Conan’s Watch Chapter 174

“Who used public money?” A luxury car appeared next to the car, the same as the one Ming Yuan was driving at the moment, a convertible. Well, at this moment, the car driven by Ming Yuan is Sister Bei’s.

“Are you…” the man across from him narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, I’m from the Tokyo Special Search Department.”

“Huh.” Special search department, departments such as the Discipline Inspection Commission and the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

“Haha, just kidding, I’m a graduate student, my name is Okiya Ang.” As he spoke, the man opened one eye.

Be… Elegant… One?

“Hey, Ming Yuan, pay attention, if you don’t slow down, we will crash the car and die.” Belmode quickly dragged Ming Yuan.

“Uh oh.” Ming Yuan returned to his senses, “Hey, eavesdropping on others on the road.” ”

“Haha, driving a convertible said so loudly, and said this kind of topic, blame me.”


“Bye bye, concentrate on driving.” After that, Okiya Ang sped away.

“This neuropathy.” Ming Yuan complained.

“Okiya Ang, graduate student of Toto University.” Sister Bei said silently.

“Oh, you know him.”

“Well, I’ve seen it once. With Coolguy, at the scene of the murder. ”

“Conan, hehe, it’s really the Grim Reaper.” Have Conan and Shuichi already met, have they confirmed their identities?

“Oh, by the way, he lives in your house.”


“Coolguy allowed.”

So, Conan has confirmed his identity.

“Hey, hey, what are you thinking, concentrate on driving, hey – be careful.” A convertible came again, coming at high speed, and it looked like it was about to crash.

Fortunately, the two drivers have good skills, slamming the steering wheel, pressing the brakes, a beautiful drift, two cars perfectly avoided, there is no danger.

Ming Yuan turned his head to see how Sister Bei was, fortunately, Sister Bei was also a person who had passed through strong winds and waves, but, “Sister Bei, when did you put on your seat belt.” ”

“Just now.”

Let’s just say, how can Sister Bei like to wear seat belts, usually Ming Yuan helps tie them, Sister Bei drives, when did she wear seat belts? Of course, I don’t know if I was taken crooked by Sister Bei, and Ming Yuan often forgot it….

“Hey, are you two playing Fast and Furious?” A dark-skinned man walked over.

“Bourbon.” What day is it today, first see Shuichi, then see Bourbon. Wait, Bourbon is head-on, so to speak, the two of them met… Or pass by.

“Lord Bartender.”

“Bourbon, why are you here.” Sister Bei spoke.

“Oh, someone commissioned me to investigate something.”

“Detective, Bourbon, how much do you earn a month as a detective.”

“Ah, this is uncertain, sometimes there is no income at all for a month, sometimes if the client is a rich man, a commission is a large sum.”

“Is the salary of a waiter in a restaurant enough to fuel it?” Ming Yuan pointed to the luxury car parked there.

“Uh… Barely. Bourbon scratched his head, what’s going on today.

“How much does the organization pay you a month?”

“Ugh. This…” Bourbon cast a pleading look at Belmode.

Belmod directly ignored it, she knew what Ming Yuan was going to do.

“I said, Bourbon, how long did you save money to buy that car?”

“Ahhh… This is the organization. Bourbon was confused.


“Of course I picked it myself.”

“That’s what the public money bought.”

“Also… Count it. ”

“Damn, I’m going to find the boss, and I also want public funds to buy luxury cars and mansions.” Here’s the emotional problem.

“Uh… Lord Belmode’s luxury cars and mansions should be quite a lot. You don’t have to…” said Bourbon speechlessly.

“Do I have to?”

“Then you don’t need to find a boss at all, you are in charge of the research department, which is not the richest department, but the money is definitely a lot, you can buy it yourself.”

“You lack that little money.” Belmod finally couldn’t help it.

“Lacking, very lacking, you see, I don’t even have the money to catch the doll.”

Sister Bei rolled her eyes back, how could she suddenly compete with money, Sister Bei promised that she did not dislike Ming Yuan for not having money, no, this guy is not without money, he is simply pretending to be poor.

“Actually, Lord Bartender, didn’t the boss give you a room in the first place? You refused, you want to be with Belmode, it is estimated that the boss thinks that you have to be with Belmode, and it is estimated that the car is the same, so he did not match you with a car. “Bourbon didn’t understand at all how the bartender could suddenly think about this today.

“Okay, I’m hungry, go home to eat, and go shopping for a day.” Sister Bei covered her forehead, how long will this guy be entangled.

“Okay, sit tight.”

“Wait.” Sister Bei suddenly got out of the car, “Your technique today is really poor, I still want to live a few more days, you come down, I’ll drive.” ”

“Okay.” Gee, disliked.

“Bye, Bourbon.”

“Oh, bye.” Bourbon also left confused, and today’s bartender is very wrong. Is it strange to drive this car yourself….

At the dining table, Ming Yuan and Belmode sat together.

“Ming Yuan, what are you thinking about today? Absent-minded, put too much salt. ”

“I’m wondering when I’m going to buy a luxury car.”

Belmod rolled his eyes.

“Well, it’s an experiment, I received news on the way, and the latest batch of mice suddenly died.”

“What’s going on?” Sister Bei will not be interested in the experiment, but the matter concerns herself, and she can’t help but be concerned.

“It is said that the effect is too great, it seems that the previous batch is the limit.”

“It’s okay, Mingyuan, I’m not in a hurry.” Belmod comforted.

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