Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 156

Bells and bells —

Three metallic sounds with extremely short intervals sounded.

Looking at the two unscathed, not only the soldiers who shot in the distance, but even the platform not far away, although shooting zombies, but had been distracted from paying attention to the generals on this side, at this time it was also a sluggishness.

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock, and they looked at this miraculous scene in disbelief, and their brains only felt a buzzing sound, a blank.

These soldiers present were all experienced in hundreds of battles, and the kendo master martial arts family had also seen a lot, but this kind of operation of one-handed knife splitting bullets was the first time they had seen it.

It’s unheard of!

“Aunt Yuriko, is it all right?”

With one knife splitting three bullets, Fang Nan did not lose his combat effectiveness in an instant like the last time, and he didn’t even feel it, just like splitting two steel bars.

Now that he had strengthened twice, whether it was strength, speed or reaction nerves and physical fitness, he was not as fragile as when he first encountered Wisteria Sai.

Now Fang Nan is very strong!

Of course, with a dense rain of bullets and bullets, Fang Nan could not be stupid enough to resist hard and spend the least effort to avoid dangerous damage, which was the way smart people did it.

Poison Island Hades had already seen Fang Nan’s skills, but when she saw Fang Nan facing the bullet, her heart still couldn’t help but scratch a little.

At this time, seeing that Fang Nan and Takagi Yuriko were all right, Poison Island’s heart also relaxed slightly, and then his cold eyes swept away and looked at the soldier who fired the gun.

“Damn you!”

Poison Island’s tone was cold, holding the demon sword in his right hand, his body squatted slightly, and then he jumped with all his strength and leaped high.

In the air, she held up the demon knife Murasaki, the blade was stained with blood-red blood, and her eyes stared at the soldiers coldly, and then fell at a rapid speed.

“Quick… Come on! ”

The soldiers trembled and raised their guns, looking at the poison island snake that fell quickly, although they thought the poison island snake was very beautiful, but they were more afraid of the poison island sword’s force.

Seeing the poison island squirrel rushing towards them, they immediately realized the danger, turned around and ran straight to the tanks in the rear.

But who knows, they had not yet been able to run away five meters away, and a cold light had already flown from behind them.

The next second, the entire four corpses separated and fell to the ground in unison.

At this moment, the team of fang nan’s three people who had been sent by the general to block it was less than ten people, all of whom had been killed and broken, and the ground was full of the corpses of their comrades-in-arms, and the air was filled with the smell of blood.

“Waste! It’s all rubbish!! ”

The general on the platform finally came back to his senses at this time, but at this time, his face was full of viciousness, which could be described as unusually violent.

The strong force of Fang Nan’s three people was something he had not expected, and the zombie raid was even more beyond his expectations, the current situation was in crisis, there were three tricky wanted criminals in the front, and then a large number of zombies poured into the guard checkpoint, turning all this upside down.

This made him almost furious, and the skin on his face was flushed with qi and blood.

At this moment, several rocket gunners next to the tank finally reloaded, but instead of aiming at Fang Nan’s three men, they aimed at the SUV not far away.

After all, Fang Nan’s goal is too small and too flexible, far less than the goal of the SUV.

The main thing is that as long as the SUV is scrapped, Fang Nan and others will not be able to escape.

“Put!! Put it on!! ”

Seeing this scene, the general also instantly understood the meaning of those soldiers, and his face finally showed excitement, from the arrival of Fang Nan, he had been holding back until now, and at this moment he could finally take revenge.

“Ho ho… Ho ho…”


In front of the level, more and more zombies poured in, most of the soldiers could not resist, the formation was somewhat collapsed, and the inside of the level was in chaos at this time.

Inside the SUV, Shizuka Kurikawa and Saya Takagi did not do nothing, after last night’s potion enhancement, their physical strength, got a qualitative leap, opened the gap in the window, the two women with rifles are a sweep, most of them are killing zombies.

Because the physique has been comprehensively improved, the accuracy of the two girls has improved a lot compared with the previous days, and their physical strength and endurance have been significantly improved.

Hirano Toda this guy is even more wild, driving the light machine gun on the roof of the car, it is a sudden attack, whether it is a person or a zombie, but everything that is threatening, he swept it all over, and several bullets passed through his face.

Asami Nakaoka was driving intently, moving as fast as possible not to become the target of the fire, and in the process she naturally saw the aiming of those rocket gunners, and she couldn’t help but feel suffocated.

“Have you forgotten me?”

Seeing that the seven rocket gunners aimed at the SUV, Fang Nan’s dark pupils surged with cold light, his legs were tense, and the whole person flew past like an arrow off the string.


The seven rocket gunners were about to pull the trigger, but the next moment, a shadow enveloped them, and when they turned their heads to look, a white light had already passed in front of their eyes.

Boom! Boom!

The metal cut made a series of piercing sounds, suddenly sounding, and several strings of bright red blood beads flew high in the air.

Only to see the four rocket gunners at the top, their bodies suddenly did not move.

Everyone around them who saw this scene was all terrified at the moment, as if they had seen some great horror.

In front of them, I saw the figure of a handsome teenager, suddenly appearing, staring at them with murderous intent flowing on his body, and then pulled out a knife at a speed that could not be caught by the naked eye.

How fast is it?

In short, even the generals on the platform with excited faces could not see clearly.

The soldiers around them were all stuck in a sluggishness.


The next second, four rocket gunners with cannons were divided into two sections, and the scene was very bloody, and a large amount of hot blood sprayed on the faces of the other three rocket gunners.

“You… How dare you…”

The remaining three rocket gunners, holding rocket launchers, opened their eyes in horror, and their faces were full of the blood of their teammates who were still alive a second ago.

So eye-catching and warm!

And all this is caused by this handsome-looking high school student in front of you!

Just when Fang Nan was ready to continue swinging the sword, a shadow followed behind him, and Fang Nan sniffed the air and left a familiar fragrance, and the corners of his mouth slowly lifted.

The poison island shook its head, and like Fang Nan, the knife fell sharply, splitting the last three rocket launchers into pieces, and finally two more knives, simply and neatly ending the lives of the three rocket gunners.

“How… Possible! ”

Looking at this scene, the general’s eyes were suddenly broken, his eyes were covered with blood, and in addition to the anger on his face, there was also a shock that could not be dissolved.

This is so bad that even a rocket cannon can split!

You know, the barrel of the rocket artillery itself is alloy, but it is incomparably hard, otherwise it will not be able to withstand the sudden cold change of the shell firing.

But how can this be explained at the moment?

Two high school students with thin arms and thin legs, one after the other, slashed the hard rocket cannon in two, and finally killed even people, and this interval was not even two seconds, which was simply terrifying!

Those soldiers who were resisting the zombies also saw this scene, some people couldn’t help but feel cold in their hands and feet, looking at Fang Nan and Poison Island Tsunako’s eyes with horror, if it weren’t for the zombies in front of them, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to come back for a long time.

Rumble —

And just then, the five tanks finally moved!

The five brown camouflage tanks, apparently prepared earlier, slowly adjusted their muzzles, and fired a cannon under the horrified eyes of everyone.


This shell exploded in the gap, and it was powerful enough to crush all the zombies inside.

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