Bizarre adventures at Hogwarts Chapter 166

“Huh? What’s wrong? ”

Joshua touched his head, as if something strange had passed by him.

But Joshua didn’t care too much, he continued to ask Hagrid: “Hey, Hagrid, come on, see what is the difference between this little fat chicken of mine and the headmaster’s Fox…”

Hagrid just didn’t know where to take out a set of tea sets, buried his head in boiling water to make tea, heard Joshua calling him, and subconsciously raised his head.

“Huh? What the? ”

He looked dazed, blinked his green bean-like eyes, and then said to Joshua in a whisper, “What Fox… Isn’t it already back? Just squatting on a golden shelf… I guess the headmaster will be back soon…”

“Huh? Back? So what I just saw is Fox? ”

Joshua looked back suspiciously, just in time to see a huge bird crouching on a golden perch.

“Groove?! Crimson beaked bird?!! ”

This is certainly not the Crimson Blade Beaked Bird, known as Big Bird, the head of F6 in League of Legends, but Dumbledore’s Fox.

Of course, Joshua knew that this ugly bird was a phoenix, but to be honest, the gap between it and the gorgeous and beautiful divine bird in his impression was too big, if it were not for the fact that it was also covered in a golden-red feather, saying that it was a large crow would be believed…

Now it was sticking out a big head with little bird feathers, and two big black bean-like eyes were staring at Joshua closely.

Hagrid walked up to Joshua and looked at Fox for a moment in thought, “It looks like he has a crush on you…”

Joshua held out a hand to Fox, and the ugly bird looked at him in surprise, but then pasted his big head, warm and slightly with a hint of fresh aroma.

After seeing the true body of the phoenix, it is not interesting to let the magician red play cosplay. Snap your fingers and prepare to take back the Magician’s Red.

But there was no response.

Joshua uses the skill – snapping fingers.

Hagrid was watching inexplicably, why did Joshua suddenly start snapping his fingers into the air?

Regardless of Hagrid’s heart, Joshua now no matter how much he snapped his fingers and how loudly he called the Magician’s Red in his heart, he didn’t get a response.

Joshua’s face is livid, the stand-in is closely related to the substitute messenger, if something happens to the magician’s red, then it is definitely not pleasing to reflect on himself! It’s even worse… You may die without knowing it!

Thinking that the little fat chicken has a certain sense of self, maybe it is hiding there, it is Joshua who does not care about Hagrid, who is standing next to him with a black question mark on his face, and looks around the room like crazy, but no matter where the little fat chicken may be hidden, there is no trace of it.

“Eh… Joshua, although some things look like… But let’s wait a little bit for Dumbledore… He should be back soon…”

This time, it was Hagrid’s turn to persuade Joshua.

But Joshua had already immersed himself in the interface of the system, and did not care about other things.

【System! System! What’s wrong with my little fat chicken?! 】

Joshua summoned the system out, and the system master still looked very unhappy.

[Obviously a substitute messenger… But I don’t even know where my stand-in is… You’re stupid enough…”

Joshua knew that he was at a loss, so he didn’t want to argue with the system more, but just begged it to tell him what happened to the little fat chicken.

[Forget it… This system is too lazy to push you more, so I will tell you straightforwardly. Your magician’s red…. It’s in that phoenix’s belly, if you don’t believe it, sink your mind and feel more with spiritual energy…”

The system gave Joshua an absurd explanation.

Then Joshua believed…

Because indeed… Close your eyes and feel carefully, there is a flame energy of the same origin as yourself that appears on Fox’s body…

It turns out that Fox is very kind to himself, not because he is handsome… And simply because he swallowed his own little fat chicken! How does this look like the story of Hokage eating Kirabi Chakra and then liking him!

“Your luck is not bad… Child… Fox’s nirvana has been in these few years… Seeing the phoenix at the time of dying is not an experience that ordinary people can have…”

An old and peaceful voice sounded behind Joshua, and Joshua and Hagrid subconsciously turned around.

An old man with a long white beard walked up the stairs with a smile on his face, wearing a tall and pointed wizard hat, and a pair of silver half-crescent-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his tall nose, which looked like the unfathomable and kind-hearted magician grandfather in the story…

“Hmm… Headmaster…”

Hagrid became a little cramped and uneasy, his hands twisted in front of him, looking not like a strong man a few meters tall but like a little girl with a fledgling relationship…

“No rush… I still have a lot of time, and it looks like our future Grand Wizard of Gryffindor is in big trouble…”

Dumbledore smiled and stretched out his hand to stop Hagrid, and said to Joshua, “Joshua… I’ll just call you that, do you have anything to do with Fox? ”

Joshua’s old face was a little hot, and the praise of the current first white wizard was not so easy to receive…

“Ahem… Mr. Principal… My stand-in… Well, anyway, the magic with a part of my soul energy was eaten into the stomach by Fox…”

The stand-in ability cannot be said, because they do not know, and can only be vaguely described by soul energy.

Dumbledore’s expression changed suddenly, his right foot just took a step, and the next second he appeared behind Joshua, reaching out and touching Fox’s round belly, “This… There’s really a strange cloud of energy… It’s really weird…”

He then stared at Joshua with strange eyes: “Child… You this… What’s the trouble, my phoenix is still useful, what the hell are you making its belly bigger? “_

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