Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 137

“This… What the hell is going on here! Wanming County’s military base, why did this suddenly happen!? ”

Some senior military officials struggled to slap the table, and could not help but scold, in order to vent the anger in their hearts.

You know, there are a lot of weapons there, which were destroyed by the front of his eyes and explosions, and as a soldier, his heart was dripping blood.

The faces of the few parliamentarians in the Political Ministry were also unusually ugly.

The value of the military base is immeasurable, and they originally planned to restart the military base to eliminate the zombies in the entire Wanming County and expand a safe area.

I didn’t expect such a thing to happen!

Mikoku: “The Government Department of the Island Nation, this is caused by you!?” The whole military base is like this… Oh my God! ”

Xiong Guo: “A military base is so important, how can such a thing happen!?” ”

Stick Nation: “Island Nation, are your weapons too many?” ”

Yue Guo: “Amazing boldness, such a big hand!” ”

This scene, staged in front of the leaders of various countries around the world, expressed their opinions one after another, some were indignant, some were curious about the black hand behind the explosion, and some were even more cynical, in short, the speeches of various countries all came at once.

Because of the explosion of a military base, they felt shocked at the same time, and their hearts became more cautious about the island country.

Does the ghost know what the island nation is doing?

Play them?

It’s not impossible!

If you think about it from another perspective, the value of an entire military base is immeasurable, that is simply too important, and once restarted it is an arsenal.

But now it’s gone!

This made them both distressed and angry, and completely hindered the development of the plan.

After all, it was now the fifth day of the zombie crisis, and the response of the ministries of state was not slow, and they quickly controlled some areas, isolated them, and then carried out statistics.

Most countries in the world are infected at about 50%, but over time, the infection situation will certainly become more serious.

In response to the ensuing human crisis, governments had to join forces to come up with the ‘Eden Project’.

The so-called ‘Eden Project’ is to deal with the danger of zombie infection, to create an isolated world for the remaining human beings, and most of the world’s land has fallen, and it is only a matter of time before it has fallen, so some people have set their sights on the underground.

It will be a huge project, manpower, material resources and energy are indispensable, the most important thing is force, which is the best means for human beings to fight zombies at present.

Within five days of the zombie crisis, countries around the world joined the ‘Garden of Eden Project’.

However, at such a moment, such a ridiculous thing actually happened at the military base in Wanming County, which made all countries a little suspicious.

On the big screen, the aerial view of the entire military base is constantly exploding, the area is getting wider and wider, according to this situation, the military base must be completely destroyed.

“Senator Wisteria, what the hell is going on here?” Why did you suddenly learn about this accident and decisively start the satellite? Wisteria Mp, we need an explanation! ”

At this time, the senior officials of the military department and the political councilors all calmed down and looked at Shito Katsutake, who was the first to understand the situation.

The leaders of various countries have also pressed through video calls to seek a truth.

“The explosion of the military base happened suddenly, and I was notified by my assistant to come here.”

Wisteria Katsutake had been in the upper position for a long time, and although his heart was very angry, he still maintained his composure and stared at the situation of the military base on the big screen.

“So, you suspect it’s man-made?”

A senior military officer spoke, and he could hear that there was something in The words of Wisteria Katsutake.

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone in the command headquarters was shocked, and the cold sweat behind them brushed out in unison, looking at the military base on the big screen with a lot of artillery fire.

This kind of large-scale explosion will be man-made!?

That’s crazy!

When the leaders of various countries heard these words, they were all like this, and they who were stable on the outside had already set off a monstrous wave in their hearts.

Shito Katsutake looked at the leaders of various countries, and then said calmly, “At present, I don’t see any signs of man-made, this explosion came very suddenly.” ”

“If it’s not man-made, is it a zombie!?”

Some parliamentarians made a bold guess.

It was this conjecture that made the atmosphere in the headquarters extremely solemn, and everyone felt ridiculous.

The strange explosion of the military base will be the work of the zombies?

Those monsters who shake their heads and only know how to eat, have the intelligence to do this kind of thing!?

However, in the current situation, it is either man-made or zombie-caused, and the arms in the military base are strictly controlled, and it is impossible to make such a low-level mistake as chain explosions.

“If it is man-made, it is better to say, we can only think that domestic civilians want to go to military bases to search for weapons to protect themselves, but if it is the work of zombies, then we have to make corresponding countermeasures.”

“It can’t be a zombie, our country’s infection is more serious than that of the island country, and no such thing has happened.”

“Oh, maybe maybe the situation of the island country is special?”

“What do you mean?”

“Senator Ishikawa, we’re just talking about things, so why do we have to react so much?”

With the opening of these high-level people in various countries, the topic of this meeting has been pushed in another direction.

However, none of them noticed that in this dim headquarters, under a table, there was a little red light flickering continuously.


The other side!

The explosion in the military base is still in progress, a row of fighter jets in the tarmac, continuous explosions, the scene is very magnificent, the flames are high, instantly scorching the surrounding zombies.

Warships on the edge of the harbor were also affected, the flames spread, and it was only a matter of time before the explosion was over.

As the satellites in outer space moved, under the adjustment of the personnel of the island country’s temporary command, the picture enlarged, summarizing the whole picture of the entire military base.


At this time, The Wisteria Katsutake, who did not participate in the high-level arguments of various countries and only looked at it coldly, suddenly glanced at the big screen, his pupils shrank fiercely, and the water cup in his hand smashed heavily on the table, and he spoke urgently.

“Quick, pull the camera to the top left corner!”


The voice of Zi Teng Katsutake was not small, and at once all the high-level officials of the countries who were arguing endlessly were shocked, and as the headquarters quieted down, the next moment, everyone’s eyes also moved to the big screen.


On the cliffs by the sea!

“It’s so cool to kill so many zombies in one go!”

Looking at the zombie horde that was constantly being killed in the military base, Shizuka Jugawa stretched out and fully displayed her foul figure, and her delicate face showed a look of enjoyment.

“Yes, being able to kill so many zombies is also a contribution to the continuation of mankind.”

Yuriko Takagi maintains an elegant smile.

“These devices were all damaged, and it was considered to send out the last residual temperature for them, but I didn’t expect that one day, Asami Nakaoka would also have such a feat.”

Asami Nakaoka chuckled, and Hera’s facial features were full of smiles.

As a police officer before the end of the world, her heart still maintains more or less justice to punish adultery and eliminate evil, and evil naturally refers to those zombies.


Fang Nan said, and the two words of comfort were almost written on his face.

“Ding! Gain 233 Booster Points! ”

“Ding! Gain 563 Boost points! ”

“Ding! Gain 343 Booster Points! ”

Listening to the system prompt sound in his head, it was like a quick scroll of the screen, Fang Nan squinted his eyes, not leisurely, like a little old man.

Looking at his information column, the reinforcement point was constantly soaring, and Fang Nan couldn’t help but want to chant a poem to express his extremely open mood at this time.

After all, he hadn’t been so comfortable since the zombie crisis broke out, and of course, this was referring to psychological, not physical.

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