Do whatever you want Chapter 133

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Hearing Esders’ order, the huge army of the empire hurriedly caught up, drove the army of the Western alien race into the valley, and sealed the entrance as soon as they all entered.

“The alien peoples of the North were buried alive by me, so you in the West will have some fun and punish with a fire attack full of gunpowder!” Looking at the Western alien army that had all entered the valley, Estes said to himself with a happy smile.

The Western alien peoples who entered the valley, in order to quickly escape the imperial army in the rear, did not know that they and others had entered the trap, and were still riding their war horses and running quickly to the depths.

But they did not find that on the cliff wall of the valley, several archers armed with flame-lit arrows aimed at the place full of gunpowder in the valley, shooting arrows that lit flames in their hands, and the arrows fell on the gunpowder pile with incomparable accuracy.

“Boom! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! ”

The gunpowder placed in the valley was detonated by the archers on the cliff wall, and the Western alien army passing by inside was completely engulfed in the explosion flames, and the cliff wall was also caused by the explosion to continuously fall huge rocks.

The passage of the valley was completely turned into a purgatory on earth in an instant, the flames were constantly burning, and there were no people killed by explosions and huge rocks, and the passage had become a sea of fire, and there were constantly screaming mournful sounds.

“Hmph… Is this the elite army that beat the empire to pieces? Esders, who was on the cliff wall, looked at the sea of fire in the passage below, listened to the continuous mournful sound, and laughed: “It’s really Mei wonderful music!” Defeat people full of self-confidence in battle and then ravage 1in.This is the end of going against my dear, and this is also the meaning of my survival! ”

“General! There is a quick report from the imperial capital! The rebels in the south began to act, the revolutionary army also revolted in the south, and took Jilin City without bloodshed, and high-level officials hope that you will support His Majesty the Emperor! The soldier who received the letter was very anxious to tell the information.

“Oh? Those intruders, the means are good! Listening to the soldier’s intelligence, Estes smiled, not looking anxious at all.

“Lord Esders, there are some living people at the entrance to the valley!” The members of the Legion of Beauty pointed to the Western alien army that did not enter the explosion area not far away.

“Are there any living people? Why didn’t I see them? Estes said with a smile, she did not intend to bring these aliens back to the imperial capital.

“It turns out that I was mistaken!” The members of the Beauty Legion, understanding what Esders meant, waved their hands to let the imperial soldiers in the rear shoot all the Western alien nations in the valley, and said: “Lord Esders, shall we go to His Royal Highness the Emperor now?” ”

“No need! We rushed to the east, and in addition to the alien races in the east, there were also armed congregations of Anning Dao! Estes shook his head, thought for a moment and decided to go east

Because Esders knows very well that his own man has cleaned up alone, not to mention that there are 10 members of the Beauty Legion around him, as well as a number of imperial soldiers, and now it is just a hindrance.

So Estes led the members of the Legion of Beauty and the army of the Empire to the headquarters [Jerlock] of Anning Road in the east.

The foreign army in the north can be said to be very few, and it was cleared before a single face was seen, and the four maids who led the army and the second daughter of Rakshasa finally knew why they were so few.

Because when the northern aliens attacked, they were intercepted by the army left by Esders in the northern fortress, and they also died in the north because of excessive exhaustion after killing most of the aliens, so the northern aliens who came to attack the imperial capital were all scarred and hung with a knife.

In the south, Noer forced the revolutionary army and the foreign peoples in the south back to the empty Jilin City, surrounded the big city, and was talking to the rebels inside.

“Hmm… What to say about it: I support you in resisting to the end! Noel smiled slightly, looking at the rebels on the city wall, he didn’t want the other party to surrender, but even if he surrendered, he would not accept it.

“No need for you to say! We will also fight to the end!! ”

“You’re a girl! If you have the ability, you will attack it!! ”

“If you can attack in, you won’t be guarding outside!” Hahaha!! ”

“Exactly! It is! They couldn’t attack, so they were guarding outside! ”

The alien nations on the city wall, hearing Noer’s words, responded one after another, anyway, there was no most difficult to hear, only more difficult to hear, constantly popping out of their mouths.

But there was a man wearing a mask on the city wall, but he frowned deeply, because he knew very well that this was not a big city that could not be attacked, but the other party did not mean to attack them at all now, and something bad would definitely happen in Jilin City.

“Your Majesty the Emperor, why don’t we attack Jilin City?” Hearing the invective in the city, an imperial general came to Noer and asked, after all, Jilin City can be attacked at any time, and it is not a city with high defense.

“Because they’re going to be my pet’s fodder!” Knoll replied with a smile, not at all minding that the general knew what he wanted to do.

“Feed?” But the general of the empire couldn’t understand at all what His Majesty the Emperor in front of him was saying.

“Fire Spirit!” Ignoring the general, Knoll smiled slightly, listened to the shouts in the city, and began to summon his pet fire spirit.

A pair of sharp claws, drilled out of the space, tore the space apart with a huge force, a fiery red small figure, directly fell above Noer’s head, the little guy lazily lay on it, waiting for Noer’s next instructions.

“How many times have you said it, don’t keep lying on top of my head!” Putting the juvenile version of the fire spirit on his shoulder, Nuoer pointed to Jilin City and said with a smile: “The souls in that city are all yours!” ”

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