Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 168

At the same time, the outskirts of the airport!

At this time, in addition to Tanaka, beside him, there was a man with the rank of general.

The two generals stationed at the checkpoint stood on the roof of a car, staring indifferently at everything in front of them, and if they looked closely, they could still see that their eyebrows had wrinkled, not at all as calm as they seemed.

“General Takahashi, if you go on like this, the more zombies will be attracted around you.”

Tanaka frowned slightly as he looked at everything around him.

Although they used vehicles to circle a safe space, and there were troops guarding the surroundings, there were more and more zombies gathering from the surroundings, not to mention the huge number of zombies in the airport.

And because of the night, the degree of mania of these zombies is much higher than that of the day, and there are obvious changes in speed and strength.

Although the number of the military headquarters increased to as much as two hundred because of the arrival of General Takahashi, coupled with various heavy weapons, the firepower was already very strong, but they could not open all their firepower, and they were also very depressed, very uncomfortable, relying only on guns, the pressure of which can be imagined.

“There’s no way out, the real target doesn’t show up, we just have to consume.”

Takahashi sighed, he was already fifty years old, more shrewd than Tanaka’s old fritter, he looked at the airport building inexplicably, said: “Wisteria Councilor said that there are already two countries in the planned participation in the country, they are in the nearby building, this time you and I two garrisons of the strength of the checkpoint, coupled with the armed strength of the two countries, it is expected that the other side is perverted, and there is no escape.” ”

He had just received orders to make contact with people from two other countries, so that he had only now met with General Tanaka.

“So fast! Which two? ”

“The United States and France.”

“These two? It’s so fast! ”

General Tanaka’s face was a little ugly.

Of course, he knew about the rumors of Fang Nan and his party, and there were also orders from the military department, that is, to capture them alive, and at least it was good to catch one of them.

But now that the people of these two countries are coming, they are not good at snatching people from these two countries, because the military forces of these two countries are very strong, especially the United States!


Private airport this side.

“These people … What do you want to do!? ”

On the top floor of a building in the private airfield, Nan lixiang held a sniper rifle and saw the soldiers on the outskirts of the airport, and was very puzzled by their actions.

Obviously, the car was loaded with heavy weapons, and although there were many zombies at the airport, they could not resist the bombardment of heavy weapons, but now the people in the military department knew this, but they still risked attracting more zombies, and still pushed slowly without hurrying, and those who did not know thought that they were powerless to resist it.

This scene couldn’t help but make Nanli Xiang jealous.

Is that?

Just then, Nan lixiang turned the sniper scope around and found that in the buildings outside the airfield, some people in the military department seemed to be carrying and arranging something, and in her experience in the military department, those people were obviously laying traps such as dark sentries.

Unexpectedly, a thought flashed in Nan Lixiang’s mind, and she figured out all the doubts in it!

“The people in the military department obviously have the ability to clear the zombies from the airport, but they have not attacked for a long time, they are obviously waiting for something, and my role in this game is bait!”

“The people in the military department must have known about my relationship with Shizuka, and they expected me to contact Shizuka, and through me I would attract Shizuka to them, and then catch them all!”

“Good calculation!!”

NanLixiang sipped her red lips, and anger rose in her heart.

“What to do? If Shizuka had come over, they would have been caught up in the military’s schemes. ”

Nanrika gritted her teeth and wanted to contact Shizuka Jugawa and tell them not to come over, but unfortunately her mobile phone had long been out of power, and now she could only watch.

Nan Lixiang, who knew the military’s plan, did not know at this time, there were two other forces outside the airport, and they were also looking at the tiger, if she knew, I am afraid that she would really be unable to sit still.

For a time, the island war, the United States and France, and Nanlixiang were in a stalemate.


And the time was also very fast, and it was ten o’clock in a flash, the sky was shrouded in a layer of dark clouds, and even the moon could not be seen, and the entire airport was only the roar and gunfire of zombies.

Tanaka and Takahashi, the two generals, looked at the dense zombies outside the circle formed by the car, and their scalps couldn’t help but tingle a little.

Nearly five hours have passed since they shot down Nanrika’s plane.

It is reasonable to say that even if there are more zombies here, with their firepower, not to say that they are all destroyed, they will definitely not be as stressful as they are in front of them.

In these five hours, the sound of gunfire has continuously attracted zombies, and by this moment, the number is already very large, if it were not for their dozens of vehicles, large numbers, and strong firepower, I am afraid that they would have fallen long ago.

“General Takahashi, do you want us to…”

Tanaka looked at the circle of zombies around him, the number was less than six or seven thousand, and when he hesitated, he couldn’t help but come up with a bold idea.


As a senior, Takahashi saw through Tanaka’s thoughts at a glance and shook his head expressionlessly.

“But if we continue like this, don’t say that the target has not come, even if it comes, I am afraid that our troops will not be enough at that time!” Or… May I ask Wisteria MP? ”

After speaking, Takahashi shook his head again.

“Still not!”

Tanaka listened and was about to open his mouth when he saw Takahashi looking at him with a deep look on his face and said quietly, “What is the moldy head of the Wisteria Councilor touching?” It is better to consult with the people of the United States and France, if they say to fight, then we will open fire, and when the time comes, you and I will have a good argument. ”

After Tanaka listened, his eyes lit up, and he stared at Takahashi masashi and said, “Or Takahashi’s predecessors have calculated deeply and been taught.” ”

After saying this, General Tanaka took out the communicator and began to connect.

The signal connection is also quite fast, and people who want to come to the United States and France are also expecting the target to appear quickly.

“Is it the American Eagles?” I am General Tanaka of the Island Army…”

As soon as he got in touch, Tanaka spoke in the rice language of the island dialect, and took up the tone of the official family, which sounded like a board and an eye.

Takahashi had told him earlier about the squads sent from two countries, the Eagles of the United States and the Cocks Of France.

These two teams are all elite, and each member’s individual combat ability is much higher than that of the average special forces soldier, and it takes millions of dollars to train a person.

“Oh? Is it the military headquarters of the island country, I am indeed here with the American Eagles, and the target person has appeared? ”

“The target has appeared!?”

Before General Tanaka could answer, another voice sounded in the communicator, but it was not Chinese, but Flange.

People from these two countries together?

General Tanaka thought darkly in his heart.

“No, the target has not appeared, there are more and more zombies outside the airport, and we will be in danger if we continue like this.”

Tian Xuan chose a more subtle statement, hoping that the military departments of the two major countries on the opposite side could hear the connotations.


“I see, you keep going.”

The two captains of the Eagle Team and the Combat Squad spoke separately, and when they heard that it was not about the target task, they were all not interested.

Tanaka didn’t see any of them, but listening to the sound, he could imagine that the two of them must be facing the sky with their nostrils at this time.

Too perfunctory!

“By the way, this island nation’s… People, this action was planned by your Wisteria councilor, and I hope you can persist. ”

The captain of the American Eagles said at this time, and then hung up the communicator.

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