Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 159

“Yes, according to the direction of that road, your friend’s destination should be Fukuoka Prefecture, and now the whole military headquarters is shaking because of them, so you yourself … Be careful! ”

At the other end of the communicator, the captain in his early thirties hung up the contact when he finished speaking, and then he let out a long sigh with a complicated face.

As the captain of Nanlixiang for five years, he was very familiar with Nanrixiang, and he knew that in that car, there were her friends, so he had long been mentally prepared for Nanrixiang to make such a decision, but when this day came, it was still a little uncomfortable.

On the helicopter, Nan Lixiang looked at the communicator that had lost its voice and fell into contemplation.

“I didn’t expect shizuka’s students to be so powerful, Fukuoka Prefecture is…”

Nanrika took a deep breath, and the control plane immediately changed direction and flew in the direction of Fukuoka Prefecture, and the shaking zombies were faintly seen in the city below, and the occasional explosion was heard.


On the other side, on the road to Fukuoka Prefecture.

This road is a coastal road, and at some times you can see the coast, and the air suddenly becomes much fresher.

“Whew! Just now it was really exhausting, Classmate Fang Nan, did you just see the teacher kill twenty zombies with a gun? Isn’t the teacher great? ”

Shizuka Jugawa collapsed into Yuriko Takagi’s arms, looking at FangNan expectantly with wide eyes, like a little girl waiting for praise.

The others were similar, especially Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko, who got out of the car with Fang Nan and experienced a fierce battle, with great mental and physical exertion.

Although they had all been strengthened, just now under the melee between the zombies and the military department, everyone had played a twelve-point spirit, and the string in their hearts was very tight, and they could not relax for a moment.

Now that the crisis is over, exhaustion is pounding like a tidal wave.

“See, but the marksmanship needs to be improved!”

Fang Nan chuckled, then looked at Asami Nakaoka in the driver’s seat and asked, “Asami, do you need to take a break?” It was hard to drive in that situation just now, right? ”

“No, no, no… It’s exciting, it’s really exciting just now! ”

Fang Nan turned her head to look over, and found that this little chick actually had a look of excitement, no need to think, it must be the drag racing in the level just now, which has satisfied her desire for passion.

This chick is crazy!

Fang Nan was speechless, ignoring Asami Nakaoka, looking at the women resting behind his eyes, and the third row of Sleeping Hirano Toda, Fang Nan let them take a nap, and he took out a map to check it out.

With a sign, it swung past their car, which meant they had left the bed main city.

Of course, this map becomes worthless.

But soon, Fang Nan took out the mobile phone and opened the infection intelligence APP.

“The general infection situation in Kyushu is much better than that of the bed city, especially Fukuoka Prefecture, but relatively speaking, the danger is also much more than that of the bed city!”

Fang Nan looked at the infection situation in Kyushu displayed on the mobile phone, the color of the entire Kyushu map was light red, which formed a sharp contrast with the crimson bed main city, which represented that the infection situation in Kyushu was lighter, and there were many human survivors, which also led to the deployment of the military department, and it would also focus on there.

Because from the documents in the mobile phone, it can be seen that the government department and the military department seem to be isolating areas without infection, and areas with mild infections like Fukuoka Prefecture will definitely be closely watched by the military department, so that they are heavily guarded.

“There’s a lot of trouble going on!”

Fang Nan rested his hands on the back of his head, squinting his eyes to the same highway, with a thousand thoughts in his mind.

Taking advantage of the time, Fang Nan checked his own strengthening.

【Enhancement Point: 26967】

“Nearly twenty-seven thousand reinforcement points, just now that wave has also gained a lot…”

Although the situation in Fukuoka Prefecture is more dangerous, but now with nearly twenty-seven thousand reinforcement points leaning over, Fang Nan’s confidence is still very sufficient, and when it is really tricky, it is a big deal to take out a few C4 bombs, strengthen them three or four times and then throw them out.

If you can’t solve it, it’s not enough to strengthen the depth, and come back a few times!

“By the way, system, did I accomplish any achievement tasks or something?”

Remembering the richness of the rewards for the achievement task last night, Fang Nan suddenly became hot, and he now understood that as long as the achievement task is completed, then anything may burst out, and the popular point is like the game opening the box.

It would be nice to have any good things to burst out again.

“Ding! None! ”

The system’s response is real.

Fang Nan’s enthusiasm was half gone at once.

But think about it, the battle just now was actually very short, did not kill a large number of zombies, did not do anything earth-shattering, at most it was to cut a few bullets and bazookas, and scrap five tanks.

Moreover, from the perspective of completed achievement tasks, simple achievement tasks have been very few, and the difficulty of future achievement tasks will be more difficult, and none of them will be easy.

This kind of thing, but any veteran who has played online games for several years can understand.

“Since there is no reward for achievement missions, then just use that Platinum Chest trigger card!”

Fang Nan muttered darkly, his gaze swept out of the car window, the last time the golden treasure phase trigger card was also used on the road, the process was very smooth, this time I don’t know if it is the same.

Just when Fang Nan was ready to use it, suddenly the green and lush scenery outside the car window flashed by, followed by a dazzling white light, after adapting, Fang Nan saw an endless sea, reflecting the dazzling sunlight at noon, and the waves were beating wave after wave on the yellow and white beach.

If there is no zombie crisis, it is estimated that there will be many people on that beach!


The corners of Fang Nan’s mouth twitched.

This road is a coastal road, very close to the ocean, and the Platinum Chest trigger card, but with a random refresh range limit of twenty kilometers, if he accidentally brushes the surface of the sea, then he must not cry?

Fang Nan quickly dispelled the thoughts in his heart just now.

The Platinum Chest is very important, and it can be seen from the richness of the rewards of the Golden Chest, at least the rewards are twice that of the Golden Chest, and it is more likely that there are treasured props.

Therefore, Fang Nan attaches great importance to this matter, at present there is a little unsafe place, Fang Nan has no thoughts in an instant, or honestly go to Fukuoka Prefecture first.

Time flickered, and it was half past one o’clock!

The women resting in the second row also woke up quietly, to be precise, awakened by hunger.

Fang Nan told Asami Nakaoka to stop and take a break, and he noticed that Asami Nakaoka also had some signs of drowsiness, after all, he had driven in the morning.

On the silent road, surrounded by woods, the wide SUV slowly stopped.

“Get out of the car for lunch, eat enough to hurry, anyway, there is no shortage of those ten minutes.”

“Finally eating?” I starved the teacher. ”

Shizuka Jugawa rubbed her eyes listlessly, she was wearing an OL workplace skirt today, still brand-name, shallow black silk tightly wrapped around her two long legs, very eye-catching.

Before her school doctor’s dress was too dirty to be thrown away.

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