Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 145

“I’m already one meter eight now…”

Fang Nan looked at himself in the mirror, handsome features, a height of one meter and eight meters, and this perfect figure of the golden ratio, the skin was more delicate and lustrous than that of women, without a single flaw.

You know, Fang Nan is still underage, that is, he is still growing up!

“Is this the power after the second reinforcement?” Sure enough, it was completely different from before! ”

Fang Nan was surprised by the changes in his body after strengthening, but what he paid the most attention to was the growth of strength after strengthening.

After strengthening, he felt that his body was lighter than before, his eyesight seemed to be better, some of the gaps in the wall could be seen clearly, and the sound of water dripping seemed to be in his ears, and he could make a whirring sound when he waved his arms at will, and his body seemed to be full of endless strength.

“System, open my personal information.”

Fang Nan felt it carefully, the change was indeed very large, but he still wanted to see the specific value.


【Host: Fang Nan】

【Identity: Tengmei Art Park Exchange Student】




【Nerve Response: 171 (Inactive Pentasensitivity +10)】 (Vehicle Additional Attribute)

【Physique Strength:150】


【Skill: Izumi Kendo (Full Level)】

【Skills: System-wide melee fighting skills (advanced)】

【Skill: Wind Sword Technique (Advanced)】

【Enhancement Point: 36800】

“Hiss… This promotion is really a bit overbearing, and it actually comprehensively improved by one hundred points, three basic attributes, and it is close to four hundred! ”

Fang Nan’s eyes shrank violently, this promotion was really terrifying.

To put it bluntly, the non-stop slashing of more than a hundred zombies in a row was no longer a problem for Fang Nan at this time, and it could even be described with ease.

“With my current strength, pure strength, almost three to four tons of strength, it is not impossible to punch down and penetrate a layer of steel plates.”

Fang Nan looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes shining, his current strength was much stronger than before, at least five times stronger.

What is that concept?

It is not an exaggeration to say that Fang Nan’s knife splitting bullet again will at least not shock his arm with one shot, and the reaction speed will be more rapid.

Think of the US team in the reunion, there is nothing more than this.

But soon, Fang Nan found the drawbacks.

“The strength is able to keep up, but my muscles and internal organs, I certainly can’t stand such a lot of pressure, I really have to tear steel with my hands, and I guess my bones are enough to choke.”

Fang Nan frowned and said to himself, this problem needs to be studied, otherwise there is a body of strength, but it cannot be fully exerted, and it is somewhat suffocating.

“System, how many reinforcement points do you need to strengthen again?”

Fang Nan finally set his sights on the system, hoping to strengthen the physical strength by strengthening again.

“Ding! The third boost requires 80,000 boost points. Is it enhanced? ”

“Eight… Eighty thousand! I said OK reinforcement, can you give me reinforcement? That’s eighty thousand! ”

Fang Nan was startled.

Nima, this third time requires a full eighty thousand enhancement points!

I thought that the forty-six thousand reinforcement points could already achieve the freedom of the reinforcement points, but I never expected to jump from another cage to another cage.

Prices… Bah!

It is the number of reinforcements, and it cannot keep up with the accumulated reinforcement points!

Fang Nan’s heart, which wanted to continue to strengthen, was immediately extinguished, pulling out the cold.

“Forget it, since it can’t be solved for the time being, then you can only put it down first, even if you can penetrate the steel without damage, I can’t stupidly use my fist, isn’t it fragrant with a knife?”

Fang Nan shrugged his shoulders and did not tangle, but instead laughed, there are weapons that are not used, you have to use your bare hands, that is what a serious person can do?

Besides, those stupid zombies are disgusting, one punch down, isn’t the brain plasma going to burst onto the fist.

Just thinking about that picture, Fang Nan shook his head straightly, it was disgusting.


On the other side, on an island in the ocean.

Nanrixiang, who was planning to flee the island, had already packed up his equipment, a pistol full of bullets, and his own sniper rifle, all of which were packed, and there was no need for clothes.

Carrying a large bag and a small bag out of the room, Nanrixiang had already planned, and the plane that was ready to be smuggled was also confirmed to be in the airport, fortunately she had conducted pilot training, otherwise it would be really impossible to leave this time.

Leaving the dormitory, Nan Lixiang wore a duck-tongue hat and carefully sneaked all the way out of the darkness, dressed in a brown overalls, looking like a ground duty officer.

“Sure enough, at this time, helicopter Five is in the middle of half an hour of shift time.”

Soon, Nanri ka came to the parking area and saw a row of helicopters, except for one of which was a helicopter, all of which were fighter jets.

At the airfield in this area, two helicopters patrolled and monitored the southern area, and Aircraft V was one of them, and there was no one here for rest time.



Just as Nan Lixiang was about to climb into the cockpit without anyone, suddenly a familiar voice came from behind, which made Nan Lixiang’s movements stagnate involuntarily.

Nan Lixiang threw everything into the cockpit of the plane, which slowly came to her senses and revealed a helpless smile, which was particularly beautiful.

“Captain, how do you know I’m here?”

“After being your captain for five years, I can still detect the changes in your two days.”

This old man in his early thirties smiled bitterly and threw away the cigarette butt in his hand, and then looked at NanLixiang with a reluctant face, and his voice was hoarse, “Do you know that when you take this step, there is no room for recovery.” ”

“I know!”

Nan Lixiang nodded without any hesitation, looked at his captain, and then looked at the people patrolling not far away.

“You’re still really old, and you haven’t changed until the end of the day, but since I’m a soldier, I can’t turn a blind eye when I find out, do you remember the first bet I made with you?”

“If I win, you’re going to promise to be my girlfriend.”

The man rolled up his sleeves and just finished speaking, with a little preemptive meaning, rushed towards Nanlixiang.

Nan Lixiang had long expected this to be the case, so she was vigilant early.


Only to see Nan Lixiang’s captain quickly come to Nan Li Xiang’s body, and with one turn, he raised a leg whip and attacked Nan Li Xiang’s waist.

And Nan Lixiang is not a vegetarian, immediately reacted, the body squatted violently, easily dodged this leg whip, and then swept forward in the trend, sweeping the man down, and a puff of dust rose on the ground.

The battle began as quickly as lightning.

“Really lost to you…”


The captain braced himself and tried to stand up, a bitter smile appeared on his face, but before he could finish speaking, a black shadow suddenly flashed in front of his eyes, and then he felt that the back of his neck had been hit hard, and a feeling of vertigo surged into his brain, and finally drowned in darkness.

“Sorry, Captain!”

Behind the captain, Nan Lixiang slowly withdrew his palm, and the knife he had just struck directly stunned him.

Nan Li Xiang and this captain have been working together for five years, the two of them have always been partners, and Nan Li Xiang also knows that the captain likes himself, but for a long time, he has not been broken, so the two can be at peace.

Unfortunately, Nan Lixiang didn’t have any feelings for him.

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