Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 165

“Oh yes, there’s one more important thing not said!”

Nanlixiang’s voice continued to come, and the crowd could not help but suppress the horror in their hearts, keep quiet, and listen carefully.

“Because you blew up the military base, coupled with the failure of the previous arrangements for the pursuit, the old guy of Wisteria Katsutake really exploded, and even openly fabricated the lie that you mutated and had antibodies on the satellite live broadcast of the global country, do you know what the result of his doing so was?”

“The world is hunting us down?”

Fang Nan didn’t even think about it, and felt very ridiculous and funny.

“Yes, Wisteria Katsutake said that you have mutated, it is a mutation of the virus different from the zombie, which not only allows you to gain the power beyond the limits of human beings, but also has resistance to the zombie virus, and the video of you breaking through the barrier is a strong evidence, and the top level of the major countries has also recognized this evidence, and yesterday it has sent people to the island country.”

“Wisteria Katsutake, this old guy is really very yin!?”

Fang Nan was laughed at, and he had to admit that The old guy Wisteria Katsutake had a deep heart in his heart.

If you can’t figure it out on your own, you drag other people into the water, and you also drag down most of the countries in the world at one time, which can be described as a big deal.

At the same time, Fang Nan did not expect that Zi Teng Shengwu hated himself so much, most likely because he knew that his two sons were all lost by themselves, so he was so angry and corrupt.

“So you have to be careful, but if it wasn’t for Shizuka telling me some of your things, I’m afraid even I would have to wonder if you really have antibodies, after all, your physical fitness is really incredible.”

Nanrika continued.

Fang Nan did not comment, and also had a little strange feeling.

In fact, strictly speaking, the old thing of Wisteria Katsutake invisibly guessed the truth.

His system is equivalent to opening and hanging, which can strengthen the bodies of everyone, which is also a mutation in disguise, so Wisteria Katsutake is right.

“By the way, are you in danger now?” Tell me, where is the location? ”

Fang Nan looked at Shizuka Jugawa’s mobile phone that was running out of battery, and he asked at a faster pace.

The most urgent thing at the moment was to take Nanrika first, and then wait for someone to take over and continue to nag, because The Jugawa Shizuka next to her was about to die at this time.

In the airport!

Nan Lixiang listened to Fang Nan’s words, first stunned, and then laughed, “What? Are you coming to save me? ”

“Yes, you’ve seen the video of us breaking through the level, you should know my strength.”

“Well, I’m at a private airfield next to Fukuoka Prefecture’s international airport, and I can’t hold out here for long, and the military is ready to rush in!”

“Okay, we’ll come right over!”

Speaking of which, Nan Lixiang had hung up the phone.

The solemn atmosphere spread out in the living room.

Jugawa Shizuka clenched her hands tightly, because of the excessive force, the joints were faintly white, and her pretty face was full of nervousness, and she looked at Fang Nan.

“Rest assured, we will certainly save your friend.”

Fang Nan said a word to her.

After hearing this, Shizuka Jugawa was much relieved, but when she looked at the night outside, she couldn’t help but say, “It’s so dark outside…”

“Your friend can’t hold out at the airport for too long, and besides, with our strength, can’t you still believe it?” But this time to save people, we can’t all go. ”

Before Shizuka could finish speaking, Fang Nan interrupted her concern.

He knew that Jugawa Shizuka’s concern was chaotic, and any little danger factor would be magnified countless times at this moment.

But Jugawa Shizuka’s concern is indeed not unreasonable, at night, the activity of zombies will be more frequent, and the degree of danger is much greater than that of daytime, but Nanrika they must be saved!

“This time we are going to save people, it is not appropriate to have a direct conflict with the military department, there are many people, but it has become a target.”

Fang Nan looked at the people present calmly, thought for a while, and then continued, “Just let me, Sister Poison Island, Aunt Yuriko, Asami hirano go together to save people, Sensei Jugawa, Saya, and Alice, just wait in the villa with Miss Ugita, no opinion, right?” ”

“I’m going too!”

When Shizuka Jugawa heard that she didn’t have herself, she was immediately anxious.

“Teacher Juchuan, just now Fang Nan said that too many of us will only attract attention, and the situation at the airport is very chaotic, there are zombies and military departments, and when the time comes to fight, they can’t distract themselves from taking care of you.”

Gao Cheng Saye opened her mouth at this time, the beautiful face expression was very serious, she did not have a mustard because Fang Nan did not bring herself, but analyzed it for Fang Nan.

“Teacher Juchuan, you can rest assured, Fang Nan will definitely be able to rescue your friend.”

“Yes, teacher!”

Ciri Alice was also on the side, touching Shizuka’s head comfortingly.

“That… Well, Fang Nan, you must be careful yourself, don’t let the teacher worry about knowing? Otherwise the teacher wouldn’t let you go! ”

Jugawa Shizuka is not an unreasonable person, after Takagi Saya said this, she also knows that she is not suitable to follow, after all, her combat effectiveness is too weak, far less than Fang Nan and Poison Island Tsunako a few people, going is only a burden, it is better to wait for the news at home.

In the end, the people who went to the airport to save people were determined.

“Well, if any of you have to get ready, hurry up and assemble in the front yard in five minutes.”

Fang Nan stood up, looked at the crowd and said a word.


The others didn’t have anything to prepare, that is, Hirano Toda, who had to get some equipment.

Makoto Shiroda looked at Fang Nan, the leader of several people, and did not know what she was thinking, a pair of large eyes flashed a strange light.

Five minutes later!

“Saya, at home remember not to let anyone in, don’t let anyone knock on the door, don’t pay attention, if anyone has a bad heart, shoot it!”

In the front yard, Fang Nan, who was in front of the car, made a special order.

There are still many survivors in the Aster Villa area, and the ghost knows whether these people will faint because of hunger, or will they be upset?

But to tell the truth, even if these people really come, Fang Nan is not worried!

Don’t look at Jugawa Shizuka is cute, Takagi Saya is petite, but after several potions to strengthen, their physical quality is not blown, ordinary dozen big men, are not their opponents.

Even Ciri Alice, after being strengthened by the potion, her strength and physical strength are completely superior to that of an adult.

The reason why he told them was only to make them more accustomed to the cruelty of the end of the world, and not to be soft-hearted because the other party was human.

To this end, Fang Nan left a lot of fragmented grenades and weapons, enough for them to play.

After the instructions were finished, Fang Nan and poison island Zizi got into the car and drove out of the Ziyuan villa area under the gaze of several people in Gaocheng Saye.

“Well, Teacher Jugawa, we have to believe Fang Nan, you forgot how perverted that guy is, we can wait for the news with peace of mind.”

Takagi Saya saw that Jugawa Shizuka was still staring at the gate of the Aster Villa Area, and couldn’t help but comfort her.


Subsequently, the three returned to the villa.

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