Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 136

On the cliff by the sea, Fang Nan took the telescope and looked at the zombies in the military base, he was not calm, and his heart was both excited and shocked.

This number is absolutely breaking through 10,000, let alone 30,000!

Of course, this is still a conservative estimate!

In short, Fang Nan’s wave is earned.

“Hair, absolutely, this is the real wave of wealth!”

Fang Nan was vaguely excited in his heart, and his face was a little red.

They slept for an afternoon, their expressions a little confused, and when they glanced at the military base, they were instantly frightened by the scene in front of them.

“A lot… So many zombies! ”

Shizuka Jugawa hugged Ciri Alice, one big and one small, staring at the military base in the distance outside the window, and her mouth slowly opened.

“There are so many zombies gathered!”

Asami Nakaoka was also shocked.

“Good horror number!”

Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Saya, the two daughters, stared at the military base with glowing eyes.

Like the zombie swarm of ants, so that the women in the car can’t help scalp tingling, this desperate number, if you are in it, I am afraid that they are difficult to survive, SUV is strong, it is also a car, in the face of this number of zombies will also have the danger of overturning.

“Classmate Fang Nan, have anyone from the military department appeared?”

Yuriko Takagi was amazed, and she thought of the army that was pursuing them.

Fang Nan smiled lightly and nodded, “Well, you just came when you were napping, and I see that you haven’t had a good rest these days, so I didn’t wake you up.” ”

“Ahem! Who is to blame for this? ”

Shizuka Jugawa snorted, and Asami Nakaoka was also unkind.

“Of course, you are to blame for not sleeping well, do you want me to sleep with you?”

Fang Nan rolled his eyes, about to harvest a large wave of reinforcement points, he was in a very happy mood now.

“Ahem! Fang Nan students don’t want faces, and we don’t want him anymore! ”

“My family’s, not yours.”

Fang Nan unceremoniously retorted back.

In the car, Poison Island Looked at Fang Nan quietly, smiling, Gao Cheng’s face was slightly red, but he could still keep calm.

After flirting with a few words, Fang Nan pointed to a small warehouse building on the military base and said, “Those people are there, but they can’t come out, even if they come out, it will be a dead end.” ”

After Yuriko Takagi heard this, she nodded her head reassuringly.

Fang Nan looked at the military base, looking at the time is almost up, there are not many zombies around, and those who can be attracted have long been on the road, and the military base is already full.

It’s time to start closing the net!

Fang Nan took out the detonator that could detonate the entire military base, and the corners of the mouths on both sides slowly lifted, and the smile gradually went crazy.


Fang Nan’s thumb pressed down without hesitation.


The explosion began in a military warehouse.

Under the impact of the huge explosion, the entire military warehouse was instantly razed to the ground, and the zombies wandering around were also swept by this storm, and the flying rubble smashed these zombies into pieces.

“Ding! Earn 632 Booster Points! ”

“Ding! Gain 65 Booster Points! ”

“Ding! Gain 145 Booster Points! ”

On the cliff by the sea, Fang Nan coldly received the system prompt tone.

It was so cool!!

Fang Nan took a deep breath and continued to stare at the next explosion.

A certain Dara is right, explosions are really art, you see how beautiful this beautiful system prompt sound is, and there are surges of reinforcement.

After the military warehouse, explosions sounded one after another, with the military warehouse as the center, one after another fire snakes flew up in all directions, ‘booming’ the ground was blown up, and the zombies where they exploded were all blown up in an instant.

The special forces squad in a certain warehouse also heard this dense explosion, and they all came to the window to look at it.

And when they found that there were eerie explosions outside, most people’s hearts were cold.

“Heaven is going to kill me!”

The man in his early thirties looked desperate.

The next second.


This warehouse also exploded violently, and at this point, the squad had not even seen Fang Nan and the others until death, so they flew with the rubble.

And this scene fell in Fang Nan’s eyes, but it was just a huge firework.

As everyone knows, on an island far away from the ocean, Wisteria Katsutake looked at the picture of the big screen in disbelief, and his face was gloomy and could drip water.

The staff in the command post saw the situation and looked at their eyes, noses, and hearts, and even the commander-in-chief squinted his eyes, afraid that he would accidentally anger Wisteria Katsutake.

Because there are only so many cameras that can be controlled in the military base, there are not many things that can be seen, but the picture of the explosion is still very clear, after all, it is a large-scale explosion.

But after a while, the camera was affected and the screen was spent.

“Such an important place actually caused such a large-scale explosion, do you think it will be naturally formed?”

Wisteria Katsutake took several deep breaths in a row, which stabilized his mood, and a strong killing intent appeared in his deep and cloudy eyes, he vaguely thought of something, immediately turned to look at the commander-in-chief, and said word by word: “This is a big matter, with my authority, start the satellite and capture the fact of the military base!” ”


The commander-in-chief was stunned, not expecting that the matter was serious enough to start the satellite, but he did not think much about it, and directly turned around to prepare for the matter.

And Katsutake Wisteria’s order to activate the satellite was also transmitted, reaching the ears of other parliamentarians and military leaders.

Of course, there is also the Wanming County military base, which inexplicably happened with a large-scale explosion.

By the time these men arrived at the command post, the satellite had been activated.

At the same time, in the defense bases built by various countries, the leadership of countries around the world also received news about the launch of satellites by island countries.

In the face of the zombie crisis, all countries have abandoned their unpleasant past and stood on the united front, so in the face of such a big move by the island countries, the leaders of various countries are very concerned, and they have also taken the satellite acceptance signal to see what is happening in the island country.

In this way, in the large screen of the island country’s temporary headquarters, the high-definition picture of the military base suddenly flashed out, and the leaders of various countries also had the same picture in front of them.

And when they saw the screen, the flickering fire, no matter who it was, couldn’t help but stare.

Among them, the temporary headquarters of the island countries were even more so, and those parliamentarians and military leaders were dumbfounded on the spot, because it was their military base that exploded, which stored a large number of weapons and equipment, which was very precious in the peaceful era, not to mention the world today!

For the island nation, it is simply bloodletting!

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