Conan’s Watch Chapter 175

“I’m in a hurry, Sister Bei.” Ming Yuan’s words did not pass through the brain, he said it directly, and after speaking, he immediately realized that it was not good….

“Ming Yuan, it’s okay, I’m ready for everything. In this world, there are people who are willing to laugh for me, cry for me, give up everything for me, even if I don’t, I have lived for so long in vain. In my lifetime, I am already very happy and satisfied to know you and be with you. ”

“But I’m not happy, I’m not satisfied. Sister Bei, as you said, you want you to support me for the rest of my life, if you leave before me, I will really live on the street, Sister Bei. Ming Yuan hugged Belmode tightly, revealing a pitiful expression.

“Hahaha, An, Mingyuan, I won’t die so early, with you, I can’t die even if I want to.” Belmod held Ming Yuan’s face in both hands, “Moreover, I’m in a hurry, is it useful?” Compared to this, well, open your mouth. Belmode withdrew his hand and took a piece of sweet and sour tenderloin and fed it to Ming Yuan, “Look how much salt you put today.” ”

“Uh…” “Sweet and sour tenderloin in your mouth is not eaten, spit is not… Forget it, Sister Bei feeds, the poison must also be swallowed. “That, it should be put in sugar.”

“Oh, this meal is really disturbing.”

“Sister Bei, it’s not good to eat such salt at night, I’ll make another porridge, you wait.” Although she was disgusted and troubled by Sister Bei, a large part of the dishes on this table were eaten, after all, except for the sweet and sour tenderloin with the wrong salt, the rest was just an extra throw.

“No need, Ming Yuan, I squeezed the juice, just drink the juice.” Sister Bei left to get the juice.

“Well, good.” Ming Yuan hesitated whether to talk to Sister Bei, but he still gave up, Sister Bei is not in a quiet mood now, moreover, Sister Bei’s blood sample is not so anxious for the time being.

However, what Belmod didn’t know was that it was not the mice that all died, but also the temporary experimental objects sent by the boss, people. Ming Yuan doesn’t know where these people come from, but they must be people from the organization, the organization is not short of people, their physical fitness can not meet the requirements, but now there is no suitable experimental subject, no way.

The No. 1 medicine they took was made by Ming Yuan with those precious medicinal materials, and according to Belmode’s general physical condition, accurate data was calculated, and then considering their situation, the data was calculated, but it still failed, and none of them were alive.

Do you still need to reduce the medicinal power? But then, they won’t die, but their lifespan is limited, and it doesn’t do much for Belmode.

It is necessary for Belmode to provide a sample of material and make an accurate report.

It’s not that there was no body report from Belmod before, on the contrary, a lot, but either after Sister Bei injected some strange liquid, the measured data, or it was too long, and it could only be referenced, and Ming Yuan was calculated based on these data. Now the lab does not know how much data is contributed by Belmode. Thinking of this, Ming Yuan inadvertently clenched his fists.

“What’s wrong with you?” Belmod came over and handed Ming Yuan a glass of juice.

“Nothing, thought about experiments.” Belmod often went to Mingyuan’s office, but she had never been to the lab, let alone whether she had permission or not, and even if she did, she would never go.

“Do you need me to go to the lab?”

“Ah, no.” Ming Yuan was taken aback, can Sister Bei read minds.

“Really don’t use it? I used to go to the lab every once in a while, and I haven’t been since you came, and I really don’t need to provide some data. ”

“I really don’t need to, Sister Bei.” Ming Yuan didn’t know what to say. Abominable boss, who wants to be a guinea pig.

“Ming Yuan, your antidote was specially made for me.”

Ming Yuan nodded.

“Then now, I am the only one who has taken that medicine, you don’t need my body data, where is this medicine targeted.”

“Sister Bei… I…”

“Mingyuan, now you are my doctor, I am your patient, not a guinea pig…”

“… Need. Ming Yuan didn’t know how much pain he felt when he said these two words.

“Well, then tomorrow morning, let’s go together, I haven’t seen your lab.”

Belmod knew that if she didn’t say it, Ming Yuan would never say it, and he would rather spend more time and energy doing the calculus.

Laboratory, that cold place, those cold instruments… That’s where the nightmare comes from… Annoying place.

Experiments related to themselves, but do not need to provide experimental materials themselves, how is it possible, then, there is only one situation, Ming Yuan is worried that he will be unhappy. What a caring person.

Dark night.

Ming Yuan had fallen asleep, but Belmode, who was in bed, could not fall asleep.

If they could live, no one wanted to die. Belmod looked at this person who did not know when to break into his own world, and his own world also had sunlight, not in the dark. I thought that if I was close to the sun, I would burn myself. But I don’t want to, this sun also fell into the abyss with itself, but it was still the same dazzling. At this time, I finally understood that this is my own sun….

The scene of the acquaintance of the two was played back in Belmode’s mind like a movie….

I really don’t know how I spent those dark nights alone. Sure enough, since I have it, I can no longer bear the days without it.

People are always afraid in the face of death. Once, more than once, I thought about why I want to live and what is the meaning of living. It would be nice if the mission failed and was killed, or after sleeping, it would be nice to never wake up again. However, in critical moments, human instinct, let themselves live, sleep, but also to maintain a high degree of vigilance….

When will there be no such boring thoughts, I will live, I must live. With Ming Yuan, I can’t bear to die anymore….

But God always likes to make this more boring joke….

Ming Yuan, you have done a lot for me, and I am just a request, Ming Yuan, but just a small laboratory, will I be afraid?

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