Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 153

“From this road all the way forward, you can reach the territory of Kitakyushu, and then advance, it is Fukuoka Prefecture, but according to the map, the military headquarters also has a checkpoint in front of it, blocking both zombies and survivors in Manmei Prefecture.”

The SUV was driving slowly, driven by Asami Nakaoka, who seemed to have not touched the steering wheel of the SUV for a century, and she seemed a little excited.

In the second row, Yuriko Takagi spread out the map of the main city of the bed and pointed to a line.

Fang Nan on the co-pilot listened carefully, and subconsciously frowned.

The last time, they were able to successfully break through the pass, it was because the head of the garrison checkpoint of the military headquarters was light enemy, if the other side mobilized a large number of artillery fire at the beginning to wait, even if the SUVs could resist fighting, but they could not resist continuous artillery bombardment, even if they could pass, the result would only be heavy losses.

And this time, the old silver coin of Wisteria Katsutake must have issued an order early on, so that the surrounding garrison checkpoints were strictly guarded, and all kinds of artillery tanks were pulled out to fire at any time.

Therefore, Fang Nan should be cautious.

“Fang Nan, we can’t rush over directly this time.”

Yuriko Takagi obviously thought of this too, and opened her mouth to remind her that she was afraid that Fang Nan’s brain would be hot and arrogant and rush upwards, of course, from the contact in the past few days, Fang Nan did not look like that kind of person.

Fang Nan nodded slightly, looking at the road in front of him and thinking about it.

Jingle Bells!

At this moment, an alarm clock in the car rang without warning, which frightened everyone a lot, and Asami Nakaoka also slammed on the brakes.

“That… Sorry, the alarm clock forgot to turn off. ”

Seeing the eyes of the crowd brushing in unison, Hirano Toda held up an alarm clock, scratched his head in embarrassment, and said that he would turn off the alarm clock.


Fang Nan suddenly opened his mouth, staring at the alarm clock in Hirano Toda’s hand, and then watched the crowd say their thoughts.

When the crowd finished listening, their eyes lit up.

“It’s a good idea, it seems that the last time zombies were attracted, it was a few days ago, and there are a lot of alarm clocks and drones left.”

Poison Island Tsunako agreed.

“This method is indeed feasible, and there should be quite a few zombies in Wanming County.”

Yuriko Takagi nodded as well.

The same goes for others.


Hirano Toda pulled out five drones from behind the chairs in the third row, and a dozen alarm clocks, these things covered a small area, so at that time Fang Nan took a lot of them in one go, plus after the SUV upgrade, the space became a lot larger, and they really forgot for a while.

If it wasn’t for the alarm just now, I’m afraid even Fang Nan would have forgotten these things.

And the method that Fang Nan thought of was also very simple, wasn’t the military department already guarding them strictly? That being the case, let the other things take the lead first, and then they will take advantage of the chaos to surprise them.

And this thing, there is no better use than zombies.

Through the combination of drones and alarm clocks, the zombies are attracted to attack the garrison checkpoint, and they directly drive into the garrison checkpoint while they are chaotic, and when the time comes, people are afraid of themselves, and fangnan’s pressure will naturally be reduced by more than half.

Just do it!

Poison Island began to bundle the drone with the alarm clock, while Fangnan and Hirano Toda opened the skylight and controlled the bundled drone to fly.

After getting acquainted with them for a while, they began to fly officially, and five drones began to fly around, attracting zombies, while the SUV did not slow down, heading towards the road leading to Fukuoka Prefecture.

“It seems that there are still quite a few zombies in this area, so let’s all attract them!”

Several people through the remote control screen in their hands, saw the drone shot the picture, the number of zombies in the picture is still quite large, with the sound of the alarm, those zombies are all chasing each other.

The commotion caused by the five drones was not small, and in a short while, hundreds of zombies gathered behind the SUVs, and a large group of crows occupied the road, and the low hoarseness was creepy.

Those zombies saw the moving SUVs in front of them, and even though the drone continued to attract other zombies, they were indifferent and turned their targets to the SUV.

In order to ensure that the zombies can move forward steadily, Asami Nakaoka deliberately slowed down to attract them.

Half an hour later!

More and more zombies attracted by drones, behind the SUV is like a tide of corpses, wave after wave, the zombies behind rush up, the zombies in front are struggling, you step on me and I step on you, some zombies are directly stepped into several pieces, the intestines flow to the ground, and the people who look at it are scalps and numbness.


Fang Nan revealed half of his body on the skylight, looking at the densely packed zombies behind him, he nodded with satisfaction.

“Fang Nan, there is a small bend in front of you, and after turning over, it is only three hundred meters away from the level of the military headquarters.”

At this time, Yuriko Takagi in the car looked at the map and said with a serious face.

Fang Nan thought for a moment, then returned to the car and said to Asami Nakaoka, “Accelerate, let’s wait in the woods for a while to attract the zombies to the military checkpoint.” ”


Asami Nakaoka immediately stepped on the accelerator, and with a ‘bang’, the SUV accelerated sharply and rushed into the dense woods.

And Fang Nan was still controlling the drone, and the jingle of the alarm clock stimulated the zombies to keep moving forward.


Not far away, in this garrison checkpoint.

As the general in charge of this level, he walked to the platform on the edge of the pass facing Wanming County, and laid out a ten-meter range of blocking nails, as well as a lot of barbed wire fences, behind him, stood five hundred heavily armed special soldiers, and behind him he also prepared more lethal weapons.

In the past few days, what has happened in Wanming County, he more or less knows a little about the wind, including the fact that the military base was blown up by a group of people, he already knows.

The entire military base was gone, and he was very sad.

And this morning, he received a message from his superiors that the people who blew up the military base were driving to this side, making him alert and vowing to stop the other side.

When he learned of this order, the general did not say a word, and mobilized his army, waiting for Fang Nan to come over, but it was almost eleven o’clock, and he had never even seen the shadow of the car.

“The newspaper … Report! A large number of zombies are found ahead! Approaching us here! ”

Just then, the communicator around the general’s waist rang, and before he could put it in his ear, an urgent report came.


The general frowned, returned to the edge of the platform, and looked up.

After a while, he saw five drones flying in the sky, and he heard the sound of jingle bells in the distance, and just when he was wondering, suddenly his eyes shifted, and he couldn’t help but stiffen up.

In the woods, he saw countless black shadows shaking, and he had a very bad premonition in his heart, and before he could think of anything, the next second the black shadow reached the place where he turned and appeared in front of him, and the premonition became a reality.

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