Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 155


At the first gate, the sound of gunfire was everywhere, accompanied by the low roar of the corpse tide, and the blood instantly stained the ground red, and the smell of gun smoke and blood was everywhere.

Inside the car, everyone looked at the rain of bullets and corpses outside, and their faces were solemn to the extreme.

“That’s their tank!”

Suddenly, Asami Nakaoka in the driver’s seat pointed ahead and said loudly.

“They must be ready to use those heavy weapons!”

Yuriko Takagi saw this, and the hand holding the short knife couldn’t help but exert a few points.

“Without further ado, let’s hurry up.”

Fang Nan said lightly, casually pulling out three enhanced versions of the fragmented grenade from the system space, and then throwing them out from the skylight.

Three seconds later!


Three enhanced versions of the fragmented grenade exploded, with a huge impact, exploding three deep pits on the ground, and the aftermath spread to the surrounding zombies and soldiers.

The soldiers on the other side of the army were all frozen, even the general on the platform.

Where’s the bomb?

“Ding! Gain 26 boost points. ”


Fang Nan’s eyes froze, and he seized the opportunity to take poison island and Yuriko Takagi and jump out of the car from the skylight.

“Aunt Yuriko, although our goal is to destroy all those weapons, our own safety is more important, understand?”

After landing on the ground, Fang Nan circled around and said very quickly.


“Let’s do it!”

Because of the injuries, many soldiers did not pay attention to them, but instead kept desperately killing zombies.

Before Fang Nan left, he glanced at the general on the platform tens of meters away with a cold look, and then the three of them flashed and rushed towards the tank behind the soldiers.

Their speed is very fast, even the weakest high city Yuriko, the speed is not comparable to ordinary people.

By the time the soldiers around them found out, they had no time to take care of it, because the zombie hordes at the gap were pouring in, and most of the people couldn’t be distracted at all.

And the general also saw this scene, especially when he and Fang Nan looked at each other, the cold killing intent was so cold and piercing.

“Is that the teenager who broke through the area of the Nakajima guy’s responsibility and made his superiors thunderous and angry!?”

Thinking of what he had just done, he was actually frightened by one of Fang Nan’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but look ugly, thinking that he was still a soldier who had been on the battlefield, and he would be frightened by the look of a teenager?

What a shame!

“A young man, if you stay in that bulletproof car, I won’t be able to do anything with you for a while and a half, but now that you’re out, you’ll obediently accept the sanctions!”

He took one last look at it fiercely, then withdrew his gaze, two pistols were already in his hands, killing the zombies under the platform one by one, and soon, the bullets of his two pistols were empty, and he snatched a rifle from the subordinate next to him and continued to fire and kill the zombies.

In his eyes, Fang Nan and the others were nothing more than a little faster, they knew some kendo, and in front of the guns, they were just fearless resistance.


“Everybody’s seated!”


While the three of them were in action, Asami Nakaoka in the car continued to start the SUV according to the plan, rushing towards the front, and in front of the car, more than thirty soldiers were firing at full force, but most of the bullets hit the zombies behind the SUV.

Asami Nakaoka and Toshima Tsunako can clearly hear the sound of bullets ‘clanging’ on the car body.

“Quick… Flash away, that car we simply blocked! ”

Seeing the SUV rushing over at an unabated speed, the squad leader of the team immediately shouted, and the soldiers immediately retreated, giving way to a road and letting the SUV drive quickly.

Although they are soldiers, they are also ordinary people, and as soon as they see those disgusting zombies, the fear in their hearts cannot be suppressed.

And this SUV is super bulletproof, which makes them feel powerless, but it is better to leave it alone, after all, they are more willing to kill zombies than to perform tasks, at least, without zombies approaching, they will not be in danger of life.


“A bunch of crap!”

The movement of the SUV was very large, although the general on the platform was killing zombies, he still divided his attention and paid attention to the movement on this side, when he saw these people under his command, he actually let the SUV rush over, he couldn’t help but scold.

But fortunately, he did not expect these people to stop the SUV, wait a little longer, wait for his men to finish the shells, the car is fully armed, it is doomed to be futile!


And the other side!

The three Fang Nan who jumped out of the car finally encountered obstacles after destroying some ordnance and off-road vehicles.

Three squads rushed out from the side, blocking the path of Fang Nan’s three men.


They did not pay attention to the zombie horde that was pouring into the level not far away, but stared at Fang Nan’s three people deadly, and directly raised their guns and began to shoot.


