Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 131

The two assistants were a little nervous, because they knew the character of Wisteria Katsutake, and they were afraid that the bad outcome would anger the big guy.

“People… There is no news from the people at present, and the target has not been captured from the monitor currently controlled by Wanming County. Another assistant said.

“Well, you keep an eye on it, and come and inform me as soon as you find out, that I’m going to see them die, and that I’m going to put some pressure on the following, and I don’t want to drag on for too long, you know?”

To the surprise of the two assistants, Wisteria Katsutake did not have much mood swings, but the command in his words made the two assistants look at each other.

“Yes! We get it! ”

The two assistants answered and then withdrew.

Three hours ago, As a member of parliament, Wistero Katsutake issued a new order, that is, to let the four garrison checkpoints around Wanming County use technical means to obtain the access to the surveillance cameras available in Wanming County.

In the military department, there are also many computer experts, and soon ordered to come down, in just three hours, they directly and violently obtained seventy percent of the camera permissions in Wanming County, and then through the dispatch of personnel to repair, a camera damaged by electromagnetic pulses was also repaired.

In this way, 85 percent of the camera permissions in Wanming County were all obtained.

Through this method, the military and political departments obtained most of the situation in Wanming County.

It’s just a coincidence that the seaside villa where Fang Nan and the others are located at this time is just eighty-five percent away, and the surveillance cameras here are either damaged by electromagnetic pulses, or the permissions have not yet been obtained.

“A few little mice, dare to kill my son of Wisteria Katsutake, you must pay a heavy price for this.”

Inside the house, only Wisteria Katsutake was left to quietly taste tea, but after a while, the tea was already cold.


In another building on the island, Nan lixiang had just finished bathing, and the water on her body was steaming, leaning on the edge of the bed and wiping her hair.

Since yesterday with her girlfriend friend Jugawa Shizuka through the phone, knowing that Jugawa Shizuka is the target of the hunt, she is particularly worried, at the same time, the other side of nan, there is a little curiosity, and even want to apply to leave the island, but unfortunately the access to the island is very strict, NanRika’s application was rejected just handed over.

“I really don’t know how Shizuka is doing now, I hope that the little guy named Fang Nan can give a little strength and not be caught so easily.”

For a long time, Nan lixiang muttered to herself, remembering the boy who had calmed down too much during the call yesterday, and her heart itched.

Whenever she recalls the video, Fang Nan’s athletic posture, her curiosity is even heavier, and she really doesn’t know how the other party is trained.

“Forget it, see if you can contact Shizuka!”

Nan Lixiang took out her mobile phone, and her slender fingers flicked the screen a few times, and soon a call screen appeared.




The phone had been beeping for more than two minutes in a row, and it still hadn’t dialed through, which made Nanri Kaori frown, and even though her heart was irritable, all she could do at the moment was to pray.



Fang Nan, who had rested comfortably for another night, stretched out and walked out of the room of poison island tsubasa.


The two rooms right next door also opened their doors.

“Yo! Good morning! ”

Fang Nan greeted them refreshedly, but when he saw their panda-like makeup, his eyebrows couldn’t help but be slightly picked, and he was surprised to ask knowingly: “Teacher Juchuan, you played games again last night, and you played until very late to sleep, really.” ”

“You! You’re still coming to blame us! ”

Jugawa Shizuka’s face was haggard, hearing Fang Nan’s sonorous and powerful preaching, it was like a Spark igniting her gunpowder that had accumulated all night, and the qi was called a turbulent wave, undulating, and Fang Nan couldn’t help but look sideways.

“Good morning, Brother Fangnan!”

Ciri Alice cried out crisply, but in her big eyes, she revealed a big doubt, what are Brother Fang Nan and Sister Shizuka talking about? I couldn’t understand anything.

At this time, Yuriko Takagi and Saya Takagi also came out of the room, and both of them were stunned when they saw Fang Nan, the former was a little afraid to look at Fang Nan, and his eyes were staggered, while the latter was very plain, but it didn’t look like he slept too well last night.

Fang Nan smiled darkly, it seemed that these guys had been listening to the wall root last night.

“Good morning Fangnan Gangster! When do we leave? ”

Hirano Toda had already finished washing, and his spirit was unusually shaky, and he looked full of energy.

Also, when laying out bomb traps yesterday, he was the most helpful, and he was happy to be able to use such a number of bombs, as a gun fan and military fan!

So yesterday was so tired, of course, he slept well at night, and today when he woke up, he wanted to go straight to the military base.

“Early, after breakfast we will leave.”

Fang Nan smiled, looking at the fully motivated Hirano Toda, looking at the same Jugawa Shizuka and Nakaoka Asami, the look in his eyes seemed to say, you look at people, look at you again!

Jugawa Shizuka understood Fang Nan’s eyes, and her cheeks were bulging, but she couldn’t think of fighting and fighting, so she had to wash up with Asami Nakaoka, who was also a marriageable girl.

After spending twenty minutes washing, today’s breakfast was done by two people, Yuriko Takagi and Hayashi Takagi, who originally wanted to participate, but was pushed out by her own daughter.

Today’s breakfast is a pasta, two pieces of dough sandwiched between eggs, fresh vegetables and ham, Fang Nan looks a bit like an oriental hand-grabbed cake.

After breakfast, it was already half past eight.

“We made the rest of last night’s dishes, one for each person.”

While packing up their things, Poison Island and Saya Takagi took out boxes of bento boxes and distributed them to the crowd.

When Shizuka Jugawa looked at it, it was very happy, and it made Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Saya feel what is called the size that only adults have!

Fang Nan was the largest, twice the size of Asami Nakaoka and Shizuka Jugawa, Fang Nan took a look at it and suddenly understood that it must be made by the two of them together.

The two women of their own made special bento for themselves, which is also too happy.

Later, when the packing was complete, the crowd got into an SUV and headed for the military base.

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