Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 149

“Fang Nan…”

Originally, I thought that Fang Nan really had something to say to himself, but when he saw Fang Nan lock the door back, Poison Island Began to think a little wildly.

She looked at Fang Nan, her lilac eyes were bright and pure, and a faint red halo appeared on her delicate face.

However, she did not avoid resisting anything, anyway, she was already his woman, what should have happened had already happened, there was no need to be so twisted.

Feeling the sudden beautiful atmosphere in the room, Fang Nan touched his nose, deliberately ignored the shyness of poison island tsunako, took out the demon knife from behind Muramasa, and handed it to poison island tsunako.

“, I have a gift for you, and you should like it!”

Poison Island Tsubasa was slightly embarrassed, a little unclear, so, didn’t Fang Nan want to do that?

So why did he lock the door?

But when she looked at the knife in Fang Nan’s hand, these thoughts were immediately forgotten by her, and a pair of lilac eyes looked at the sword tightly, full of radiance.

“What a sharp knife!”

Poison Island Tsunako reached out and took the demon knife Murasaki, and before she pulled it out, she felt that this knife was extraordinary, whether it was the workmanship on the sheath or the material, it would not be mass-produced in a small workshop.

“This knife is called Muramasa, Demon Knife Muramasa, very sharp!”

Fang Nan looked at the smiling Poison Island Tsubasa and said.


Poison Island Took a deep breath and then pulled out the demon knife directly.

The moment the knife came out of its sheath, Fang Nan could clearly feel the cold air coming from this knife.

Poison Island Tsunako held the Demon Sword Village in front of him, carefully looked at every detail on the blade, and praised, “Demon Sword Village, the legendary knife!?” This knife is indeed a rare good knife, the back of the knife is shallow, and the double blade of the tip of the knife shines with blue light, which is indeed very much in line with the legendary is isabi’s forging knife craftsman style. ”

“Such a good knife, I think, or Fang Nan you use better, your sword skills are better than mine, will not bury this good knife with the name of the demon sword!”

After admiring the demon sword Murasaki, Poison Island Tsunako put the knife away, and then looked squarely at Fang Nan, she felt that such a good knife was still the most appropriate to hand over to Fang Nan, who was the most skilled in swordsmanship.

However, Fang Nan shook his head, and the corners of his mouth smiled, “Zi Zi, I have my own knife, and my knife is no worse than this demon knife village, so you can hold it well, you see what your wooden knife looks like.” ”

Fang Nan helplessly looked at Fang Nan Poison Island, Poison Island Zi is good at everything, whether it is personality or appearance and temperament, it is almost a perfect existence, that is, too concerned about himself, everything is centered on him.

“This… All right! ”

Hearing this, poison island Tsunako also stopped twisting, and took the demon knife village to her side, Fang Nan could notice her embarrassment, which made her a little happy, and a shallow smile appeared on her face.

As a swordsman, it is true that she does not have a sword of her own, so when she saw the demon sword Muramasa, she was indeed moved.

Poison Island thought that she had finished talking about things, so she wanted to open the door and go out, but as soon as she touched the handle, she was pulled by Fang Nan.

“One more thing, do you remember something in the highway grove?” I’m going to do it again to you now, are you ready? ”

Fang Nan took the hand of poison island Tsunako who wanted to go out from behind and whispered a word close to her ear.

The ear was attacked, and Poison Island’s face flashed a red halo, and she nodded, “Hmm! ”

“That… You ready. ”

Fang Nan sniffed the scent of poison island’s body, and his heart was really itchy, but he still resisted his restless heart and began to do the right thing.

Call poison island tsubasa to come up, give gifts is secondary, and give poison island tsubasa reinforcement again is the big head.

“System, Strengthen Poison Island Tsubasa!”

“Ding! Strengthening poison islands requires 10,000 boosters. Is it enhanced? ”

Ten thousand reinforcement points, expected!


“Ding! Poison Island Tsubasa enhancement…”

Poison Island’s breathing was slow, and the next moment, a familiar stream of heat began to condense from her abdomen, exactly the same as the last time in the grove, only this time the heat was much stronger than the last time, and it was not at all comparable to the heat of taking the potion.

“… Well! ”

On the smooth forehead of poison island, a dense layer of fine sweat appeared, and the fair skin suddenly became rosy.

Feeling the heat spreading in her abdomen, she snorted uncontrollably, leaning into Fang Nan’s arms in a trance, her breathing became heavier and heavier, and the bear’s breast rose and fell.

Fang Nan did not hide in the slightest, just appreciating the benefits in front of him, at the same time, his mind was like a slide, flashing past the way Jugawa Shizuka came out of the bathroom with a bathrobe today, and the movement of the women when taking the potion, and the poisonous island Tsukiko who saw this state again.

This kind of picture seems to be looping, constantly replaying in his mind, watching the fire gas reach a critical point, and the system prompt sound in his mind just rings.

“Ding! Poison Island Tsubasa Enhancement Success! ”


Poison Island took a deep breath, the slender white neck was full of fine beads of sweat, the breathing was slightly short, from this angle of Fang Nan, the delicate collarbone loomed, and her delicate side face.

“Fang Nan…”

Poison Island Biting her lower lip, she sighed like a lan, and her eyes were full of tenderness looking at Fang Nan.

At this time, she leaned into Fang Nan’s arms, and Fang Nan’s changes, she could naturally feel that she did not have much shyness in her heart, after all, this was not the first time.

Fang Nan was not Yanagishita Hui, and he hugged poison island Tsunako.

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In the living room!

Ciri Alice tilted her head, looked at Shizuka Jugawa and the girls, and asked curiously, “It’s been more than twenty minutes, why can’t Brother Fang Nan and Sister Fuzi still not come down…”

It had been twenty minutes since Fang Nan and Poison Island Hadsan left the living room alone, and they didn’t think anything of it at first, maybe it was like the last time, and they came down in a few minutes.

But who knows, this time it has actually passed twenty minutes, to this point, and even the most slow-reacting people should react.

“Fang Nan’s classmate that guy really…”

Nakaoka Asami’s roots are a little red, you know, she is an adult, but she has not yet had a boyfriend!

Shizuka Jugawa pouted and could hang up the soy sauce bottle, her face was red, only Takagi Saya and Takagi Yuriko, but she was still calm, but on her face, she also showed an unnatural red halo.

The women regretted that this time the two of them were alone, different from the last time in the grove, and this time the move was real!

Little by little, the time passed, and soon it was ten o’clock in the evening, and Hirano Toda had already returned to his room to prepare for bed.

In the living room on the first floor, there were only four women left in Gaocheng Saya.

Belch… And little Lolita Ciri Alice.

“I’m sorry to make you wait a little longer!”

At this time, Fang Nan and Poison Island Tsukiko changed their clothes and walked down.

Under the gloomy eyes of the women, the two returned to the living room one after the other and sat down on the sofa.

Shizuka Jugawa and Asami Nakaoka first looked at Fang Nan, and then their eyes shifted to Poison Island Tsukiko, and found that Poison Island Tsunako seemed to have a touch more on her body than before she went upstairs, if there was a wonderful temperament, it was difficult to describe, it felt a lot more mature, and between her eyebrows, she actually showed a sense of charm.

This makes the two girls very heartbroken!

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