Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 157

Five tanks, one of which fired a cannon suddenly, exploded in the gap, and huge waves of air and shrapnel flew everywhere, killing all the zombies there.

Everyone was stunned, including Fang Nan.

“The front team suppressed the zombies that poured in, and the others swept all three of them to death!”

This cannon not only shocked the general, but also gave him a new confidence, holding an M4 rifle in his hand, and in the other hand, he pulled out his saber, and the blade was full of the rotten blood of zombies.

He’s about to kill Red Eye!

As a general, his bloodiness was not much at all, and he roared loudly and rearranged his deployment.

A large number of army soldiers heard the rumors, and the panicked military heart seemed to be stable as if they had found the main heart, but those who were selected by the generals to deal with Fang Nan’s three people were terrified.

They had seen Fang Nan’s might, and the unpredictable speed and strength were far from what they could solve with their guns, and their advantages in thermal weapons and numbers were all lost.

How else is this going to be played?

However, due to the orders of their superiors, the selected soldiers brushed towards Fangnan Poison Island and Takagi Yuriko.

“Fang Nan, the tank is firing again!!”

Poison Island and Yuriko Takagi spoke in unison, and an anxious look appeared on their delicate faces.

“Give me the tank, and you will take care of your own safety!”

Fang Nan looked around, and the movements of these people in the general’s headquarters were all in full view, and finally his eyes fell on the five tanks, and there was no time to think about it, so he pulled his legs and rushed towards the five tanks.

As for Poison Island and Yuriko Takagi, Fang Nan has a very high degree of confidence in them, as far as these people are concerned, they cannot cause harm to them, for now, these five tanks are the most threatening and must be eliminated as soon as possible!

With the cover of poison island and Takagi Yuriko, Fang Nan looked at the tank that was close at hand, at this time, the sound of metal friction was heard from inside the tank, obviously ready to launch again, but this time he did not know where the target was.

“Ahem! Stupidity! These five tanks are equipped with bulletproof nets, and even ordinary armor-breaking shells are difficult to damage the tanks, let alone a knife!? ”

Noticing Fang Nan’s move, the general couldn’t help but laugh and turned his head to work with the soldiers around him to deal with the approaching zombies.


Seeing that this tank was about to be fired again, Fang Nan took a deep breath, the tank’s defense was undoubtedly very high, and the thick iron sheet on the outside was enough to make it difficult for all the bullets to hurt it.

So, Fang Nan set his sights on the seemingly fragile barrel.

“Swift Wind Sword Technique – Wild Wind Desperate Slash!”

Fang Nan’s face was expressionless, the muscles of his whole body were tense, the blood in his body seemed to boil and accelerate at this moment, and his inky black eyes stared at the dark barrel.

Next second!

Fang Nan’s figure suddenly disappeared from the spot, the speed was unbelievable, leaving a stamp on the ground, and when he saw him again, Fang Nan had already appeared in front of the tank.

Inside the tank, the two soldiers in charge of field command and aiming both saw the flashing Fang Nan and couldn’t help but trance.

“Chop !!!”

Fang Nan let out a loud roar, and the samurai sword was raised above his head, aiming at the barrel, and it was slashed down heavily, and on both sides of the blade, a white stream of air was generated.

The chopping speed is too fast, even the air is split, forming a wind barrier, not only faster, but also the power of the slash is stronger.


Soon, Fang Nan’s slash fell!

Only to see that the tank shook violently, a smoke and dust was stirred up on both sides of the track, and the gun barrel instantly became several sections flying out of the distance, and the upper part was even more hit, seriously twisted and deformed.

The huge movement stunned everyone in the level, including the soldiers responsible for killing zombies.

With a breeze blowing, the crowd briefly lost their concentration, and when they saw the deep gap in the middle of the heavily deformed tank in the upper part, and the figure standing on it, the whole person was bombarded by five thunderbolts.

However, this is not the end!

You know, there are four more medium tanks in the level, which can fire powerful shells at any time.

“There are four more!”

Fang Nan slashed down, he was also stunned, his full strength of a knife, not only split this tank in two, dispersed the power, but also almost destroyed the Zhengliang tank.

Then, he glanced at the side coldly, aimed at the nearest one, and then slashed down,


This time it was not as frightening as before, but the hard and thick barrel was violently cut off.

In this way, in the blink of an eye, the barrels of the five tanks in total were all cut off, and the tanks that had lost their barrels could at best start, and it was impossible to release the guns unless they were not afraid of exploding directly in the tanks.

The tank was damaged, the rocket gunners were out of support, and Fang Nan returned to the side of Yuriko Takagi castle.

“Go! Back in the car, we left here! ”


The three of them had an incomparable tacit understanding, without more nonsense, the two women followed Behind Fang Nan and quickly ran towards the SUV.

When Shizuka Saw Fang Nan’s three people coming, Shizuka excitedly opened the car door, let the three people in, and then closed it again.

Only then did the general slowly come back to his senses and look at the five tanks, one of which was infinitely close to scrapping, and looked at Fang Nan, who had returned to the bulletproof vehicle.


The general’s legs softened and he fell to the ground.

A chill rushed straight into his Celestial Spirit Cover!

What did he see?

A high school student with good swordsmanship, just holding a samurai sword, actually cut a tank weighing about ten tons and made of alloy all over his body, and directly scrapped it!!

Is this something that people can do?

Watching the defensively exploding SUV crash through multiple barricades and gallop away, his hair, which was originally somewhat Mediterranean, fluttered with the wind.

What kind of monster are they dealing with?

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