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Comprehensive comic group chat, why did you let me come after the world was destroyed? chapter 334

When Kong heard the news from Su Ye, he was immediately speechless.

What a god to be a host.

As someone who came from another world, he certainly knew what a so-called anchor was.

It looks like my sister is having a lot of fun there.

Thinking of this, Sora fell silent.

What should we do next?

Let Su Ye return his sister?

He glanced at the people present.

He can’t beat it.

And the Su Ye in front of him is not his true body.

Just one consciousness is so powerful.

You can imagine how strong the body is.

For a moment, Sora really didn’t know what to do.。

“You’re here, then sit down。”

“It just so happens that there are some things that require your presence next. ”

At this time, Zhongli also spoke.

He directly invited Kong to sit down.

Hearing this, Kong frowned.。

“What’s up? ”

He didn’t move to sit down. He

was even preparing to run away secretly.

After all, the Seven Gods are not good people!!

This is the black hand that destroyed Kanria.

He can only show good looks.。

“Move, leave the world. ”

Su Ye looked at the other party with a smile.

As soon as these words came out, Kong immediately frowned.。

“Leave this world? ”

Good guy, are these gods planning to run away?

170 He glanced at Su Ye.

Of course Kong is not stupid.

If you want to leave this world, you can only rely on Su Ye.

This guy came to this world for this purpose To take away everyone from Teyvat?

And the Seven Gods are all here.


“After leaving this world, Kanrea’s curse should be lifted. ”

Just behind him, Ice God also spoke slowly.

As soon as he said this, Kong sat down without saying anything.。

“Elaborate! ”

It would be good to just leave this world.

If the Seven Gods have run away, wouldn’t it be better for him to stay and be a der

and just pack up his things and run away with them?

At the same time, he also started to get curious.

If the time comes, what will happen ? What would his expression be like if he woke up and found that there was no one in Teyvat?

Thinking of this, Sora couldn’t hold back anymore and started to smile.

Okay, okay!

Just do it!!

Sora decided directly.

And her sister Since you have contact information with Su Ye,

you will definitely go to Su Ye’s side when the time comes, right?

Although I don’t know how Su Ye managed to communicate across a world,

but I guess he can’t escape.

So it would be a good idea to leave Teyvat and go to Su Ye’s world.

Su Ye then chatted with everyone in Teyvat for a long time here (bjab).

Then everyone decided to send some people there to select the location, and then The city was built.

As for Inazuma, Yae Kamiko was sent there.

Then Fontaine was

Navilette. This guy decided to go there in

person. As for Mond, we will wait until the time comes, and Wendy will probably let Lisa go there.

On the Sumeru side are Elhaysen and Kawei.

On the Solstice Kingdom side, it’s Piero.

Everyone goes over to choose a location first, and then build the town first.

Just follow the original construction.

This The matter was settled immediately.

As for the abyss, Kong decided to move directly!

He made a deal with Su Ye.

Kong gave Su Ye more comprehensive Kanreia technology.

Then Su Ye lent him a space equipment.

When he is ready, he will go to Zhongli.

The seven countries have made a decision.

If the other remaining forces want to leave, they will leave. If

not, they will not force it.

It has been decided. After the incident, everyone started to take action.

The rest will be taken care of by Zhongli


Su Ye only needs to agree to many things.

This is also the purpose of Su Ye coming here this time.

It can be regarded as feeding those gods. It was a reassurance.

After briefly handling the matter, Su Ye simply let the thought dissipate.

Since his purpose had been accomplished,

there was no need for this thought to exist.

In Su Ye’s world, Su Ye withdrew his gaze.

Ji Zi:

【Su Ye responded to the message and said to ignore her brother. 】

Su Ye just withdrew his attention, and then the group also received Jizi’s message.

Ji Zi also helped Su Ye contact Ying just now.

It was obvious that Ying had not forgiven her brother yet.

Su Ye:


【How miserable! 】

Chika Fujiwara:

【Ying: I don’t have such a brother! ! 】(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【Ying: My brother is dead! 】


【It’s okay not to have such a brother. 】

Everyone in the group started to complain.

Fortunately they don’t have brothers.

Su Ye:

【How miserable! ]

I really want to laugh to death, I really don’t want this brother anymore.

I didn’t take it to heart at all.

Su Ye chatted with everyone in the group for a while.

Then the group chat was turned off.

Now everyone is in Su Ye’s world.

There seemed to be nothing to talk about.

Rather than focusing on those things, it’s better to focus on yourself.

There are no tasks in the group and no new members。[]

So during this time, please calm down and deal with the issue of your own power.

Su Ye also wanted to sort out his powers.

Just when Su Ye calmed down and studied his power.

On the fairy boat on Bengtie’s side.

Gui Naifen looked at Yingying in confusion.。

“Is this really okay with you?”

“Your brother is looking for you. ”

Good guy, what did she just hear?

Jizi told Ying that your brother is looking for you.

In the end, what did Ying say?

She doesn’t have a brother like that, so he doesn’t want her.

She doesn’t want to go home or anything.。

“no problem!”

“Let him play by himself。”

“I haven’t had enough fun yet. ”

She said this calmly.

Just be anxious.

She was also very anxious when she first woke up.

But did that stupid brother say anything?

I will treat you the same way you treat me.

Feel the love from my sister. Be angry.

Gui Naifen is speechless.。

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go find Su Shang. ”

After shouting like this, Ying walked out.

She is having a lot of fun in Xianzhou now.

And she plans to catch ghosts with Gui Naifen and the others in a while.

She will definitely gain a lot of fans by then. .

Thinking about it makes her happy.

After she came to this world, she was addicted to it.

Because it was so fun.

And she also met a lot of people.

There was even a netizen who played games.

It’s just that She likes cheating.

Anyway, she is very happy here now.

Going home or something, whoever wants to go back can go back.

Now Paimon doesn’t even call back.

So what is she anxious about?

Of course, playing in this world It’s enough to go back.

Gui Naifen looked at the heartless Ying and didn’t know what to say for a moment.。

“Wait for me! ”

Since Ying has said so, she can’t ask any more questions.

Although she doesn’t understand the problems between Ying and her brother, these things are not what she should ask.

After asking, Ying may still be unhappy. .

She hurriedly caught up with Ying, and then went with her to find Li Sushang.

Gui Naifen still liked this new friend very much.

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