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Comprehensive comic: I am a daily cultivator, join the chat group chapter 318


“Welcome Yasaka, Kunoe, Irina Wisteria, Lefe Pendragon, Xenovia Quarta, Tashiro Kuroka。”

“Officially join our personal maid family today! ”

Seraful took out a small confetti firework from there and set it off.

Gabriel, the most beautiful woman in heaven, actually echoed her words and

clapped her hands with a gentle smile on the side.

It wasn’t until Lin Shuangye looked over that

this angel, who had always been an angel, shook his head at Oppai, who was the number one in the world, tilted his head slightly and said softly:

“Xenovia Quarta and Irina Wisteria were originally children of the church.。”

“However, with the death of the old gods, your unity。”

“These two children were “one-two-zero” after being reincarnated as angels, and were sent together to serve you, the master. ”

With the introduction of Gabriel,

there was a tall and plump girl with short blue shoulder-length hair and a bunch of green highlights in the bangs on her forehead. There was

another girl wearing a black tights with maroon hair. Long hair, tied into twin tails, and cute girls with special looks came into Lin Shuangye’s eyes. The

former blue-haired girl has the wildness and heroism of a female warrior, while

the latter is like a playful girl who needs to be protected. She is as lovable as the sister next door.

The appearance of these two girls surprised Lin Shuangye, but then she felt that it was reasonable.

Xenovia Quata was originally born in an orphanage and was raised by a church institution. Later she was educated As a holder of the Holy Sword.

Irina Irina is also one of the holders of the Holy Sword trained by the church, and has always been a sister to the former.

And Lin Shuangye unified the faith of the world,

so these girls who originally joined the church ,

it seems natural to regard him as the god he serves and to be chosen and sent by heaven.

On the other side, the head maid Gulefia closed the door slowly and

then came to his room. The person next to me said:

“Tacheng Heige was originally a wanderer in the demon world, but was later discovered by us and brought back。

“Lefey Pendragon is the last descendant of King Arthur. When we discovered Heige, he took the initiative to join the maid group.。”

“As for Yasaka and Kunoe,……It is also an asylum sought actively. ”

Lin Shuangye’s eyes followed Gurefiya’s pause.

He was surprised to find that the level of this nine-tailed fox lady was enough to overlook the entire audience,

and could even compete with J-level Nami in the world of navigation. She wanted to compete with others.

Moreover, there was a blond lolita beside her.

Obviously, they were the nine-tailed fox mother and daughter who appeared in Kyoto in the original work.。

“By the way, it seems that Kuroka’s sister is among the guests here today.。”

“If Kuroka and her sister Baiyin talk to each other, Master, you may have a different kind of reward.。”

“Anyway, regarding Kuroka and her sister,”

“Please let her take the initiative to tell you the master later. ”

Gurefia who said this skillfully took out a black eyepatch and put it on Lin Shuangye’s face. The

warm breath of the silver-haired lady’s words came to his ears.。

“The current owner, please first compensate me for missing me after disappearing for so long. ”


night, the night sky in the Demon Realm is as dark as ink, like a huge black velvet cloth, with

dots of stars twinkling on it.

A bright moon hangs high, as bright as silver, and sheds soft moonlight, bathing the whole world in this peaceful brilliance. Among them. As the perfect head maid, Gurefia had already arranged for the palace maids to take Rias and Shitori

before a fierce battle (for reading novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Sona and the others went through their various processes today.

After playing in this legendary palace,

the girls who enjoyed the sumptuous food were not left out in the cold,

and each of them went back to their respective rooms to sleep with great satisfaction.

Instead, they used Lin Shuangye, who had spent less than half a month with the Time Stone,

opened the door refreshed.

In the state of a saint and a god, he felt that he was out of vulgar taste, and

walked out of the palace leisurely,

in the I plan to take a walk in the moonlight on the verandah, drink wine by the moon, and be elegant………..

However, as Lin Shuangye walked out of the corridor, the

somewhat sad girl beside the attic railing not far away caught his attention.

Lin Shuangye walked over with undisguised footsteps.

Akeno Himejima, who was lying on the railing, turned around and

saw the young man in Hagoromo who came by the moonlight.

He, who was already as powerful as jade, was even more like a fairy who came out of the world. The girl couldn’t help but lose sight of her eyes.。[]

A sentence I didn’t know where to read came to mind:

【If it’s the beginning of fresh snow, the full moon is in the sky, with bright shadows spread out below and bright silver floating above.】

【And you walked towards me with a smile. Between the moonlight and the snow, you were the third kind of stunning beauty.】

“Akeno, you seemed dumbfounded just now…..”

The young man walked up to her, chuckled and teased the girl’s appearance at this time.

If it were Asia, Tacheng Koneko, or even Shitori Sona, they would probably be shy and blushing at this moment.

However, Akeno Himejima, who had the attributes of a somewhat sinister big sister,

squinted her eyes and smiled slightly, tilting her head and said in reply:

“Allah…..Isn’t it rare that Mr. Lin came to see her secretly first?”

“Although it has been branded exclusively by the True God 1.9 people,”

“But I won’t sneak away behind Rias’ back so easily.~~”

Lin Shuangye, who always felt that this girl had set a clear flag, shook his head slightly.

He did not continue to joke with the other party, but asked directly:

“Akeno, you looked a little sad just now。”

“If you can, you might as well tell me what’s on your mind。”

“Although I am a bit arrogant, there seems to be nothing in this world that I cannot solve. ”

Lin Shuangye’s straight shot suddenly caused Himejima Akeno to fall into silence.

She turned her face away slightly and looked at the boy’s unwavering eyes.

Finally, she slowly lowered her head and spoke softly:

“Lin Jun…..What do you think of fallen angels? ”.


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