Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 134

Within an eight-kilometer radius of the military base, all the zombies rioted.

One by one, as if they were suffering from rabies, they gathered in a certain direction in a crazy way.

This big move also made many survivors see it and wondered.

“What’s wrong with these zombies?” How come it’s all like it’s all stimulated!? ”

Some of the survivors stayed in their own buildings, looking at the large area below, full of zombie scenes, almost did not scare him out of a good villain, and looked at this strange scene with a pale face.

They didn’t know what kind of stimulation these zombies had been, and they were all rioting in the daytime.

Some survivors, seeing a large wave of zombies rushing through their doors at home, thought that this was a perfect escape opportunity, so they hurriedly packed their bags and ran out excitedly.

“Haha! These monsters finally ran away, and taking advantage of this opportunity, labor and capital quickly left this ghost place! ”

The man was carrying a hiking bag, and as soon as he went out, he saw zombies running into the distance, and he couldn’t help but smile triumphantly.

However, before he could be happy for long, as soon as he turned around, he saw that behind him, a large group of countless zombies rushed in.

“Click, click, click…”

“Uh huh!”

Hordes of zombies roared low.

“No… Don’t!! ”

The man’s happy face had not faded, and he was pounced on by the zombie swarm that was immediately coming.

Hundreds of zombies approached, and in no time, they devoured the man and continued to move towards the sound of the alarm.

Like this, there are many survivors who think they have a chance to escape, and there are not a few survivors who leave their homes, but they all encounter manic zombies on the road and are bitten to death.

However, some people heard the sound of the alarm and looked at the direction in which the zombie was heading, showing a thoughtful look.


At the same time, on a road to the military base, the elite troops who had been ordered to pursue and kill Fang Nan and the others had left Wanming County.

They received word from the garrison that the target was on their way to the military base and asked them to hurry up.

Upon hearing this news, the captain of this team was very shocked, but also a little afraid and anxious.

Because of such a domestic military base, the Ministry of Government and the Ministry of War have already begun to start a plan to resume use, and if this is destroyed by the gang, wouldn’t it be terrible?

It is even quite possible that this sin will be inflicted on them.

So I had to make them nervous, this no, as soon as they woke up, they quickly drove towards the military base, probably because the quality of last night’s rest was too poor, and they were able to stop at dawn, and they woke up at eleven o’clock.

“Huh? What is this sound? ”

During the march, inside the second SUV, the captain coldly heard the siren, thinking that he had heard it wrong, but when he leaned out half way out, he was sure that the sound was real.

As a special elite force, he must have been too familiar with this voice to be familiar with it, and he instinctively tensed his body immediately.

“It’s the sirens! How can you hear the sirens here!? ”

“And… Still getting clearer? ”

When the captain found out, he said with some surprise, his brain was turning rapidly, and he couldn’t think of a reason, and a big question mark appeared on his head.

What’s going on here!?

Other team members also discovered this phenomenon one after another, and all of them subconsciously tensed up.

As they got closer to the military base, the sirens became clearer, and they finally felt something was wrong.

“Captain! Behind!! ”

Just as the captain was in deep thought, thinking about whether to report to his superiors, the urgent sound of the vehicle behind him suddenly came from the communicator.

“What’s wrong?”

“Rear! … No! We’re surrounded by zombies! So many zombies! ”


As soon as the captain heard this, he was immediately stunned and quickly leaned out to look behind.

It was this look that scared him out of a cold sweat.

The three of them were driving in a vertical row, and in the woods around them, at a glance, there were all the moving figures of zombies, and even more behind them!

That number was even more terrifying than what they had encountered last night!

“How… What the hell is going on here! Why are there so many zombies around us!! ”

The captain suddenly felt that the heavens and the earth had lost color, and his throat had become extremely dry, as if the blood in his whole body had been drained.


Bang bang bang…

At this time, on the military trucks in the rear, the soldiers began to shoot, and the dense gunfire suddenly became more lively on this quiet road.

It made the zombies even more frantic.

“Uh huh… Uh huh… Woo hoo! ”

“Ho ho!”


The zombies in front of them were shot by these special soldiers, and then they would be replenished, waving their dry arms, their faces were vicious, and their black and dark mouths were like a black hole, and they could not be killed.

Although these special soldiers have undergone strict training and have been educated by the flames of war, in the face of such crazy things as zombies, they still have a cold chill rising from the bottom of their hearts.

“Quick! Hasten! Head to the military base, there are too many zombies behind! We can’t afford to consume ammunition at all! ”

The captain was also shooting, killing the zombies that had pounced on the side of the road, and as the last bullet was fired, he sadly found that their team’s ammunition seemed to have run out.

After all, when they were in the hotel last night, their ammunition consumption was very large, even if their vehicles brought a lot of ammunition supplies, they could not withstand such consumption.

For a moment, his heart was filled with grief and anger!

The sad thing is that their elite special forces of the island country will actually fall into such a fate.

The angry thing is that they may not even see the target, and they will die on the spot!


Suddenly, he listened to the sirens in the air, and suddenly his eyes lit up, and he had a feeling of being in a desperate situation.

“There is a lot of ammunition in the military base, and some dry food, which is enough for us to hold out for a while!”

The captain’s lips turned white and he said, there are too many zombies in and around the back, the mountains seem to be densely packed, looking around, no place is vacant, all occupied by zombies.

Soon, the captain saw the military base, and his face looked a little better.

The beginning of the off-road vehicle, looking at the gap in the barbed wire of the paramilitary base, directly accelerated into it, and the car behind it followed.

But then something even more desperate happened.

Inside the military base, there are all zombies!

“Sleeper! Why are there so many zombies here, fast! Find a place to hide from one…”


Just when the captain used the communicator to shout at the beginning of the off-road vehicle in front of him, a sudden explosion blew the off-road vehicle upside down.

The roaring sound, the rumbling sounded through the sky, and the flames rose from the front of the off-road vehicle at once, accompanied by a large amount of smoke, and then the flames quickly engulfed the entire off-road vehicle, and the people inside did not even have time to scream, and fell here.


The captain watched the explosion of the SUV, and at this moment, his brain instantly became blank, and he did not know what was happening, why the vehicle exploded for no reason.

In just a few seconds, the military truck in the rear caught up with the SUV where the captain was and drove directly towards the nearest warehouse.

“Keep up, don’t go away!”

The captain, who had returned to his senses, immediately called out to the soldiers driving the car.


The soldier driving the car immediately turned the steering wheel and followed the military truck.

However, since the road is full of zombies, they are not fast.

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