Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 154


“A lot… So many zombies! ”

“Why are so many zombies gathered together?” And… Moving towards us!!? ”

“What should I do about this?”


As more and more zombies came out of the corner, not only the general, but even the soldiers inside the barbed wire could not help but start to stir uneasily.


The general turned and scolded, and the majesty of being a commander was vividly displayed at this moment, and in an instant the commotion of the team became quiet, and no one dared to make a sound.

The general took a deep breath, and looking at the growing number of zombies from the turn, he was extremely angry in his heart, and there were countless question marks in his mind.

Why did those zombies gather?

And why are the zombies coming towards them?

And who controls those drones in the sky!!

You know, the location of their garrison checkpoint is because there is a turn in front of them, and the woods isolate the scene in Wanming County, which makes them much safer here, but now, it has become a blind spot for their vision.

“Sir, what do we do now?”

Beside him, the general’s aide-de-camp quietly asked, his hand was already on the gun on his waist, it was really the number of zombies that was too terrifying, and the pressure was not generally great!

The general’s face was calm, he was preventing people wanted by his superiors, but now there was such a problem, it was really a wave of uneven waves.

“Shoot! Knock them off for me! ”

The general took a deep breath, usually they cleaned up the zombies, relying on powerful firepower to kill as many as possible, and never thought deeply about the zombie problem.


Bang bang bang —

Receiving the command to shoot, a row of soldiers began to set up guns, and a dense burst of gunfire sounded, like raindrops of bullets, which flew out of the garrison level in an instant, killing all the zombies in the front part, but soon the back continued to make up.

Dodo… Dodo…

There was a burst of fire in front of the garrison checkpoint, and the general stood on the platform in the corner to observe the situation.

He had originally thought that these zombies would only be one or two hundred, and they would be cleaned up soon, but this time he was wrong, the number of zombies was far more than he wanted!

The more zombies gathered, the more several drones ‘buzzed’ over the general’s head, making the already angry general even more angry, and immediately pulled out his pistol and ‘banged’ a few times to shoot it down.

The drone landed, fell into their checkpoint, and the alarm stopped, when someone went up to check and found nothing dangerous.

“Report to the general, there is no weapon tied to it, only a normal alarm clock, followed by a camera on it.”

Soon the news came.


When the general heard this, he couldn’t help but frown deeply and paced in place.

At this time, a large number of zombies had already stepped on the ten-meter range of the blocking nails, and soon, this short blocking nail was completely submerged by the fallen zombie corpses, looking up, the entire road was full of corpses, the smell of blood and decay mixed together, and it was disgusting after smelling.

The general saw all this in his eyes, and suddenly, a white light flashed in his head, his heart beat faster, and everything seemed to be figured out by him at this time.

“Quick!! All three troops in the rear were mobilized, along with rocket artillery gunners and tank self-defense units on standby…”


The general gave an urgent command to the adjutant, but before he could finish speaking, the roar of the engine of a heavy vehicle suddenly interrupted him.

In the zombie horde, a huge armed SUV appeared without warning, like a beast, unstoppable to knock down and crush the zombies in front of them, in front of the SUV, these zombies were as weak as glass, there was no obstacle to speak of, just a little bumpy.

“Asami, rush straight in, Tsukiko and Aunt Yuriko, are you ready?”

In the SUV, Fang Nan put on a bulletproof vest, sleeves these places, covered with a layer of black cloth to prevent the next battle from being splashed with blood, and the sabre has been carried behind him.


Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko nodded seriously.

Just now, through the footage taken by the drone, Fang Nan knew that in this garrison checkpoint, the military department had turned around the heavy weapons such as rocket artillery and tanks, fortunately, they did not rush up at the first time, otherwise even if they could resist the shells, they could not resist a few shots.

Therefore, Fang Nan planned to rush into the level, and then he would lead poison island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko to rush out of the car and destroy all the weapons that could threaten suVs, and the rest would be fearless.

“Ho ho… Ho ho…”


“Uh-huh… Woohoo…”

Outside, the tide of corpses is roaring and roaring, and their targets are SUV, there are also living people stationed in the level, to be precise, the attraction of living people is greater.

Unfortunately, with the obstruction of the barbed wire, the tide of corpses could not break through for a while.

At this time, in front of the terrifying power of the SUV, these obstacles are useless, driving through the zombie-filled blocking nails, and then ‘booming’ a sound, directly breaking through the barbed wire and some wooden obstacles.

Just like that, a large gap came out, and the crowded zombies around them also rushed into the level.


“Zombies are coming in!”

“A lot… So many zombies! ”

For a moment, the troops in the checkpoint panicked and hurried back.

On the platform, the general looked at this scene with a sluggish face, watching the SUV go straight into the barbed wire, the brain seemed to explode, the whole person was almost stupid, and finally the zombies under the platform woke him up.

“What are you panicking about!! Concentrate your fire on the gap immediately and never let the zombies rush in! ”

The general roared angrily, he had fought for so many years, and for the first time he saw such a ferocious car, like a black tiger descending the mountain, so some of them were shocked, but then, it was an irrepressible anger that surged into his heart!

When the army heard about it, it immediately stabilized its morale, and after killing the scattered zombies in a unified way, the gap was blocked through fire suppression, and some people shot at the SUV, but listening to the bulletproof clanging sound, they were stunned.

The general stared aggressively at the SUV, murderous, and said to the lieutenant behind him: “Let the rocket gunners get ready and bomb that car with all their might, dead or alive!” ”


The adjutant also knew that the situation was urgent at this time, and immediately went down from the platform, killed several zombies, and ran quickly to the rear.

The layout of this garrison pass is very strict, and the general divides three areas, the two ends of the level are the largest number of people, and in the middle is the material reserve area, as well as the storage area for heavy weapons, such as tanks, which are also placed there.

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