Do whatever you want Chapter 134

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The young version of the fire spirit understood Noer’s words, and immediately elementalized its body, turning into red powder and flying towards the Chicken Forest City, where insults were constantly heard.

Soon after, there were cries for help from Jilin City, as well as screams and screams of fear, replacing the previous invective, which made the soldiers surrounding the city very puzzled.

“Go and seal the city gates, don’t let them run out!” Listening to the screams that gradually sounded, Knoll smiled and ordered a general beside him.

“I’ll do it right away, Your Majesty the Emperor!” Hearing this, the general, who had recovered from the screams, hurriedly rushed to the perimeter of Jilin City and ordered the soldiers to seal all the doors that could go out of the city.

“If they escape from the air, they will be handed over to you!” Knoll thought for a moment, just in case, so he asked 10 members of the Legion of Beauty to guard against the enemy who escaped from the air.

“Yes, Your Majesty the Emperor!” The members of the Legion of Beauty, after glancing at each other, immediately disappeared from the place and went to the edge of the city to guard against the enemy who wanted to escape.

The revolutionary army and the southern alien ethnic groups in Jilin City are attacking the ever-increasing fire spirit in the city, but their attack is completely ineffective, and as soon as the weapon touches the red body of the fire spirit, it is burned to ashes in an instant, even people.

A large number of revolutionary troops and foreign peoples in the south in the city have made the fire spirit that continues to devour souls grow rapidly, and the speed of harvesting human souls is getting faster and larger, and the oversized giant claws swept a large number of souls in the crowd and fell into its hands, and those swept crowds were all burned to ashes.

“Strange…. Monster!!! ”

“Get out of town! Help me!! ”

“Open the door and let us out! Other… Stay back… Aaaaaa!!!a ”

“The gates are sealed, go down the walls with ropes!”

No matter how the people in the city attacked, when they found that it was in vain, they all began to try their best to escape outside Jilin City, but the surrounding city gates were sealed, and they could only find a way to go down from the city wall.

However, just as someone tried to use a rope to go down from the city wall, but before he could take two steps down, he was cut in half by a vacuum outside the city, and the people who wanted to go down stopped and ran back to the city to find another way to leave.

But at this moment, the man in the mask stood on the city wall, facing Noer, who was sitting leisurely in a chair in the distance, and kept shouting something with all his strength.

“Your Majesty the Emperor! We surrender! Open the city gates! The mask kept shouting repeatedly, even he couldn’t guarantee whether he could escape from the legion of beautiful women below, and the people inside were almost burned by the red monster.

“Didn’t they also say that they would fight to the end?” Noer, who heard the shout, sneered: “If you want to be an anti-thief, you must be prepared to be annihilated by the other party!” ”

“Can you, look at Najeta’s face, and release the people here!” Taking off his mask, the man frowned and shouted to the people below.

“Oh!!! Mr. Brand, you’re alive and well! This really surprised me!! “I was very surprised to see the man on the city wall, since it was Brand who was not yet dead, and I really couldn’t understand how he escaped.

“We cast ..” Brand is not finished speaking.

“Boom!” An oversized giant claw pressed directly on the city wall, and the fire spirit, which had devoured all the people inside, stood up from the Chicken Forest City, and now looked at least twice the size of the black-eyed corpse doll [Destaguru], and Brand was unfortunately burned directly to ashes.

“Eh…” Noor, who still wanted to talk about two sentences, did not expect that the super-giant fire spirit that had changed greatly directly shot Brand to death, and said: “Forget it, anyway, everyone is dead, and surrender is hairy!” ”

The generals and soldiers of the empire could not confidently look at the huge fire spirit in the city, their whole bodies were red, this was one of the largest creatures they had ever seen in their lives.

In this way, the revolutionary army and foreign nationalities in the south all became the growth nutrients of the fire spirit, and also allowed Nuoer to cultivate a powerful pet.

As for the tranquility and alien peoples in the east, they had already been killed to the point that they had lost their armor and had no power to resist, because the people led by Esders arrived quickly, and with the army led by Najeta and others, it was simply easy to suppress them.

Just when Esdes and the women, the Eastern Alien Nation and the Anning Dao Armed Sect, were all suppressed and were worried about what to do with the prisoners, a huge fiery red figure in the sky was flying towards them quickly, and in a moment, they reached the clearing where the women were, and dropped the figure of the oversized giant claw palm to the ground.

“Esders, why are you here?” Noer, who had just come down from the Fire Spirit’s super giant claw, did not expect to see the figure of Estes on the eastern side.

“My dear Emperor Majesty, of course, after cleaning up the West, come and help Najeta and them!” Seeing that the person who came was his own man, Estes ran up with a smile and hung directly on Noer’s body.

“Knoll, what’s the monster behind you?” Najeta kept staring at the oversized fire spirit behind Knoll, she didn’t remember her own man having this thing.

“Wow! That’s more than twice as big as my [Daistagulu]! Looking at the huge fire spirit, his black eyes were glowing with golden light, and he kind of wanted to subdue it with the imperial tool [Bafang].

“It is the little guy named Fire Spirit two days ago, but after devouring the souls of the revolutionary army and the foreign peoples in the south, it has obtained huge nutrients so it has become bigger!” Looking at the women who were a little puzzled, Nuoer smiled slightly and explained to them the origin of this super fire spirit, so as not to be taken up by the black pupil.

“Devouring the soul, can it become even greater?” Esders smiled, suddenly thought of something, and said: “Then devour these 100,000 prisoners as well!” ”

“Since there are still prisoners? Fire spirit, dinner and oh! Knoll smiled and pointed to the captives surrounded by imperial soldiers in the distance.

Hearing Noer’s words, the huge fire spirit stretched its super giant claws into the captives of 100,000 oriental alien races, and they were burned to ashes the moment they were touched, and the soul automatically flew into the palm of the fire spirit’s hand, and swallowed it all into its mouth by the fire spirit.

After the fire spirit devoured the captive’s soul one after another, its huge body also grew in a large circle, allowing Noer and all the women to ride up, and then quickly flew towards the imperial palace.

This rebellion of Anning Dao and the four different peoples came to an end in a short time, and for a while no one dared to cause trouble under the strength of the empire.

Over the next year…

Whether it was the people of the empire or the foreign peoples in the four directions, they were very satisfied with the rule of Noer, His Royal Highness the emperor, so the situation of rebellion and invasion was infinitely close to zero.

However, this can make Estes suffocated, in addition to eliminating the pastime of the mountain thief for a year, it is also to look around for powerful dangerous species and make weapons for Dotya.

And Noer let a large number of imperial troops search for the scattered imperial tools, but the effect was still good, and the forty-eight pieces made by the emperor 1,000 years ago had all fallen into Noer’s hands, except for the ones that were destroyed.

One day, Noer, the women, and the Legion of Beauty completely disappeared into the Imperial Palace, and everything in the plane of the Crimson Pupil completely stopped at that moment.

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