Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 143


The hot water was put away, Fang Nan took off his clothes, lay down in the bathtub, and suddenly the hot water in the bathtub overflowed.

“It’s so refreshing to take a hot bath after a tiring day!”

Fang Nan squinted his eyes, comfortably enjoying the hot water around his body, the soreness of his limbs and hundreds of skeletons, as if they were all volatilized at this moment.

After soaking for a while, he opened his eyes.

“System, open the system repository.”

The reward for the achievement task completed today, he deliberately kept it before, and waited until he came back to see it.

So many zombies, should get some good things, right?


The system prompt sound came as promised, and the next second, a variety of warehouse grids directly lit up Fang Nan’s eyes.

There are too many items to look at Fang Nan.

“System, show the rewards for today’s achievement mission!”

Fang Nan hurriedly said.

“Ding! Complete achievement missions today, get a total of fifty-one rewards, and be screened…”

“Ding! Filtering complete. ”

Warehouse items:

【Enhanced Fragmentation Grenade x185】

【Enhanced edition c4 bomb x126】

【Enhanced Version Rocket x20】

【Smoke Bomb x85】

【Shock Bomb x76】

【Primary Strength Potion x18】

【Primary Stamina Potion x18】

【Primary Endurance Agent x18】

【Intermediate Strength Potion x15】

【Intermediate Stamina Potion x15】

【Intermediate Endurance Agent x15】

【Functional Drink x20】

【Fresh Kobe beef 50 pounds】

【Fresh apple 100 pounds】

【Portable Generator x1】

【Signal Booster x1】

【Demon Knife Village Masayuki x1】

【Platinum Chest Trigger Card x1】

The next second, the suspension picture in front of Fang Nan’s line of sight changed, and it was not as much as just now, and Fang Nan’s scalp was numb.

“Today, just by completing the achievement mission, I received fifty-one rewards, plus the ones stored in the armory, no wonder my warehouse has been filled up so much at once.”

Fang Nan had a smile on his face, it seemed that blowing up the military base was indeed a wise choice, not only to obtain a huge amount of enhancement points, but also to inadvertently harvest so many big treasures!

Congratulations, congratulations!

There are a lot of items obtained, but most of them can be obtained in the real world, but they are not so precious, and the enhancement points have also been obtained from the achievement of the task here, although it is not a lot, but even the smallest ants are also meat, Fang Nan is not abandoned at all.

“Grenades and C4 bombs, actually got so much, it seems that after brushing the enhancement points, there will be some play!”

Fang Nan swept through the items one by one in the grid, and when he saw that the number of these two large killing weapons was as high as three digits, his heart was simply happy.

After all, in the military base, he had used up all the explosives, originally poor and white, and now that it was good, the system had sent him a wave, and they were all enhanced versions, and the power was evident.

On this number, there is nothing to throw away a few to play, you can brush a wave of strengthening points.

Looking further down, Fang Nan saw those potions, both intermediate and primary.

“Unfortunately, the intermediate level already has resistance to me, let alone the primary level, and drinking it is only a waste, and it can only be left to the poisonous island people!”

Fang Nan shook his head and said, the ideal high-level potion did not appear, but there were more than a dozen intermediate and primary ones.

However, they are all for his own women, and he does not feel pain.

“The strength and endurance of the intermediate potion, I already have resistance, but this physical strength is not, you can use it.”

Whispering to himself, Fang Nan looked at the intermediate stamina potion, before in the golden chest, he only gained strength and endurance, and now there was physical strength, just balanced.

“System, use four medium-level stamina potions.”

Fang Nan’s voice just dropped.

“Ding! Intermediate Stamina Potion was successfully used! ”

“Ding! Intermediate Stamina Potion was successfully used! ”

“Ding! Intermediate Stamina Potion was successfully used! ”

“Ding! Intermediate Stamina Potion was successfully used! ”

Four consecutive sounds sounded, and Fang Nan saw the physical strength of his information bar, rubbed and increased by 140 points, and finally froze.


With the effectiveness of the physical strength potion, Fang Nan could also clearly feel the changes in his body, the feeling of muscle squirming and numbness, the feeling of every cell cheering and cheering, and the energy that was constantly emerging from the depths of his body.

It all made him feel incredibly wonderful!

“This feeling of physical strength is really magical!”

Opening his eyes, Fang Nan couldn’t help but sigh, unconsciously, he remembered that at noon today, at lunchtime, Takagi Saya put sea cucumbers in the bento for him.

“Give me a sea cucumber supplement?” Now my physical strength has increased so much, even if I don’t eat sea cucumbers, I will make up for it, Saya’s proud and delicate head, when the time comes, let you have a good insight, what is called ‘no tired cattle, only ploughed fields’! ”

Fang Nan revealed a smile that men understand, and involuntarily began to have pictures in his mind.

“No, I can’t think about it anymore.”

Fang Nan gathered his emotions and continued to check the contents of the system warehouse.

Other items are very general, fresh Kobe beef and apples, but let Fang Nan surprised, but also lamented the thoughtfulness of the system.

With the passage of time, some of the food in the supermarket will definitely rot and stink, how can the existing food support the consumption of surviving humans?

The necessary creation and cultivation is an inevitable path for the future.

Even Today, Shizuka Jugawa complained that there were no fresh vegetables, and finally found a field with vegetables.

And the reward of the system actually contains this kind of reward, and I have to say that the system is intimate.

“Huh? There is also a generator and signal booster! ”

Fang Nan then looked down, and when he saw these two items, he couldn’t help but feel surprised, but he didn’t study much, and his eyes continued to sweep down.

When he saw the last two items, Fang Nan was really shocked!

【Demon Knife Village Masayuki x1】

【Platinum Chest Trigger Card x1】

These were the last two items, no matter which one, made Fang Nan’s eyes straighten on the spot, and the degree of shock was tantamount to knowing that there were forty-six thousand enhancement points, and it was even worse!

“Demon knife… Sleeper Demon Knife Muramasa!! ”


Fang Nanmeng stood up from the bathtub, and in his line of sight, the icon of the demon sword Village Washeng enlarged, and the slender body of the sword emitted a halo that made all sword practitioners obsessed.

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