Bang bang bang…

Bullets like a torrential rain poured out on fang nan’s three people in an instant.

“Too many people!”

Swinging the knife to kill the seven or eight zombies in front of him, Fang Nan suddenly took a slight look at the three squads blocking them, immediately drank lightly, and stomped hard at his feet, his muscles instantly tensed, and the strength in his body surged like a tide, directly bursting out.

His speed became faster, and he became more flexible, his five senses were sharp, his strong neural responses, and although he could not see every bullet clearly, he could clearly feel the bullets that could strafe him, so as to avoid them.

The same goes for Poison Island Tsubasa!

Yuriko Takagi was a little more agile, flashing directly between the SUV, borrowing bunkers and dodging the bullets.

However, this is not the way to go, they will still have the risk of being hit.

“You can’t make their tanks move!”

Fang Nan’s body moved, he noticed the movement of those tanks, and his eyes suddenly froze, if he waited for the tanks to move, it would be difficult to deal with it at that time!

Immediately, his eyes swept over the soldiers, these three squads were not many, but only thirty people, but the guns in their hands were too dense, forming a network of fire, so that they could not get close for a while.

Such intensive shooting is indeed very deterrent, but the flaws are also very large!

Five seconds later!

Click, click, click…

These people’s magazines are empty!

“It’s now!”

Fang Nan’s eyes froze, and when he turned around, he took out two fragmented grenades from the system space, and then threw them out directly with force.

“Not bad! Rewind! ”

More than thirty people screamed and quickly scattered and retreated.

However, their speed is still a little slower.


As the two explosions sounded, the flesh and blood of the seven or eight people who were blown up were blurred, and the scene was cold, and the remaining twenty or so people were also buzzing in their ears at this time, and their brains were blank.

This enhanced version of the fragmented grenade is not only powerful, but even the sound is enhanced.

“Aunt Yuriko and Yuriko, let’s rush over!”

Fang Nan’s three people immediately approached like ghosts.

“Here they come! Shoot! Shoot fast!! ”

The soldiers were horrified one by one, but they did not let go of the guns in their hands for a moment, and after changing into the magazines, they quickly opened fire, hoping to re-form the dense fire network.

But alas, they have no chance.


The three Fang Nan who rushed over were like wolves entering the flock, and the samurai swords in their hands were waved, whether it was human heads, body armor, or firearms in their hands.

There is only one end!

Two cuts in one go!

The two-enhanced samurai sword, and the once-enhanced demon sword Muramasa, the sharpness is unimaginable, and it can be easily done by chopping iron and steel, especially now that these two swords are used, or Fang Nan and Poison Island Tsubasa, who have been strengthened twice, not to mention.

Without the slightest dragging of mud and water, it was all cut open like tofu.

Yuriko Takagi, on the other hand, held a UZI in her right hand and a short knife in her left hand, charging through the crowd, killing people with guns and knives, and cutting her throat with a knife.

Her combat effectiveness was not much inferior to Fang Nan’s at the moment.

Even she felt an incomparable shock at such a performance, which was the first time she had really made an all-out shot since she strengthened last night.

That increased strength, physical strength, endurance, as well as hearing, vision, nervous response… It all made her feel a sense of rebirth.

It’s exactly like two people like your previous self!

The powerful sensation even made her feel a little intoxicated!

And all of this was brought by the teenager!

Fang Nan!

However, they are not invincible after all, after all, they are still individuals, facing so many soldiers, so many guns and bullets, after all, there is a risk of negligence.

At this time, Yuriko Takagi, who was killing in the crowd, was caught in such a crisis.

Bang bang bang —

In the sound of the gunfire, a rain of bullets passed through the crowd and headed towards Yuriko Takagi, who at this time did not notice at all.

Just because she wasn’t aware of it doesn’t mean others weren’t!

“Be careful!”

Fang Nan’s five senses were so sharp, at the first moment, he moved sideways in front of Yuriko Takagi, holding it in one hand and changing positions, holding the samurai sword in the other hand, staring at the three bullets that could not be avoided.

In this scene, everyone’s heart mentioned the throat eye, and the general on the platform not far away was even more heartbroken.




Kyohe Kendo – Draw the sword!

Fang Nan hugged Yuriko Takagi, the muscles of his right hand instantly tensed to the extreme, facing the three bullets that could easily headshot, his face did not change color, and resolutely pulled out the overbearing knife.

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