Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 146

Back at the helicopter, she finally looked at the captain lying on the ground, and she resolutely sat in the cockpit of the helicopter, and then began to start the helicopter engine.

When the plane took off, the movement caused by the duty personnel quickly noticed, after verifying a series of identity verifications, it was determined that Nanlixiang defected, and the news was uploaded to the top level, but at this time, Nanlixiang had already flown out of the island.

“What do you say!? Sniper Nanrika defected in a plane? ”

Originally, Wisteria Katsutake, who was in a good mood today, was sipping tea, but suddenly heard the news coming from below, and immediately felt that the tea in his hand was not fragrant at all.

What happened during this time?

The two sons who died did not say, and things did not go well, there was always trouble around them, and they really did not stop for a moment!


“Hmm, the top five sniper technology in the country is indeed a rare talent, but it is a pity that leaving the island is only a dead end!”

Wisteria Katsutake said coldly, although he was very angry, he did not intend to go after it, as soon as everyone had already flown away, sending someone to hunt it would only waste time.

Second, it was an extraordinary time, and all countries around the world were sending troops over, naturally for the so-called ‘antibodies’, so he had no time to pay attention to these small things.


Nanlixiang left the island and was heading to Wanming County.

In this regard, Fang Nan and others in the villa did not know anything.

Fang Nan, who had already come out of the bathroom, had eaten, and after the second reinforcement, he felt refreshed, walking lightly, and dried three bowls of rice in one breath.

And Fang Nan’s changes also let the careful women find that one by one, they pinched Fang Nan’s face, constantly marveling that Fang Nan had become handsome, and also grew tall words, and Fang Nan’s face was full of displeasure.

“It’s so unfair, why fang Nan came out with a bath, and the skin became good, no!” I’m going to take a shower too! Let’s go shizuka sauce. ”

Perhaps stimulated by Fang Nan, Asami Nakaoka kept looking at Fang Nan, and seeing that Fang Nan was reluctant to say more, she was so angry that she pulled Shizuka Jugawa and was about to go to the bathroom.

Although Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Saya are not as curious as they appear, which girl does not want to become more beautiful on her own?

Although I felt useless, but the smell of oil smoke on my body still had to be washed, so we went to the bathroom together, after all, I came back to the bathroom before, just to rinse off the dirt on my body and change my clothes.

It’s a real bath now!

After a while, Fang Nan was left alone in the living room.

And Hirano Toda this guy finished eating, he had already slipped back into the room, and could only say that it was worthy of the house.

“While they are all gone, see where the remaining thirty-six thousand enhancement points should be used.”

Looking at the empty living room, Fang Nan immediately thought of the remaining reinforcement points in the system, although it was not enough for the third self-enhancement, but it was more than enough to strengthen other things.

“It was like strengthening this knife very early on, and today there is finally a chance.”

Fang Nan picked up his own samurai sword, this sword has accompanied him for a few days, he doesn’t know how many zombies he has killed, if it is not strengthened, this knife is afraid that it will be blunt and unattractive.

Immediately, Fang Nan did not hesitate and said, “System, strengthen the samurai sword.” ”

“Ding! Katana boost requires 200 boosts, is it enhanced? ”


“Ding! Katana enhancement complete! ”

At the moment when the system prompt sound fell, the katana in Fang Nan’s hand flashed silver, and then without Fang Nan calling the system himself, the details of the katana were displayed.

【Name:Sharp katana】




【Amplification effect: Strength +5, Speed +6, Stamina +6】

[Description: This is a very sharp samurai sword, a good sword that all swordsmen want to have.] 】

“Three attributes, almost all of them have increased exponentially!!”

Fang Nan stared at the detailed information, this was only the second time to strengthen, this data was even the demon knife of the demon knife village, it had to be looked at.

I don’t know how much improvement will be made in the third enhancement?

When he thought of it, he immediately said to the system, “System, continue to strengthen the katana!” ”

“Ding, katana enhancement requires 2000 boost points, do you want to continue to strengthen?”

