Conan’s Watch Chapter 173

“Haven’t caught it yet, damn it, come again.” Ming Yuan went to exchange a large amount of game currency.

“It’s almost okay, Mingyuan, if you can’t catch it, you can’t catch it.” Belmod persuaded.

The two went out to go shopping and watch movies, and when they arrived at the cinema, there were doll catching machines everywhere, Sister Bei was playful and wanted to catch a doll, and Ming Yuan was naturally willing to accompany him.

It’s a pity that Sister Bei tried several times, but she didn’t catch it, so she gave up, but Ming Yuan didn’t want to, and naturally wanted to grab a doll to give to Sister Bei, so Ming Yuan got started.

However, the sky did not go as expected, and tens of thousands of oceans were smashed in, and they were still not caught.

“There must be something wrong with this machine.” Ming Yuan kicked a kick.

Belmod looked at Ming Yuan with a childish expression with a smile, “Okay, let’s go.” ”

“Does my brother also come to the movie?”

“Ah, coolguy, you’re there too, who are you here with.” Belmod looked left and right, but did not see the figure.

“Isn’t Xiaolan there?” Ming Yuan asked, if not, it would be those troublemakers, and Xiao Wei might also be there.

“Xiaolan is also there, she and Yuanshan and Ye are choosing films over there.”

“Toyama and Ye? The girl from Osaka, that is, the black boy is also there. “Ming Yuan doesn’t feel good.

“Hello, my name is Heiji Hattori.” Hattori Heiji appeared out of nowhere, but his face was obviously unhappy, who is the black boy….

“Mingyuan, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

“No need, Sister Bei, since we’ve all watched the movie, let’s go.” Ming Yuan knew that Sister Bei was going to the bathroom to disguise herself as Miyazakihara again. “By the way, little ghost head, this is for you.” Ming Yuan gave Conan a large handful of game coins he had just bought, “If you can’t catch it, you are not allowed to go home.” After that, he took Sister Bei and left.

Walking out of the cinema, Belmode asked strangely, “Why is it so urgent?” ”

“Conan and that Hattori Heiji are together, then, there will definitely be a life case here.”


Although I don’t remember any of the killings in the movie theater in the original book. But the explosion of the Mihua Cinema last time still startled Ming Yuan, but there is definitely no bomb on this building today, it is estimated to be an ordinary incident.

Conan and Heiji Hattori are playing feverishly on the doll machine.

“Look at the joke, your brother, who has always been serious, and the Belmod who kills people in the organization you said without blinking, actually came here to catch dolls.”

“Well… Don’t care about these details, in fact, the brother is not a serious person. ”

“Conan!!! How did you buy so much in-game currency. After Xiaolan and Kazuha bought movie tickets, they saw Conan and Hattori, who were playing, and the two of them were immediately angry. Which loser buys so much game currency at once.

“Heiji, you’re a loser!!! You brought bad Conan. “In Heye’s opinion, how much money a little devil can have, it must have been done by Pingji.

“Ahhh… No, no, it was Brother Mingyuan who bought it. Conan quickly shook his head, joking, Xiaolan, who was angry, what should I do if the movie theater is demolished?

“Brother Mingyuan, is he here too?”

“Well, he came with his girlfriend, but they finished watching the movie and didn’t want to play the game currency they bought, so they gave it to me.” Conan quickly explained, Hattori Heiji nodded in agreement, and it was also dangerous to rush with Leaf…

“Ah, gone. Brother Mingyuan and Miss Miyazaki must be dating. ”

“Uh-huh, they seem to have something urgent all of a sudden.”

Hehe, it’s a date, but this time it’s Belmode not Miyazakihara, Belmode didn’t transfiguration, and then let Xiaolan see it, the misunderstanding was big, so my brother left in a hurry.

“Conan’s brother? He must love his girlfriend so much that he spends so much money on game currency for his girlfriend. Kazuha said.

Xiaolan also nodded in agreement.

Why, Conan and Hattori can’t believe it, why is it that if he is a loser, he is a girlfriend who loves him.

“However, since there is still some time before the start of the movie, then…” Xiaolan and Heye glanced at each other, snatched the game coins in their hands, and began to output wildly….

In the car.

“Don’t be so depressed, you just can’t catch the doll.” Belmod glanced at Ming Yuan, who was obviously still unhappy.

Do I care if I can’t catch the doll? Ming Yuan complained in his heart. “I didn’t care.”

“Yes, yes, you don’t care, if you play the gunfight game next to you, you must be the first.”

“Of course.” Wait, what’s going on with Sister Bei’s child-coaxing tone….

“Sister Bei, you are raising a boyfriend now, not a child.”

“Ahhh There is not much difference between raising a boyfriend and raising a child, of course, if you want to be my son, it is not impossible. ”

“Absolutely not.” Bastard.

“Yes, if my son spends so much money to catch the doll, he will endure it, a loser, if this is a boyfriend, or spend my money, this can not be tolerated, I feel that I can’t bear it…”


Well, no money, no status….

Otherwise, the research department is so rich, just greedy for a few … Uh-huh, embezzlement….

“Sister Bei, you said, what will happen if I embezzle public funds.”

“This… Yes. ”


“Don’t you know that I also use public funds? Everyday consumption is public funds. Kindness… You are familiar with Bourbon, too, otherwise just with his waiter’s salary, plus occasionally working as a detective, where to buy a luxury car. ”

“what?” What kind of people the organization raised, GIN worked hard to rob banks outside, blackmail consortium bosses, and finally handed them all over. As a result, a swarm of moths was raised….

GIN, hard work, I’m serious, bully you less in the future, if you need, I can give you a thin allocation for a change of car. Ming Yuan said silently in his heart.

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