Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 142

Stopping the car in front of the supermarket, Fang Nan took the lead in getting out of the car and looked inside the supermarket, which was a little dark, but this did not affect them.

Under the leadership of Fang Nan, the women entered the supermarket and walked around a large circle, on the way Fang Nan asked Gao Cheng Saya to slaughter a few zombies to practice their guts, and after confirming safety, they began to search for supplies.

First of all, they went to the fresh meat area first, took some fresh meat, the quality of the supermarket can be much stronger than the home, followed by some fruits.

As for snacks, Little Lolita Ciri Alice also took a lot, but their staple food is not snacks, so there is no need to pick high calories, as long as it is delicious.

Quickly walked down a large circle, and took a lot of things, but there were very few fresh vegetables, or almost none.

The crowd returned to the car in disappointment and headed for the seaside villa.

Unexpectedly, the third villa next door to the villa where they lived last night, in the front yard of that villa, there were vegetables planted, and it was also a green and ripe cabbage, and yesterday they were too fast to see it, and they just saw it.

“Hey, there are finally fresh vegetables here, and if I eat so much meat, my teacher and I will gain weight again.” Shizuka Jugawa poked herself in the face worriedly.

For what Shizuka Jugawa said, Fang Nan rolled his eyes and ignored it.

Then, the crowd hurriedly got out of the car and went straight to the front yard of the villa, the family seemed to have transformed half of the front yard, and there were three kinds of vegetables at a glance.

Fang Nan did not intend to help, just stood on the edge of the fence and watched, looked at the two apartment buildings a few times, and found that there were still some survivors on it, but they did not dare to come down, afraid to die.

In this regard, Fang Nan is unable to help, and can not help.

Hirano Toda was tinkering with a golden-looking pistol, which, according to him, was a collector’s edition of the Desert Eagle that had been held in a military warehouse.

Hirano Toda posed in a few angry poses, matching him with a black arm, not to mention, there were a few looks, that is, the tight body armor.

Fang Nan laughed and scolded a few words, and exaggerated Hirano Toda to be embarrassed.

“Fang Nan, you have great strength, come and help us move to the car, fixed on the roof of the car.”

Soon, Shizuka Jugawa in the vegetable garden greeted Fang Nan.

Fang Nan turned his head to look at it, and found that several girls who were still beautiful and fragrant were now dirty, their hands were full of dirt, and their skirts were also on them, and next to them, there was a fishing net carrying a half-meter-high ball, which was full of vegetables.

“I said you were going to sweep this place away!”

Fang Nan laughed lightly, and then honestly walked over, and easily lifted the half-meter-high vegetable ball with one hand, and then put it on the roof of the SUV and tied it.

After the completion, the crowd was satisfied and returned to the villa where they lived last night.

Ten minutes later!

“No, I’m going to take a shower first, it’s too dirty!”

As soon as she returned to the villa, Asami Nakaoka hurried to the bathroom.

“Let’s take a shower anyway, and wash it again at night.”

Shizuka Jugawa came over and deliberately hugged Asami Nakaoka’s small waist from behind, a pair of hands full of mud, and immediately showed the style of her old driver.

Asami Nakaoka blushed at Jugawa Shizuka and secretly looked at Fangnan, who was relieved to see that the latter had not noticed this scene, and then agreed to wash with Jugawa Shizuka, followed by Poison Island Tsukiko and Takagi Saya.

It’s just that Asami Nakaoka forgot how keen Fangnan’s five senses were, how could he let go of this welfare?

After feasting his eyes, he took two cans of beer from the refrigerator, threw one to Hirano Toda, opened one himself, and lay comfortably on the soft sofa.

Listening to the sound of warblers and swallows coming from the bathroom, I involuntarily closed my eyes and rested.

The ears are full of beautiful little sister voices, especially the voice of the old driver of Shizuka Kurikawa, which is the clearest, as well as the mature laughter of Yuriko Takagi, and the exclamations and frolicking sounds of poison island tsunako from time to time.

This moment is really enjoyable!

“Pleasant stay in a great location”

The corners of Fang Nan’s mouth lifted slightly, his eyelids moved, and he found that Hirano Toda, who was still drinking beer, had long disappeared at this time, and turned his head to find that this guy was outside the villa, transporting some weapons back to the room.

Hirano Toda is ready to study it tonight, these weapons are all gods he once hoped for, Hirano Toda said that women will only affect the speed of his gun, and the most important thing about shooting a pistol is speed!

Isn’t it?


The night is like a big hand, enveloping the sky over the island nation, surrounded by darkness.

Fang Nan lit the few candles he used yesterday, as well as the candles found in the store today, almost forty or so, and the whole villa was bright.

Originally, Fang Nan wanted to find a generator, strengthen it, and use it to power the villa, but think about it, after all, he plans to leave Wanming County tomorrow, there is really no need for that.

What happened today, the top level of the island country will definitely know, when the time comes, it will not be a hunting order of Wisteria Katsutake, so it is better to leave this Wanming County as soon as possible.


At this moment, the lights in the villa suddenly all lit up.


Fang Nan raised an eyebrow, turned his head to look outside the villa, and sure enough, the next second, Hirano Toda walked in wearing a mechanic’s overalls and sweating profusely.

“Hirano, did you fix this electricity?”

“Yes, Fang Nan gangster, the lack of light will prevent me from modifying firearms, just now, I found that the international M4 universal accessory, with a clear drawback …”

“Okay, I get it, I get it!” Hirano, keep up the good work! ”

Looking at the excited Hirano Toda, Fang Nan quickly interrupted with a black line, and expressed his support for him, and moved Hirano Toda to a mess, saying that he would definitely modify a perfect set of firearms.

After saying that, he energetically returned to his room on the second floor, and when he left, he did not forget to call himself a meal.

“This is a talent, a talent!”

Fang Nan shook his head and sighed repeatedly, then looked at the bathroom with disgust and shook his head.


Then the bathroom door suddenly opened.

“Fang Nan, is the electricity in the villa good?”

Shizuka Jugawa, who is covered in water vapor, simply wears a bath towel, and under the bath towel, her posture is very eye-catching. (Self-brain supplement is good, anyway, Jugawa Shizuka’s figure everyone knows, otherwise it will be reviewed)

Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Saya, as well as Takagi Yuriko and Nakaoka Asami are similar, because they have not yet come to change clothes, so they can only come out wrapped in a bath towel.

For a time, the villa was full of fragrance.

“Yeah, that guy hirano fixed it.”

Fang Nan did not shy away from it in the slightest, his eyes scanned directly at several women, especially Shizuka Kurikawa and Yuriko Takagi and Asami Nakaoka, these three are really mature, such benefits, in general, it is really difficult to see ah!

“Well, let’s go up and change our clothes and then come down and cook.”

“Well, I’ll go take a shower first.”

After saying this, the women disappeared into the stairs on the first floor.

Seeing Thatakawa Shizuka and Poison Island Tsunako they went upstairs, Fang Nan smacked his lips and withdrew his gaze, that scene, but any man could not stand it!

My own willpower seems to be a little weak!

Fang Nan shook his head, then walked toward the bathroom.

As soon as he entered, the whole bathroom was still steaming, and Fang Nan saw the hot water in the oversized bathtub in a blink of an eye, and if he guessed correctly, it was the poison island that they had left behind from the bath.

Thinking of this, Fang Nan’s eyebrows subconsciously picked up, and then he went forward, put the hot water clean, and replaced the hot water with another tank.

Although he likes beautiful women, he doesn’t know that he is an idiot to this point!

What a bargain!

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