Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 163

“You modified this air nail gun?”

Watching the two zombies being shattered by a small explosion in their bodies, Fang Nan couldn’t help but glance at the air nail gun in Hirano Toda’s hand.

The air nail gun is still the air nail gun, but now it seems that a lot has changed.

“Yeah, remember yesterday at the military base?” I scraped a lot of gunpowder made of small cannon battles, as soon as it was fired, it would cause friction inside the iron ball, thus igniting the gunpowder inside, causing a small explosion, but I would not control the time of the explosion of the iron ball, and the distance was about seven or eight meters suitable for use, but this had an advantage, strong penetration, silent! ”

Hirano Toda said with glowing eyes, showing Fang Nan what he had achieved in the past few days.

“It’s really good, you can use this to fight at close range, but you have to control the distance.”

Fang Nan praised that this modified air nail gun is indeed powerful, but there are many drawbacks, but this is the first generation, and it should be able to improve later.

This also made Fang Nan can’t help but be pleased, sure enough, with Hirano Toda this guy, it was a correct decision, only a few days, he used the existing things, modified the air nail gun, and then directly used the system to strengthen a wave is not impossible.

As the time flickered, it was almost seven o’clock, and the sky outside was all dark, and it was pitch black outside.

The Aster villa area has an independent power supply system and a water conservancy system, so the domestic water and power supply here are still there, and when the time comes, the street lights in the villa area are all lit up in unison.

Inside the villa, probably afraid of someone coming, Makoto Shiroda only turned on a lamp that was enough to illuminate, but Fang Nan was not so restrained, and directly opened the central chandelier in the villa hall, and suddenly, the living room became much brighter.

“Fang Nan … Classmates, this will attract a lot of people’s attention…”

Makoto Shiroda looked at Fang Nan, plain-faced, looked at Fang Nan with wide eyes, facing the calm face of Junxiu, somehow, the heart of preaching just arose in her heart, and all of a sudden it was gone.

Instead, Fang Nan became the older fang, and he became a sixteen or seventeen-year-old high school student.

In fact, I don’t blame others!

After Fang Nan strengthened three times, the whole person, whether it is his body or temperament, has undergone tremendous changes, coupled with his own personality is very direct, not afraid of things at all, it gives people a very stable, and full of aura feeling.

“After we came in, a lot of people noticed us, and if they really had ill will toward us, it wouldn’t help if they turned on the lights.”

Fang Nan spoke very plainly and confidently, sitting on the leather soft sofa, a pair of dark eyes calm and deep.

His self-confidence comes from his own strength!

To say that Fang Nan was arrogant or overbearing, he didn’t care.

And the poison island tsukasa has long been accustomed to Fang Nan’s personality, and there is something strange about it.

“It’s all this time, it’s time for dinner, let’s go cook, we brought a lot of ingredients, Sister Mako, where is the kitchen?”

Shizuka Jugawa looked at the time and saw that it was seven o’clock, so she pulled up the women to discuss what to cook tonight.

In the last few days, these girls have nothing to do, so they have to delve into cooking, after all, they may have to do it themselves in the future.

Makoto Shiroda was a little shocked by what Fang Nan said, but as soon as she heard about cooking, she couldn’t help but become active and show affection.

She hadn’t eaten hot in days!

Fang Nan had been staring at her, noticed her strange appearance, and couldn’t help but chuckle a few times.

Makoto Shiroda felt Fang Nanzi staring at herself, knew that she must be out of shape, and couldn’t help but look at Fang Nan with anger, how could this young man be like this?

Is it interesting to peek at yourself!?

Blushing, Makoto Shiroda walked toward the kitchen with poison island.

Half an hour later!

A strong fragrance wafted out of the kitchen, and Fangnan and Hirano Toda had nothing to do, so they sat down at Nagayuki’s table early.

As soon as he smelled this fragrance, Fangnan’s taste buds were also seduced, and so was Hirano Toda.

“This time, with the help of Makoko, I made a miso soup tonight, and it tasted very good.”

Yuriko Takagi came out of the kitchen with a plate of dishes, and before Fang Nan could respond, Poison Island Tsukiko and Takagi Saya appeared one after another, without exception holding a dish in their hands.

After a while, on the table that was still empty, seven or eight dishes were laid out, including meat and vegetarian dishes, which looked like they were all colored and fragrant, relying on the cooking skills of Poison Island Tsukiko and Kigawa Shizuka, and Fang Nan felt that the taste would not be too bad.

And on his left-hand side, there is also a rich and tender miso soup, this kind of cultural collocation of island food, to be honest, Fang Nan is not very accustomed.

Seriously, eating such a dinner in a doomsday environment is what many people dream of, but here in Fangnan, it seems commonplace.

Anyway, the ingredients brought from the main city of the bed will not be spoiled sooner or later, so it is better to eat them as soon as possible.

And Makoko Shiroda is obviously a little impatient, thirty-year-old, a bit like Jugawa Shizuka’s natural stay, but can still maintain their own reservedness, unlike Jugawa Shizuka’s happiness and sadness, are directly expressed.

The same mature woman, why is the difference so big?

Nor is it true…

Fang Nan’s gaze swept over Makoto Shiroda, which was no less than The capital of Shizuka Jugawa, at least, the foul of this figure was not much different.

Even, Because Makoto Shiroda was thirty years old, she was fully mature, and she had to commit more fouls.

Makoto Shiroda did not see anyone moving, she swallowed her saliva, but she was embarrassed to open her mouth, and could only endure.

“Eat them all, or you’ll be cold in a moment!”

Fang Nan felt a little funny, obviously he was almost drooling for three thousand feet, but he was still enduring, was he so terrible?

Also in the Aster Villa area, there were many survivors who had long noticed the abnormal light of Villa One, and they were all hungry, but they did not dare to go out, because they had seen how miserable it was that someone had gone out.

At this dinner, Fang Nan ate enough to eat five bowls of rice, and he gradually liked miso soup and appetized a lot.

The meals on the table were all swept away by everyone, especially Makoko Shiroda, who had not eaten hot and fresh meals for several days, and she was usually full of two small bowls, and today she was stunned to eat two large bowls!

The wreckage after the meal was placed on the table, no one went to clean up, Fang Nan did not go, don’t expect those big ladies.

The well-fed people were resting in the living room, and Fang Nan listened to the women chatting, among which Shizuka Jugawa talked about their journey in the past few days, good guys, worthy of being teachers, like storytelling.

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