Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 158

“Hey hey! Give them a little more excitement! ”

In the car, Fangnan Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko smoothly returned to the car, and Asami Nakaoka immediately stepped on the throttle of the SUV to the maximum and sped forward.

Hirano Toda took advantage of this and pulled out five or six grenades and smoke bombs, and no matter how many, he was able to throw them directly out of the skylight.

“What’s that?”

The general saw several objects, flying out of the target vehicle, and before he could fix his eyes, the explosions of the ‘boom’ sounded one after another, and smoke bombs released a large amount of smoke, slowly obscuring his view.


The general finally came back to his senses, his face changed drastically, he wanted to catch up, but two zombies came in front of him, and when he raised his knife and struggled to kill, the entire garrison level had been knocked open into a passage, and the shadow of the SUV was already far away.


“Uh-huh… Uh huh…”

“Ho ho ho…”

At this point, it was impossible for him to catch up, because there was still a mess waiting for him to clean up.

The gap that was knocked open was constantly flooded in, and if they were not cleaned up, their garrison level would be captured.

Fortunately, when the target person leaves, they can free up more troops, and some weapons that are too late to use are also used.

And so, two hours passed.

“We have lost this battle!”

The general sat on two sandbags exhausted, his face full of dirt and dust, but he did not care about this, the most important thing was that the target interception failed.

This time, he lost nearly 70% of his troops, and there were corpses everywhere, which could be described as a heavy loss.

He was both angry and helpless, and in the end, he had to upload the message to his superiors.

On an island!

In Katsutake Wisteria’s residence, he had received the news that the interception mission had failed, and in front of him, the assistant held a tablet and played a video.

The content of the video is exactly a series of experiences when Fang Nan broke through the garrison checkpoint.

“Ahem! How do people in the military do things? Equipped with so many weapons, can’t even intercept a small bulletproof car? ”

Wisteria Katsutake was very angry, before that, he had made detailed information on the weapons and equipment of Fang Nan and others, and divided the methods, obviously whether it was the number of people or weapons and equipment, they crushed each other, but they still gave a surprise attack, this feeling, as if he himself had been slapped by someone.

But soon, when he saw what was in the video, he was shocked.

Knife splitting bullets?

Scrapping a tank with one knife?

Five tanks all cut off their gun barrels?

This is special…

Wisteria Katsutake took a deep breath of cold air and narrowed his eyes.

He didn’t know what adjective to use to express his mood at this moment.

Are there really antibodies and variants!?

Coldly, such a ridiculous idea echoed in his mind, but then he shook his head again.

Antibodies and mutations are his nonsense, in the end, he knows better than anyone, but what is the explanation for the content in this video?

“Forget it, don’t think about it, the vitality of these young people is really tenacious enough, but can you hide for a while, can you still hide for a lifetime?” By the way, where do they leave? ”

Wisteria Katsutake thought for a moment and asked.

“Moving in the direction of Manmei Prefecture, we left the city of Bedow and entered Fukuoka Prefecture, the economic region of Kitakyushu.” The assistant replied.

“Economic zone, Fukuoka Prefecture … Oh, it seems that these young people have a lot of ideas! ”

Shito Katsutake sneered a few times, instructed his assistant to send the video to the hands of the parliamentarians and senior military officials, and then seemed to think of something, and then said: “Send this video to the capitals of the ‘Eden Project’ participating countries, as well as the estimated destination of these young people, so that they can prepare.” ”

Just this morning, he received news that troops from the major planning countries were about to arrive in the island countries, and in order to further motivate these countries, he intended to send the video as a gift.

Soon after, the island’s legislators and military leaders received the video and watched it, as well as the senior leaders of the countries participating in the Eden Program.

When they saw the video, they were in the same mood as Katsutake Wisteria, who had just watched the video.

In addition to the shock, I just want to curse!

But soon, ecstasy grew.

In the video, Fang Nan and Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko can dodge in the face of a large number of soldiers’ strafing, and even can see the picture of knives splitting bullets and even chopping tanks.

I would like to ask, this is not variation, what is variation?

Who in reality can achieve this level of perversion?

Splitting bullets, cutting bazookas, drying tanks, this can no longer be measured by the category of humans, right?

Because of this video, the hearts of the leaders of various countries that were originally shaken have become more determined.

Man, they’re going to settle!

In a short period of time, the troops sent by various countries received information and headed for Fukuoka Prefecture in the island country!

Those who have landed on the island country immediately return to the plane, and those who are still flying in the middle of the way, racing against the clock, there are only a few people in total, so many countries are not enough points.

The reaction of the military department of the island country was not slow at all, and they sent information from Fang Nan and others to the domestic garrison checkpoints to make them vigilant.


Nanrika, who was still on the helicopter, finally returned to the island country and saw the city on land.

“Beep… Beep…”

At this moment, her communicator suddenly rang, and without looking, she knew who had called her.

Because this communicator was specially made by the Ministry of Government and the Ministry of War, her friend Shizuka Jugawa could not have penetrated it at all, so the result was obvious.

Nan Lixiang hesitated for a few seconds, then looked at the city scenery in front of her before picking up the communicator and connecting it.

At this time, she had reached the territory of the island country, and she did not have to be afraid of the signal of the ministry of government to track her.


The signal is somewhat weak, possibly influenced by the interior of the city.


As soon as the opening on the opposite side, Nan Lixiang instantly knew who it was.

“Captain, I’m sorry last night, but I had to do that.”

Nan Lixiang, with a noise-proof headset, looked at the ruined city below, and she sighed slightly.

The man who requested the communication was Nanrika’s five-year-old partner and the leader of their sniper squad, who had no choice but to knock him unconscious last night.

“It’s okay, I know you went to find a friend, I understand, but I contacted you to tell you that the young man you care about and your friend have just done a big thing, they broke through the garrison checkpoint to Fukuoka Prefecture, causing the entire garrison checkpoint to lose more than 70%, and now the whole country is wanting them.”

“Rush away again!?”

Nan Lixiang was very surprised, remembering the calm voice of the teenager on the last call, it was hard to imagine that such a young man with such a cold tone would do such a crazy thing again.

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