Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 135

On the cliff near the military base, Fang Nan and the others saw a group of zombies like ants rushing into the military base.

Naturally, they also saw the special forces of the army that was pursuing them, after all, the explosion just now was not an accident.

“Three cars, one was solved first, but it seems that there are more people on that big truck!”

In the palm of Fang Nan’s left hand, there was a remote control of a remote control bomb, and in his right hand, he held a telescope to observe every move in the military base.

A minute earlier, when he saw three camouflage-coated military vehicles rushing into the military base, he was sure that it was the people sent by Wisteria Katsutake to pursue them, so when they entered the explosion range, Fang Nan did not hesitate to detonate a bomb.

Unfortunately, if it was an enhanced version of the C4 bomb, it would be powerful enough to kill even the second off-road vehicle.


Rumble —

The sound of the explosion was like thunder, rolling and vibrating over the military base.

Together with the high-pitched sirens, they spread out in all directions.

With the sound of this explosion, the zombies became even more frantic and grumpy, and hundreds of zombies rushed directly to the off-road vehicle that was burned to the frame.

Some zombies were even more careless, detonating the mines buried by Fang Nan and others on the ground, and one explosion after another occasionally sounded, which further stimulated the zombies.

On the side of the Special Forces Squad, they did not encounter any more mines along the way, or Fang Nan could remotely control the bomb, and came safely to the warehouse in front of them.

As soon as the car was gotten out, everyone rushed into the warehouse and closed the iron door deadly.

“What the hell is going on at this military base, and why are there so many zombies!” And what the hell is that siren!!? ”

The captain was terrified at this time, and so were the other team members, they had realized that they were surrounded by a large number of zombies, and they had lost a few people, making them even worse when they were not short of bullets!

When he was distraught, the captain was also a person who had been on the battlefield, at least much calmer than many people present, and after calming down, he began to find a way to save himself.

“You’re here, and the others are checking to see if there’s any weapons or anything like that, and we can’t just sit still.”


More than thirty special forces, divided into two teams, began to work.

After the deployment, the captain leaned against the wall and gasped for breath, then took out the communicator and began to contact the station, at this moment, this situation is not to mention chasing and killing others, they can leave safely and unharmed, it is the blessing of the gods!

The military department used a special communicator, the signal was much stronger, and after a while, it contacted one of the four garrison checkpoints in Wanming County.

And this garrison level is the one that Fang Nan broke through, and it is the responsibility of General Nakajima.

“Call for rescue! Call for rescue! ”

“We need rescue, it’s at a military base, it’s completely fallen, it’s all zombies, we’ve lost seven of our team!”

“Again, the military base has fallen, we are trapped here and need emergency support!”

The captain shouted three times in one breath.

Far away in the vicinity of Wanming County, in the garrison checkpoint where General Nakajima was in charge, when he heard the contents of the phone, the whole person was stunned.

“What do you say, the fall of military bases?” There are tons of zombies!? ”

General Nakajima vaguely felt that something was wrong, and said to the walkie-talkie, “You hold on, now we will immediately organize a rescue team!” ”

After saying this, General Nakajima hung up the communicator, because he needed to contact the other three surrounding garrison bases, otherwise, it would be impossible to rescue people with the strength of his one level alone.

And the fall of military bases is also a big deal!

Soon, the news reached the ears of the other three stationed checkpoint leaders from General Nakajima, and the reaction was roughly the same as that of General Nakajima, and they began to mobilize rescue troops.

Time passes by minute by minute.

The sirens of the military bases are still ringing and are still ringing.

The zombies in the military base are also increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye, whether it is the surrounding mountains, roads, or woods, there is a steady stream of zombies pouring out, like a torrent.

The zombie army was very restless, like a breach of the embankment, breaking the steel fence on the edge of the military base, and a large number of zombies gathered under the broadcast room building.

This spectacular scene was not only seen by Fang Nan and others, but also by Wisteria Katsutake on an island in the ocean.

Originally, today, Wisteria Katsutake had nothing to do, so he asked about the situation of the people below Nan and the others on a whim, and before he could start reporting, another assistant rushed to the scene.

Through the picture information transmitted from the surveillance in Wanming County, the command found that the situation in Wanming County was very wrong, and a large number of zombies were actually gathering in the same direction.

This abnormal situation has attracted great attention from the top levels of the ministry of government and the military.

As the surveillance received information, the military found that the group of zombies was actually gathering to the east, and the east except for the coast, there was only a military base, so they summed up a bold idea!

That is, the zombies are rushing towards the military base!

And the result is indeed as they only guessed, but the reason has been unknown.

Then, the military department directly controlled the only few surveillance in the military base, and when they saw that the surveillance was full of zombies, these people could not help but take a breath of cool air.

Shortly thereafter, news of the rescue came back.

When Wisteria Katsutake heard all this, he rushed to the headquarters and just happened to see the scene before.

“What kind of stimulation did these zombies get to gather at the military base, as if they were being controlled?”

Wisteria Katsutake’s already wrinkled brow furrowed heavily.


And just like that, three hours passed.

At this time, it is 4:30 p.m.

Attracted by more than three hours of sirens, there is no empty space inside the military base at this moment.

Looking around, all that came into view was pitch black, and countless zombie heads were moving, like the low roar of wild beasts buzzing constantly.

In a certain warehouse, the special forces squad no longer has any blood on their faces, like people who are about to die, sitting decadently on the dusty ground waiting to die.

Three hours passed, and the news of the rescue was silent, like a stone sinking into the sea, and as there were more and more zombies outside, they finally knew a cruel reality.

That is, rescue is impossible to come.

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