Do whatever you want Chapter 132

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The high-ranking officials in the conference room suddenly felt that they and the others were a little worried, and it was really reassuring to have these two guards in the empire.

“You all go and get busy, just do what you ordered yesterday!” After eating breakfast, Noer wiped his mouth with a napulain and said with a smile: “As for those invaders who came, Xu and Estes will go and clean them up, if it’s okay, you can go down!” ”

“Then we will retreat first, His Royal Highness the Emperor!” After the high-ranking officials bowed, they left the conference room in an orderly manner, completely devoid of the initial anxiety.

After the high-ranking officials had left, Noel and Estes also left, and the two quickly returned to the room where the women were.

I wanted to wake them up to discuss, but when I just came back, I found that they were all up, and I didn’t need Noel and Estes to wake them up.

“Knoll, Esders, is there anything important for you to go out early in the morning?” Seeing that Noel and Estes had returned, Najeta raised the questions of all the women in the room, after all, they had heard it earlier, and someone outside the room was shouting something important.

“That is, the alien races on the east, west, south and north, and Anning Dao launched an attack on the empire, which is not a big deal!” Knoll smiled slightly, anyway, he didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Eh…. That.. Actually, I know this with Akatomi and Leonay..” Listening to Noer’s words, Najeta remembered this, smiled awkwardly and said: “We went to assassinate Berwick, just for the success of the armed uprising in Anning Dao, and let the alien races in all directions besiege the empire, we took the opportunity to enter the palace to assassinate the minister, a series of things happened earlier, I forgot to tell you!” ”

“I just didn’t expect that now that the minister is dead, the revolutionary army will still attack the empire!” Chi Pupil frowned, she didn’t believe that those in the revolutionary army had not received the news of the death of the minister and General Bude.

“The revolutionary army wants to build a new country, and it doesn’t matter if the minister dies or not, he is just a slogan and excuse for the revolutionary army’s uprising!” Estes smiled slightly and told everyone present her conjecture.

“It doesn’t seem to be any use to say all this now!” Noel smiled, interrupted the discussion of the women, and said: “Esders and I have decided to lead the army to annihilate these traitors, do any of you want to go?” ”

“We listen to you!” All the women in the room looked at each other and said with a smile on their faces, after all, they could all see each other’s thoughts, and felt that as long as they listened to their own men’s orders, they didn’t bother to think about those who didn’t.

Hearing that all the women in the room said that they listened to their orders, of course Nuoer was very happy, but he still assigned them a task, so that the women were divided into two groups, leading a beautiful legion of 40 people, and the imperial army to deal with the invading foreign races in the east and north.

And Knoll and Esders, the beautiful legion of 10 people respectively, and some armies to deal with, the foreign armies of the south and the west, after all, Knoll feels that the south is more likely to appear the army of the revolutionary army, so he plans to personally lead the troops there.

As for the defense of the imperial capital, Noer and Des felt that they did not need it, because they would not let those foreign races have any possibility or opportunity to get close to the imperial capital, and they would wipe out all the invaders on the border of the empire.

After some simple deliberation, all the women agreed with Knoer’s opinion, decided to do as he said, and began to put on their naked Luo’s body and wear combat clothes.

Soon after, Knoll and the women went to the barracks together, and after leading a large number of war cannon fodder, they quickly advanced in different four directions, intending to quell the alien rebellion that was besieged from all sides as quickly as possible.

Along the way, the women led the men and horses to quickly rush towards the invaders’ army, and when the sky was getting dark, they all encountered the army of the invaders who had just crossed the border of the empire.

The western part of the imperial capital…

Near the border of the alien race…

Esders chased the army of the Western invaders all the way back to the vicinity of their border.

The alien races of the West were chased and killed by Estes and the 10-man Beauty Legion, and the soldiers of the Empire were also constantly slaughtering, and the Western alien army was killed and fled everywhere.

“Hahaha! Sure enough, the battle still has to be like this to be fun!! “Esders, who was riding on a war horse, drew the bayonet that pierced the enemy’s body, she is now enjoying killing Lu in this war, so she does not use the ability of the imperial tool.

“Nothing. I didn’t expect that… It turned out to be so powerful…! This is the strongest Esders in the empire..! “The commanders of the alien races in the West watched as Estes rushed into their army alone, constantly killing the soldiers in their army, but he and the others could not hurt her in the slightest.

And not long after Estes entered, he was followed by 10 super powerful beauties, and each vacuum they kicked would penetrate more than a dozen people, which was simply 11 people unilaterally slaughtering their army.

“Retreat! Fall back! There are mountains behind to escape over there!! The commander kept shouting, because he saw the huge army of the empire, which was rushing towards them.

Seeing the alien army of the West fleeing, Estes just smiled and did not immediately go after them, because they had completely fallen into the trap she had designed at the beginning.

“Lord Esders! The enemy retreated in the expected direction! A member of the Legion of Beauty, pointing to the enemy who began to flee into the valley, reported to Esders beside him.

“Very good! After they all entered the valley, cut off the retreat and start setting it on fire! Estes smiled slightly and ordered the imperial soldiers who arrived behind.

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