American Eagles.

And just as they fled, on the edge of the private airport, the wide SUV greeted them and crashed into the high wall.


As the body swayed and the front windshield was mesmerized by a wave of rubble, the SUV effortlessly slammed through the high wall.

At this time, the co-pilot’s window opened, and a dozen C4 remote controls were thrown out.

In the car, Fang Nan on the co-pilot smiled and squinted at the ‘music festival’ outside the airport, and the mood was very good.

Why, you ask?

That, of course…

“Ding! Gain 35 boost points. ”

“Ding! Gain 130 boost points. ”

“Ding! Gain 64 boost points. ”

“There’s nothing cooler than it is now, and if there is, it could be at night.”

Fang Nanmei thought about it, of course, he would not admit that he was driving.

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