Nyima, this katana you also ten times the growth?

“Not reinforced!”

Fang Nan rolled his eyes and directly refused, two thousand reinforcement points, he did something bad, why waste this third reinforcement?

Moreover, this second strengthened samurai sword was already enough for him.

Let’s wait until the reinforcement point is rich!

And is it also possible for him to get a katana boost card?

Don’t forget, Hirano Toda’s sniper rifle was enhanced once with an ordnance boost card.

“The samurai sword can’t be strengthened, just strengthen this demon sword village, although this demon sword village is famous, the starting attribute is high, but after all, it is the first time to strengthen, it should not take much strengthening points, right?”

After the second enhancement, he put away the katana that had become completely new, and then took out the demon sword Muramasa from the system warehouse.

“System, strengthen this demon knife Muramasa!”

“Ding, strengthening the Demon Sword Village requires spending 200 enhancement points, is it enhanced?”

Listening to the response of the system, Fang Nan was slightly speechless, and he actually said that he was right, and the first reinforcement was so expensive.

“Forget it, 200 reinforcement points only, system, give me reinforcement.”

Anyway, it is for poison island tsubasa, the higher the attribute, the better?

Fang Nan waved a big hand and directly let the system strengthen it.

“Ding! Demon Knife Village is being strengthened to completion! ”

When the silver light of the demon knife village also flashed by, Fang Nan found that this knife seemed to have undergone a huge change.

【Name:Demon Knife Murasaki】




【Amplification effect: wearer’s neural response +8】

[Description: It’s just this killing knife, known as the ‘demon knife’, blowing hair and breaking hair, and the knife is bloody!] 】

“Sigh… Worthy of the demon knife, the first enhancement actually increased so terrifyingly! ”

Fang Nan smacked his lips, the first strengthening of the demon sword Village Zheng, it took two hundred strengthening points, compared to his sabre, it was simply a heaven and an earth, a total of two strengthenings, only compared to the others once, the quality was high, and the judgment was made.

Although the spit was complained about, Fang Nan was still very satisfied with the results of the strengthening.

After putting the knife away, Fang Nan, who had nothing to do, lay down on the soft sofa, took out Wisteria Sai’s mobile phone, and then clicked on the document to find the app

In fact, Fang Nan later found out that the ‘Garden of Eden’ file jumped to this APP, and did not have to enter the password every time.

Open, Fang Nan entered the infection division situation APP, what comes into view is the map of the island country, by color to distinguish the degree of infection in the region, from light red to heavy red, there are also some words below to explain, it is very simple and easy to understand, the military is through this APP to choose a safe place in the country, set up a garrison checkpoint.

“I must leave Wanming County tomorrow!”

Sliding the phone screen, Fang Nan’s gaze swept around the phone.

If Fang Nan was right, the impact of this military base explosion must be very huge, and the military department must have been aware of it, and even, because of The Pursuit order of Wisteria Katsutake, the reaction speed of the military department may be faster.

No matter how the military department learned that he was at the military base, Fang Nan did not want to guess, it may be the checkpoint stationed around Wanming County, it may be that they just asked the survivors who learned their news, or it may not be the use of satellites in the sky, in short, various methods.

Fang Nan had never underestimated the strength of the military department, so he had always maintained the highest vigilance.

“After leaving Wanming County, I went out of the main city of the bed, the planes of the military base did not have to think about it, and the airport of the main city of the bed was also a big trouble.”

Fang Nan muttered a few words in his heart, looking for a suitable location on the infection division map.

In fact, Fang Nan thought very simply, find a plane to leave the island country, originally he wanted to go to the island where Wisteria Katsutake was located, but now he didn’t have to think about it.

Since the other side can be thousands of miles away, it means to send the military to pursue and kill, which proves that the island where he is located must be heavily guarded, and they going there is tantamount to throwing themselves into the net.

But airplanes are essential whether they leave the island nation or where they go, but now, there is not a single plane around them.

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