Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 132


The SUV drove out of the neighborhood, drove out of the previous street, and left the place in the hope of a pair of survivors, to the desperate eyes.

At the window of a second-floor cottage, Yoshida looked at the SUV in the distance, his childish face full of resentment, and most of his body leaned out of the window.

“Damn!! Why don’t you come to my rescue! I curse you… Yes! ”

Yoshida said with a bitter face, but before he could finish speaking, due to excessive hunger, the legs supporting his whole body suddenly went soft, and Shunshi fell out of the window.

As soon as the surrounding zombies heard the movement, they immediately came to enjoy this meal.

And Fang Nan, who was driving fast on the coastal road, did not know that a teenager who wanted to curse them had lost his footing and hated it for thousands of years.

“It should be ready to be arranged today.”

Fang Nan mentally calculated the progress of laying the trap, and in the second row behind, the women chatted happily about the sky, looking at the newborn sun on the right.

At about half past nine, Fang Nan and the others would arrive at the military base again.

Just like yesterday, the place was still empty, Fang Nan carefully observed, and found that there was no sign of outsiders coming here, thinking that the military personnel who were pursuing them should not have arrived yet.

Involuntarily, Fang Nan skimmed his lips to the military department, and even more despised the issuer of this hunting order.

“Wisteria Katsutake… Hope we have a day to meet. ”

Fang Nan sneered darkly, and then began to continue yesterday’s process and continue to lay out bomb traps.

Fang Nan’s ambitions are very large, he wants to use the entire military base as an explosion range, including warships on the edge of the port, so laying traps, this is a huge project.

Fang Nan was not afraid that the bombs were not enough, because the surrounding buildings were all good sources of blasting.

From military warehouses to nearby buildings, and some planes, vehicles, and so on, grenades and mines are interconnected.

With the passage of time.

The last C4 bomb was placed, and this big project was finally completed.

“It’s finally done!”

After a tiring morning, everything was finally arranged, and at this time, in Fang Nan’s hand, there was a remote control of the C4 bomb, and as long as it was pressed, the entire military base would be turned into a scorched earth.

At this time, it was already half past twelve, and it was time for lunch.

At Shizuka’s suggestion, the crowd went to lunch in the three most prominent buildings of the military base.

There are still some zombies here, the crowd found a relatively clean room, here is just a long line of tables, should be used for the meeting before, after the preparation of the crowd began to take out the bento.

“Wow! The bento with sauce and saya sauce is so sumptuous! ”

As soon as Shizuka Jugawa opened her bento, it seemed to glow, and there was a steak, three base shrimp, and a few pieces of broccoli, etc. Eggs, a highly nutritious substance, are of course essential.

Everyone else’s is pretty much the same.

When Fang Nan opened his bento, Shizuka Jugawa and Asami Nakaoka immediately felt that their bento was not fragrant.

In Fang Nan’s bento, not only do they have it, they don’t have Fang Nan’s also have it, it is simply a luxurious feast, and the most important thing is that there is also sea cucumber!

This is a great supplement!

“Cough cough… Fang Nan, that was put by Shaye. ”

Poison Island Tsunako noticed Fang Nan’s strange appearance, and after two days of experience, she knew that Fang Nan’s combat power was terrifying, and there was no need to put in this ingredient.

“I… I’m just afraid you’re tired. ”

Takagi Saya’s face turned red, and she was also making a bento when the ghost was confused and put it in.

“It’s okay, I think it’s delicious.”

Fang Nan looked at the two girls with a smile, thinking that he had to find an opportunity to let them know how powerful they were.

A lunch, eaten quickly.

“What are we going to do next, to attract people from the ministry of government?” Or do you attract zombies first? ”

Yuriko Takagi finished eating, and the lady wiped the oil stains from her mouth and looked at Fang Nan.

Fang Nan stood by the window, looking fixedly at the loudspeaker of the building in the middle, and hearing the voice of Yuriko Takagi, he smiled lightly: “No matter who comes first and who comes after, they will always come.” ”

“So how do you attract it?”

Yuriko Takagi asked again.

“Use that.”

Fang Nan pointed to the big horn.

Ten minutes later, the crowd stood in front of a wooden door with a radio room written on it.

Fang Nan looked at the sturdy wooden door, and without saying a word, he directly drew out his samurai sword, held the sword in both hands, and aimed at the door lock.


The alloy door lock is instantly split in half, that is, the ability to lose the lock should be.

The door lock was broken, and Fang Nan and the others directly pushed the door in.

As soon as they came in, they found that the broadcast was amazing, and many of the instruments in it were not seen before.

And inside, there are more than ten zombies, thinking that they are going to bite outside, and then the corpses are changed here.

“The volume of the alarm horn of the military base can cover the entire range of the military base, and even turn the power to the maximum, and the coverage will be wider, so that the zombies in the vicinity will smell the wind!”

Hirano Toda said excitedly, looking at Fang Nan’s eyes full of admiration and admiration, after all, how simple he did not expect it.

“That’s right.”

Fang Nan smiled, but in his heart he shook his head.

He felt that it was not enough, even though there were many zombies attracted in this way, there were not enough!

Saying that he is greedy or saying that he is too ambitious, in short, Fang Nan does not want to waste this opportunity, hoping to attract more zombies, which is not only for their future removal of obstacles, but also to harvest a large wave of reinforcement points.

“But first make sure the alarm is still working, and if it’s destroyed by electromagnetic pulses, it’s bad.”

Asami Nakaoka interjected.

This sentence made the people present a little worried, after all, the aircraft and military combat vehicles outside were invalid, and the alarm system would most likely be scrapped.

“No matter how much, let me start it first.”

Hirano Toda rubbed Xiao Fei’s hands, excited to operate the outrageous buttons.

Seeing this scene, Fang Nan decisively asked the system, how many reinforcement points are needed to strengthen the alarm system, regardless of whether the alarm system is damaged, in short, Fang Nan wants to strengthen it once, increase the sound wave coverage, and after strengthening, the damaged things can restore the full blood state, and there is no need to worry about whether it will be affected by electromagnetic pulses.

Kill two birds with one stone!

“Ding! To strengthen the military base alert system, 120 enhancement points are required, is it enhanced? ”

“120 Well, the reinforcement points that I saved up yesterday are going to be used up again.”

Fang Nan doubted whether the system was supervising itself, and since all its reinforcement points were used to strengthen the bomb yesterday, it had accumulated 120 in one night.

“Ok, strengthen it!”

Fang Nan did not do unnecessary thinking, directly opened the reinforcement, anyway, most of the front of the head are used, and do not care about this one hundred and two reinforcement points.


“Ding! Military base alert system enhancement successfully! ”

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