Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 148

So bold…

Watching him kill the potions one after another, from strength to endurance, from primary to intermediate, almost without stopping, Fang Nan was afraid that something would happen to him, so he kept a heart eye.

Curiously, Hirano Toda didn’t react at all, almost like him, speculating about possible reasons for his physique and gender.

“How’s it going?” Fang Nan asked.

“Well, it tastes good.”

Hirano Toda nodded.

Fang Nan was a little speechless, was there something wrong with his own expression?

“I’m asking, what’s changed in your body?” Or do you feel that your strength has increased? ”

“Speaking of which, it is indeed different, it feels as if it is much lighter, and the body has a steady stream of strength!” Hirano Toda felt it carefully, his eyebrows suddenly raised, and he said excitedly, “Fangnan Gangster, these potions of yours are really magical, drinking a few sips can increase strength, which is much faster than going to fitness exercises!” ”

Hirano Toda can only clearly perceive the growth of his strength now, and it is estimated that he may be even more shocked when he knows that his endurance and physical strength have increased significantly.

In the room on the second floor, all the women gathered in unison to poison island Tsukiko’s room.

Shizuka Jugawa and Asami Nakaoka glanced at the bed a few times, and Yuriko Takagi knew what they were thinking, but she didn’t say much about it.

“Now, let’s take the potion!”

Poison Island Tsubasa set an example, directly opened the plug of the primary power potion, and then looked up and drank it.

Others saw the situation and began to take the medicine.

Starting with the primary potion, except for Yuriko Takagi, everyone else has already taken the primary potion twice, and the resistance will develop again.


A primary power potion went down, poison island Tsunako did not have the same intense experience as the first time, and so did Takagi Saya, but there was a faint warm current that flowed through the body, and nothing else.

“The efficacy doesn’t seem to have improved much.”

Poison Island Tsunako dark willow eyebrows frowned slightly, she took the most potions, the most clear sense of primary potions, for her has not much improvement, so she shifted her eyes to the intermediate potions.

But Takagi Yuriko is different, after all, she is a novice, the first attempt, inevitably there will be some situations, fortunately the room is full of girls, there is not much situation, but some irrepressible strange sounds, or sent out.

A moment later, when she sensed the changes that were taking place in her body, she was shocked on the spot, and her heart couldn’t help but set off terrifying waves.

Before the end of the day, with her status, the things she came into contact with were all at the forefront, like this kind of agent that develops the potential of the human body, it is not nothing, but it is equivalent to oral liquid, and the rapid recovery of wounds is basically equivalent to drugs, and the side effects are very large.

But Fang Nan’s potion not only had an immediate effect, but also improved so significantly, which had to shock her.

In the eyes of Yuriko Takagi, this potion is enough to subvert the world!

Then, the girls continued to take the intermediate potion, and the effect of this intermediate potion was even more than Yuriko Takagi’s imagination.

No wonder Fang Nan’s physique could reach that superhuman level, and now there was finally an explanation!

The effect of the intermediate potion was immediately exerted, first of all, poison island Tsunako, she squeezed her hands, although the body shape did not change in any way, but the feeling of a steady stream of power gushing up from the body was really gratifying.

“Such a strong medicinal effect, this intermediate potion can be much higher than the primary potion!”

Gao Cheng’s delicate little face was already red at this time, and the fine sweat on her forehead was constantly emerging, and the feeling of intense reinforcement made her can’t help but gasp slightly, at this moment, she could feel the changes in her body.

“Ah, the teacher feels that the body has become so light, the yoga posture that was difficult to make before, now it can be easily made, it is so good!”

However, there are always people whose focus is kirky, such as Shizuka Jugawa.

In the end, Ciri Alice also took the potion, but the reaction was much greater than that of poison island.

After the primary stamina potion was lowered, Ciri Alice’s small face became red at a speed visible to the naked eye, and her bitter face showed an uncomfortable expression, but she still clenched her teeth without a sound, and her body temperature was also a little hot.

Fortunately, this time was very short, and before the women could react, Ciri Alice recovered and joyfully shared her joy with the poison island squirrels.

And all this is not seen in the living room on the first floor, Hirano Toda, but Fangnan can hear it.

Hearing the laughter like a silver bell upstairs, the corners of Fang Nan’s mouth were slightly hooked.

Soon, the women went downstairs.

“Classmate Fang Nan, those magic potions of yours are really amazing!” After that, the teacher can be liberated and no longer need yoga to maintain his figure! ”

Shizuka Jugawa was the first to rush over and almost didn’t pounce into Fang Nan’s arms.

“Just be happy.”

Fang Nan smiled lightly, and then his gaze swept over the women’s bodies, it seemed that there was no obvious change in the women, but the keen five senses made him clearly see the change of the women.

The skin is more crystal clear, the spirit is more powerful, and the steady and powerful heartbeat sound shows how great the strengthening and improvement of the women this time is.

Fang Nan was in a good mood, and he took out the original intention of the potion, one was to be able to play a role at a critical moment, and the other was to protect themselves, at least when they were alone, to ensure their own safety.

Thinking of this, Fang Nan’s eyes flashed, there were still thirty-six thousand enhancement points left in his system, and the use, he had already thought about it.

“, I’ll talk to you about something, go to your room!”

Fang Nan’s natural opening, with his relationship with poison island, there was no need to hide it.

Hearing this, a trace of doubt flashed on the delicate face of poison island Tsunako, wasn’t this already drunk with the potion? Is there something else?

Although he was very confused in his heart, he nodded his head slightly, meekly like a virtuous wife.

In this way, the women watched Fang Nan enter the room with the poisonous island, and the living room immediately became a needle and a needle.

Asami Nakaoka covered her face and skimmed her lips.

“Cut, don’t wait a minute to come out!”

Shizuka Jugawa pouted with some taste, extra cute, and could only hold Ciri Alice for comfort.

Only Takagi Saya can still drink tea calmly, looking like he doesn’t care about himself.

“Big sisters, what’s wrong with you?” What did Brother Fang Nan and Sister Yanzi do when they went back to the room? ”

Ciri Alice looked at the reaction of Shizuka Jugawa and Asami Nakaoka, and then looked at the most calm Takagi Saya and Takagi Yuriko, and a big question mark appeared in the small head melon.

“It’s all right, they went back to their rooms and played games.”

Takagi Saya touched Ciri Alice’s little face and smiled.

Everyone tacitly agreed, and it was estimated that it would be the same as the last time in the grove, and they would return in a few minutes, but the two were alone, and they also wanted it.

At the same time, the second floor poison island Tsukiko’s room.

Entering the room, Fang Nan turned around and locked the door.

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