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Comprehensive comic: I am working hard to develop my daily life in the time-travel episode chapter 614

There was a warm light shining in his eyes, as if the other person was filled with confidence.

While many fellow disciples and family members were surrounding the fight, a tall figure suddenly appeared.

Everyone immediately turned their attention to the newcomer and discovered that he was actually a disciple from another family – Chen Tong.

Chen Tong’s eyes were arrogant, and he walked up to Shi Yu self-righteously, looking provocative.

Not only did he laugh at Shi Yu’s label of power, he was also proud of his ranking in the Dengxian Tower, and questioned Shi Yu’s excessively high-profile performance in the Dengxian Tower.

Shi Yu, you are really disappointing! Chen Tong said in a contemptuous tone, “Although you are a little clever and climbed to the top ten in the Immortal Tower, but what does that mean? Do you think you can use this ability to run rampant in front of us?” Chen Tong looked


one The smug attitude caused a slight murmur from everyone.

Shi Yu stood there without speaking, just looking at each other silently. Shi Yu took a deep breath and kept a calm expression on his face.

He knew that Chen Tong was a difficult opponent, but he was not afraid.

Faced with Chen Tong’s provocation and insult, Shi Yu just smiled softly and accepted his challenge.

Bai Zhi stood aside and watched worriedly. She knew that Chen Tong was very powerful and had a sinister and ruthless style.

She was worried that Shi Yu would be hurt, but she also believed that Shi Yu had the perseverance and wisdom to deal with emergencies. Chen Tong, do you think using such despicable means to challenge me can prove your justice? Shi Yu’s voice was firm and calm, and he looked at Chen Tong deeply.

Chen Tong laughed even more proudly and mocked: It seems like you are still ignorant, kid! In thi

s world, only the strong can dominate everything, justice? That’s just an excuse for the weak to comfort themselves!

Bai Zhi paid attention to Shi Yu’s performance, and a warm current surged in her heart.

She believed he could bring everyone an unexpected answer. Bai Chengming looked at Shi Yu seriously and said in a nervous tone: “Shi Yu, I know you have a kind and upright heart, but now the situation has become more complicated. He is an extremely cunning enemy who takes advantage of

the differences between It is inevitable to use relationships to achieve his own goals.。”

Shi Yu was not affected by Bai Chengming’s warning words.

Bai Zhi clenched her fists nervously, knowing that her father was telling the truth.

She believed that Shi Yu could protect herself, but now Shi Yu had to solve the problem of Chen Tong first. Shi Yu and Chen Tong stood still on the competition ground, their eyes shining with fighting spirit.

Everyone surrounded them, and the atmosphere was tense and exciting for a while.

Shi Yu clenched his fists and crouched slightly, preparing to receive Chen Tong’s attack.

Chen Tong stared at him with bright eyes, and a strong momentum emanated from him.

Shi Yu, I won’t show mercy! Chen Tong warned coldly, his words full of hostility and cunning.

When Shi Yu faced Chen Tong’s threat, he was not intimidated.

He has long remembered the teachings of his father Bai Chengming and will never show weakness in front of this villain.

He gritted his teeth and conveyed determination and determination to Chen Tong through his eyes.

I won’t let you succeed! Shi Yu responded, his voice full of confidence and determination.

Along with the call that the battle was about to begin, the entire competition ground was filled with a chilling atmosphere. .


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