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Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 138

At this time, Fang Nan and the others did not know that when they were leisurely enjoying this carnival-like ‘fireworks’, the satellite image was already aimed at here!

Temporary Command!

Wisteria Katsutake stood up and stared aggressively at a place in the upper left corner of the screen.

“Enlarge that area in the top left corner!!”

Wisteria Katsutake said without hesitation.

When the staff heard this, they immediately started the operation.

Soon, the picture turned around in the big screen, locking to the place that Wisteria Katsutake said, it was a black protruding rock, and as the picture expanded, it became clearer and clearer, and gradually everyone saw what it was.

Isn’t that a cliff?

What’s worth paying attention to?

In the headquarters, many people were confused, but they did not dare to say it explicitly, but many people with fierce eyes saw the abnormality on the cliff at a glance.

“On the cliff, how can there be a car there!?”

Soon, someone else noticed the problem and let out an exclamation.

“That’s right! There is indeed a car on the cliff! ”

“I remember that lighthouse in Wanming County was scrapped thirty years ago.

“There’s someone in the car!!”

Inside the headquarters, many people began to stir, constantly issuing a loud exclamation.

In the screen in front of the top level of the country, they also saw the satellite footage transmitted by the video, and when they saw the black SUV on the cliff, they were all surprised.

“Could it be that the explosion at the Military Base in Wanming County was caused by the people in this car!!”

Some parliamentarians suddenly figured everything out and shouted angrily.

Whoever can sit in this position is not a powerful and intelligent person, just seeing these clues is enough to deduce the truth.

Otherwise, if all the zombies gathered in a radius of ten kilometers, why would they appear near the military base?

If it doesn’t make sense to say that they were chased here by zombies, because this is a good opportunity to escape, why don’t they leave?

Therefore, the people in this car must be the culprits of the explosion of the military base!

The top brass of the military and the rest of the ministry soon realized this, and the vehicles on the big screen were filled with anger.

Among them, especially Wisteria Katsutake is particularly deep!

“Wait a minute, it’s a high school student driving!” Underage!? ”

I have to say that the satellite technology is the bull batch, as the picture is pulled to the maximum limit, the side can see the side of the SUV, Fang Nan’s handsome face.

And when everyone saw that slightly childish face, they couldn’t help but be deeply shocked.


Was it a minor that led to the total collapse of a military base?

This Nyima is also incredible!

How could they not have imagined that the murderer who caused them such a heavy loss was actually a high school student who was not even eighteen years old?

How did he do it?

“It’s him!!”

The moment Zi Teng Katsutake saw Fang Nan’s face, he recognized that this was not the murderer who killed his two sons, and the person who was ordered to be hunted down by him?

They’re still alive!

And, to cause yourself such a big problem!

And the staff in the command, especially the commander-in-chief, also recognized the teenager in the car, wasn’t it the same powerful teenager who broke through the Nakajima General’s checkpoint before?

When the top level of the world saw Fang Nan, they were also stunned, and some countries even thought that this was the island country playing them, and they couldn’t help but be full of fragrance.

However, there are also some high-level people in some countries who have asked who this is, and most people in the island countries are also very curious.

“Councilor Wisteria, do you know who they are?”

Someone looked at Shito Katsutake, and they heard a few words from the staff of the command.

“Know something…”

Wisteria Katsutake slowly spat out a sentence, and the two cloudy eyeballs stared at Fang Nan deadly, and suddenly, a thought emerged in his heart.

He wanted to kill Fang Nan!

Very, very very thought!

After all, both of his sons died at the hands of Fang Nan!

But now that the zombies have broken out, even if he is a parliamentarian, he can only hide on this island to survive, and he has also issued an order to let the special soldiers of the military department go after fang nan, but as a result, the other party is alive and well.

Since you can’t kill this boy yourself, why not ask someone else to help?

At present, so many people are watching, it is no exaggeration to say that the top level of the world is here, and this boy has attracted the attention of all countries in the world, is this not the best opportunity to kill people with a knife!?

He didn’t believe it, in the face of the whole world’s pursuit, can this boy survive?

As the contemporary head of the Wisteria family, And the councilor of the island country, Wisteria Katsutake is not stupid at all, although angry, he can still keep calm, and shrewdly thought of another brilliant strategy to kill Fang Nan.

Everyone was waiting for Katsutake Wisteria to continue.

Wisteria Katsutake exhaled a deep breath, and then faced the high-ranking officials of various countries, his weathered face was full of indifference, and said, “Actually, these people I have been paying attention to for a long time, and my two sons have died because of them.” But that’s not the focus of my attention on them, I pay attention to them because they have a big secret hidden in them, and this secret is big enough to make everyone’s heart move. ”

When Wisteria Katsutake said this, he deliberately paused in order to plant curiosity in the hearts of the people, which was also the most favorite means for these politicians to play.

Leader of the United States: “A secret that makes everyone’s heart move? ”

Xiong Guo: “Just a few survivors, what secrets are worth coveting?” ”

Stick Country: “Oh, Wisteria Councilor is still the same old yin and yang as always, if you have anything to say, now in this world, everyone is a person in a boat!” ”

Yue Guo: “Let’s talk about it…”

Y Country: “Let’s talk about it…”

Country N: “Let’s talk about it…”

A number of high-level speakers from various countries spoke one after another.

And the people of the island country are also curious, in the end, what is worth this teenager’s life, what is worth The Wisteria Katsutake abandoning the revenge of killing his son and thus paying attention to another thing?

Seeing that he had achieved his goal, Zi Teng Katsutake no longer sold Guanzi and began to say quietly: “Several people in this car, from the beginning of the zombie crisis, they have crossed all the way from this place to here, that is, China’s Wanming County, in just four days, not only did not die a single person, but there was an increase.” ”

“Along the way, after my repeated observation and secret tracking, I unexpectedly found that their bodies have mutated and they are immune to the zombie virus!”

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