Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 150

“Huh? Sister Yanzi, have you changed your knife? ”

Takagi Saya glared at Fang Nan with some surprise, and then in a blink of an eye, he noticed the demon knife Murasaki in the hand of Poison Island Tsunako.

As for the title, the two have tacitly reached a unified camp in private, and poison island is also the sister of Takagi Saya, and naturally they are called sisters to each other.

Poison Island Tsunako looked at demon sword Murasaki and nodded slightly, “Well, this is what Fang Nan’s disciple just gave me.” ”

Talking about what had just happened, poison island tsukiko’s face was unconsciously hot.

When the crowd heard the words, they couldn’t help but trance a little, and they were watching around the demon knife village, and the chatter was not lively.

“Cough cough… Next it’s time for Aunt Yuriko! ”

At this moment, Fang Nan, who was left hanging aside, let out an inappropriate cough, reminding them that there was a big living person here.

He still has twenty-six thousand reinforcement points, and it is no problem to strengthen one more person.

The reason why Fang Nan chose Takagi Yuriko is because among the women, Takagi Yuriko is a person who has truly seen the world and is also truly combat effective.

So this time, Fang Nan set his sights on Yuriko Takagi.

However, as soon as these words came out, the whole living room immediately became a needle in the needle, silent, and all the women led by Jugawa Shizuka all looked at Fang Nan with unbelievable eyes, and they almost did not write perverts on their faces.

Is this guy going to come back?

And this time, the candidate, or Takagi Yuriko?

At this moment, everyone’s mind was like being blown up, and the whole person was stunned.

“Classmate Fang Nan! As your teacher, I have to say that you have a girlfriend, and there is more than one, and actually … Also…”

Jugawa Shizuka immediately jumped out, looked at Fang Nan in disbelief, and said in the end, because it was difficult to speak, she couldn’t hold back a word, and it seemed that it was also pure affection.

When Poison Island saw this scene, he thought of the changes in his body, and immediately guessed Fang Nan’s thoughts, so he opened his mouth to help: “Aunt Yuriko, you can go, Fang Nan’s brother will definitely give you a big surprise.” ”

“What!? Sauce you! You are…”

Shizuka Jugawa and Asami Nakaoka turned their heads and looked at Poison Island Tsunako in disbelief, as if they were knowing her for the first time, and the two of them were like lightning rods that had been bombarded by five thunderbolts, and they stood up straight.

At this point, even Takagi Saya was not calm.

What’s going on with the sleeper?

My sisters have defected!?

Fang Nan looked at these girls, looked at their expressions one by one, and couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Shizuka Jugawa and said, “I said that your heads are melon seeds, what are you thinking all day, I am really talking to Aunt Yuriko about things, but it is not convenient to announce it.” ”

Hearing Fang Nan’s explanation, Gao Cheng Shaye was finally relieved.


Only Asami Nakaoka and Shizuka Jugawa were still wondering something.

“That… All right! ”

After a brief shock, Yuriko Takagi finally chose to believe Fang Nan, got up with a red face and followed Fang Nan, and finally disappeared into the stairwell.

Since the smoke from the battlefield in Tsushima’s room had not yet dissipated, this time he came to the rooms of Takagi Saya and Takagi Yuriko.

And this time of strengthening, why doesn’t Fang Nan choose others, but choose Gaocheng Yuriko?

That’s because after Fang Nan’s careful consideration, Yuriko Takagi is very good at both courage and her own strength, and she can kill zombies without changing their faces, whether it is long-range gunplay or melee swordplay, in the whole team, except for him and Poison Island Tsunako, no one can compare.

Such a person has been strengthened, presumably another big help for him.

“Aunt Yuriko, you close your eyes first, and then you don’t open them until I say you can.”

Entering the room, Fang Nan said straight to the point.

Although Yuriko Takagi had doubts in her heart, she still did what Fang Nan said, closed her eyes, and waited for what happened next.

In fact, the first time he was alone with Fang Nan, Yuriko Takagi was still a little nervous in his heart.

When Yuriko Takagi closed her eyes, Fang Nan began to ask the system about the enhancement.

Yuriko Takagi’s first enhancement requires 2,000 points.

Such an outcome was expected by him.

“System, strengthen Takagi Yuriko!”

“Ding! Strengthening Takagi Yuriko requires 2000 enhancement points, is it strengthened? ”


Under the choice of system conventions, Fang Nan decisively chose yes, and the next second, the prompt tone that was being strengthened sounded.

Yuriko Takagi, who had closed her eyes in front of her, also quickly reacted, her breathing began to become urgent, and Fang Nan could see what she was trying to suppress.

In fact, Fang Nan also paid attention to the fact that everyone’s strengthening time is different, Fang Nan is about fifteen seconds, and the poison island is fourteen seconds, so I don’t know how many seconds Yuriko Takagi is.

In Fang Nan’s dark few seconds, this side, the movement of Gaocheng Yuriko seemed to be even greater.

She closed her eyes tightly, and on that beautiful face, she could not see the traces of time, but added a touch of mature and beautiful sexiness to it, and her eyebrows rose slightly, and her breathing became heavier and heavier.

“Fang Nan … Classmate, I am…”

“Don’t worry Aunt Yuriko, it’s just a normal reaction.”

The first time it was strengthened, it would be a little scary, and this Fang Nan had personally experienced it.

Only the next second, Yuriko Takagi’s reaction was really unexpected by him.

Gaocheng Yuriko trembled and exclaimed, and then her body fell forward as if she was out of strength, at this point, she did not open her eyes, seeing that she was about to fall directly to the floor, Fang Nan’s eyes were fast, and she immediately took a step forward and grabbed Gaocheng Yuriko.

“So hot?”

Fang Nan was very surprised, during the strengthening process, the skin is hot, this is because the cells in the flesh and bones are becoming stronger, so the blood flow rate is accelerated, and the metabolism is also accelerated, forming a natural reaction.

He and Poison Island Tsunako were like this, but they didn’t expect that the temperature of Yuriko Takagi seemed to be even higher than that of him and Poison Island.

Involuntarily, Fang Nan’s brow frowned, is it correct to strengthen Yuriko Takagi in the end?

“Whew… Fang Nantong… Learn… I feel so hot! ”

Yuriko Takagi was in Fang Nan’s arms, her whole body was weak and weak, and she only felt that within her lower abdomen, there was a sudden stream of heat flowing everywhere in her body.

At first, she thought it was caused by something like a potion, but soon the temperature of this heat stream was getting higher and higher, like magma, and before she could react, Yuriko Takagi couldn’t stand it anymore and collapsed.

Fortunately, Fang Nan hugged her in time, and a strong man’s breath came to her face, making her heart tremble fiercely, so that she, who was originally a little unbearable, began to become bearable as if she had drunk ice water.

Fang Nan frowned, looking at the tall city Yuriko in his arms, he had to admit that this was a rare beauty, the figure was also very good, when he was young, it was estimated that it would not be worse than the current High City Saye, or even more beautiful.

“Ding! Takagi Yuriko strengthened successfully! ”

“Sixteen seconds, it’s finally done!”

Looking at the sweaty Takagi Yuriko in his arms, Fang Nan breathed a sigh of relief and also revealed a smile.

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