Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 147

“Because of the electromagnetic pulse, the plane in the main city of the bed does not have to think at all, and it seems that it can only shift its attention to other cities…”

Fang Nan muttered to himself, and after sliding his finger to several cities around the main city of the bed, and screened several surrounding cities one by one, he finally locked his eyes on Kyushu Island, also known as Kitakyushu.

Kitakyushu is bordered by the city of Bed, and the distance between the island nation is not large, and Fukuoka Prefecture is the place where Fangnan values.

Fukuoka Prefecture is a special economic center with an international airport, and it takes only about three hours to reach by car.

“I’ll leave for Fukuoka Prefecture tomorrow!”

Determining the destination, Fang Nan put down his mobile phone.

At this time, all the women in the bathroom also finished bathing, and when they saw Fang Nan in the living room, they all came involuntarily and sat around Fang Nan.

I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, Poison Island and Takagi Saya sat on both sides of Fangnan, Yuriko Takagi and Shizuka Jugawa and Asami Nakaoka rubbed their hair and sat around, and Ciri Alice blinked wide-eyed and looked at Fangnan curiously.

At this time, Hirano Toda also seemed to hear the movement, walked down from the upper floor, saw everyone sitting around, he also consciously found a place to sit, doubtfully looking at the cardboard box at Fang Nan’s feet.

“I just thought about it, tomorrow, we will leave Manmei Prefecture and plan to go to Fukuoka Prefecture in Kitakyushu.”

Fang Nan saw that everyone was there, and just announced this matter.


When the women listened, they were all a little surprised that Fang Nan’s rhythm was so fast, they just took a bath, and they were sure.

However, none of them spoke out against Fang Nan, and directly and without objection chose to believe in the end.

“We need planes to get out of here, but the planes in Manmei Prefecture can’t be used, the airport is full of zombies, and it’s unknown whether the planes can be driven, so fukuoka Prefecture is the most suitable place for us at present.”

Fang Nan briefly explained some of the pros and cons, of course, chose to hide his speculations about the military department, afraid that these girls would be too nervous when they knew that the military department would make a big move.

“Fukuoka?” It’s a great place, where I know a couple of wealthy businessmen who own private jets, and if something goes wrong at the airport there, maybe we can find their planes. ”

Yuriko Takagi was thinking very carefully about what Fang Nan said, and he thought about it very thoroughly.

At the moment, the crowd did not have any objections, looking at Fangnan and Takagi Yuriko said seriously, there are suggestions will be a few words, just like this, the next destination is clear, tomorrow departure Fukuoka Prefecture!

Seeing that the matter had been settled, the women planned to get up and go back to the room.

At this time, Fang Nan stopped them.

“Wait a minute, it’s not over yet.”

“What else?”

Several of the poison island people turned around and looked at Fang Nan curiously one by one.

Under the gaze of everyone, Fang Nan took out the potion from the cardboard box prepared early in the morning, according to the situation that several people had taken the potion before, three primary potions, each taking one more, so that basically everyone had resistance to the primary potion, of course, except for Yuriko Takagi and Alice Ciri, who had not taken it.

The rest are intermediate potions, strength, stamina, endurance, and each person has two kinds.

Fang Nan took out a total of fifty-four potions, which were placed on the table in an instant, as if they were wholesale without money.

But even so, in Fang Nan’s system space, there were still quite a few potions.

“These … Is it a magical potion!? ”

At a glance, Shizuka Jugawa recognized the bottles and cans that Fang Nan had placed on the table, pink representing strength, blue representing physical strength, and green representing endurance.

A primary potion with a lighter color and a medium potion with a darker color are easy to identify.

“So much?!”

Asami Nakaoka was shocked by Fangnan’s big hand.

The others were similar, all looking at the fifty-four potions on the table in disbelief.

“Yes, of course, more people take more.”

Fang Nan said very reasonably.

And these words sounded in the ears of the poison island people, but they were like an experienced boss, talking about wholesale business, how much they wanted to take.

Seeing that none of them had moved, Fang Nan frowned, distributed the three types of potions to one person, and then said: “Okay, don’t shirk, I still have some of these potions, the future journey, may be more dangerous, our strength must be improved, in order to protect ourselves and protect the people around us, I mean, you know?” ”

Hearing Fang Nan say this, the women were moved.

Poison Island and Saya Takagi took their own, then Asami Nakaoka and Shizuka Kigawa and Hirano Toda, and finally Yuriko Takagi also took her own share.

“Brother Fangnan? Didn’t I? ”

Seeing that the table was empty, little Lolita Ciri Alice came to Fang Nan with the doll Bunny in her arms, and her small face was pitiful.

“Of course there is, but Alice Sauce is too small to fight, so you take one first, okay?”

Fang Nan touched The little head of Alice Ciri and sighed that this little Lolita was so cute!


When Ciriel alice heard this, she showed a smile.

“The potions are all done, so you can take them when you have time.”

Fang Nan saw that everyone had received their own potion, so he said.

“Yes, let me see what this green tastes like!”

Hirano Toda didn’t say a word, directly opened the plug, and took a sip of the primary endurance potion, which was as bold as a dry vodka in a bear country.

The women shook their heads.

“No, we want to go back to our room and take it, so let’s go upstairs first.”

Jugawa Shizuka was the first to refuse, how could they, who had long been deeply experienced, expose such an ugly state in front of Fang Nan, and immediately all of them went up to the second floor.

Fang Nan touched his nose and watched their backs disappear into the stairwell, but unfortunately withdrew his gaze and then looked at Hirano Toda.

“What does it taste like?”

“Hmm… Kind of like cucumber juice, it’s pretty refreshing. ”

Hirano Toda smacked his lips, and really tasted it carefully, and then under Fang Nan’s gaze, he dried three kinds of primary and intermediate potions in a row.

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