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Comprehensive comics: Just become Dark Strange, join the chat group chapter 080


With the birth of the black hole, and the pulling force that is so terrifying that it seems to be able to completely tear the entire world apart!

This god-king Mekar.

Basically, he didn’t even resist at all.

He was dragged directly into the deep and endless black hole space!

And this is normal.

after all.

For these false gods who are at the peak of the earth’s surface, black holes are terrifying existences that even stars cannot escape the pull of.

Basically being targeted by a black hole.

Then there will be no possibility of escape at all!

And black hole…..

It’s just a magical little trick that An He played in his spare time.

Set in.

Just because of the powerful expressive power of this black hole.

An He is even preparing to try to bring out the planets in the universe inside his body and to create some other forms of planets.


If there are not enough planets.

At worst, just find a universe in a random world and go there to add some more!

Although the current speed of replenishing planets is definitely not as fast as when the experience card was used.


As long as it works~

without any accidents.

God King Mekar was killed!

A famous god of a generation was forcibly dragged away by another even more terrifying thing and directly strangled!

Everything from start to finish.

It didn’t even take more than ten seconds.

As for An He, the instigator of this incident, he looked sleepy from beginning to end.

as if…..

That blow just now.

It’s just like being woken up and venting your anger at will!

This is the scariest thing!

If An He went to fight that god for hundreds of rounds, it would be considered a normal god-killing operation.

But you.

Wave casually.

God is dead……..

Isn’t it a bit outrageous? !


“Is this death?”


“Sorry, I was a little dizzy just now and couldn’t control my strength well….”

Anhe was still sleepy.

This is a habit developed by the biological clock over the years.


He can also wake up instantly.

But facing an enemy that can be killed at will.

It wasn’t worth it for An He to break his biological clock and wake up.


At worst, just kill him casually and go back to sleep.

Isn’t that enough?

And down below, Erica and a group of knights and magicians of the red copper and black cross were there.

The corners of his eyes were also twitching wildly.

Especially Erica!

She found that she still underestimated An He…..

She originally thought that An He was at most acquainted with the King of Martial Arts, and that his strength had reached the top of the Paladins, and was even a Holy Magician that surpassed the Paladins a little bit……

That’s why we can kill the mythical beast so easily…..

But now it seems!

What kind of holy magician is this?….

Is this the uncrowned king among the God-slayers who rides inappropriately? !


Now he killed a god casually.

All right….

He became the king so hastily……

And Luo Hao on the other side.

Even those who have already expressed doubts about Anhe’s strength are reflected in the few words and group files in the chat group.

Have a general understanding.


When you see it with your own eyes and when you really feel it with your own eyes…..

This is more or less shocking!

“That kind of power just now….”

“I seem to……There’s no way to break free…..”

No one would associate the deep vortex just now with the black hole in the universe.

after all.

The difference is really huge!

It was so big that even Luo Hao didn’t think about it!


The most confusing thing at the moment.

Naturally, it is the Eastern War God who is standing opposite Anhe at this time – Welleslana!


Veleslana felt the trace of Mekar’s aura and power that still remained around him.

And when I thought about it, it suddenly appeared, like a black vortex with endless pressure.

For a while.

This military god who longs for defeat.

I actually had chills running down my spine and my breathing became short……

after all.

Although he longs for defeat!

But there is no desire for this kind of strength. The gap is so big that it is almost an instant kill battle…..

This is basically the ending of being killed instantly!

Not to mention a hearty battle!

Such death!

That is a complete humiliation to the warrior!

“Your name is? ”

In the end.

Welleslana took a deep breath.

As if he had made some kind of decision, his expression suddenly changed from solemn to indifferent and looked at Anhe.。


“Don’t worry, I’ll send you back to Shi

nhwa right away…..”

“Tsk…Really sleepy. ”

An He waved his hand.

It was as if the next moment he was going to call out the terrifying black hole again.

This operation

made the military god Welleslana in the distance tremble.

He hurriedly said。


“I remember you。”

“There’s no need to fight. I know I don’t have the strength to fight you.。”

“Your strength has far surpassed all the current God-killers, and even surpassed the true form of many gods……”

“You will come to the world of gods!”

“Where am I waiting for you, the real battle! ”

The God of War Velesra finished speaking.

As if he was afraid that An He wouldn’t hear clearly and would use that weird skill again to send him back to the myth in disgrace. He

immediately chose a more outrageous way to die! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)


To be honest.

This operation.

Directly to Luo Hao, an old god-killer who has lived for two or three hundred years, he was a little numb….


Luo Hao is sure of it!

This military god Veleslana has definitely been around since the birth of the God of Disobedience.

The only god who was so frightened that he directly chose to self-destruct and forcibly returned to mythology!



This is not fear.

But I just don’t want to die in such a frustrating and embarrassing way!

“magical gameplay….”

Although Anhe was still in a sleepy state.

He was awakened a little by the operations of the opposing military god Welles Lana.

It really is.

It was a result that he didn’t even expect…..


Immediately afterwards.

With the death of War God Veleslana, a subtle force began to slowly pull An He’s spirit.

This pulling force is not strong, and even seems a bit childish and weak.

If he wishes.

It seems that this power can be used to pull back the spirit of the opposite user.


This is only for a being like An He, whose mental power is extremely strong.

If an ordinary person faced this kind of pulling force.

0 Asking for flowers,

I’m afraid it’s an instant.

He will completely lose consciousness……

“Pandora? ”

An He didn’t resist.

After a flash, he came to Huanye Hongxu’s side and left a word.

Then he closed his eyes peacefully.。

“Go meet Pandora and help me get me back to bed……”


“Remember to have a comfortable sleeping position……”

The boundary between life and death, in the realm of immortality.

A little purple-haired lolita, who was probably in her teens, with an upright appearance and a slender figure, was quietly waiting for something.

next moment.

As the black light of the undead realm flashes.


An He’s figure slowly appeared in the immortal realm.

Of course, this is at most a spiritual body.。

“This time the child…..”

“It seems a little too powerful…..”

Pandora’s little hand gently held An He’s cheek.

Although some shock has not dissipated in his eyes, there is more of a look called hope.

Pandora is a kind of earth mother goddess.

Through the ring of usurpation, he created the so-called God-killing Demon King and tried to kill the gods.


Judging from the current situation.

The gods seemed to completely regard the God-killing Demon King she created as a boring toy.


In a certain era, the godslayers developed beyond their control.

Rama, the final king, will also descend.

Complete liquidation!

Completely and absolutely safe.

Pandora has already lost a lot of confidence and hope…..


Now after meeting An He.

Especially when you see the power that can surpass the gods even with a human body……

Pandora has ignited a lot of hope again!

at the same time.

Just when An He was still sleeping soundly in the realm of immortality.

He becomes the Godslayer.

The news of becoming the seventh Demon King has completely spread throughout all magic societies around the world!


Most excited and exciting.

Of course, it is nothing more than the red copper and black cross!


At this time, there were several magicians and knights who looked a little old in the conference room of the Red Copper Black Cross.

He was discussing everything about Anhe with excitement.


they seem……

I want Anhe to return to the Red Copper Black Cross after waking up to show his power as a demon king……

Only in this way can they become their demon kings….


On the contrary, it is similar to Kusanagi Godou in the original work….

They have different treatment…..

Daily request for customization.

Keep updating!

Go ahead! Go ahead! .


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