Bizarre adventures at Hogwarts Chapter 165

Hogwarts Castle, eighth floor.

Hagrid and Joshua walked to a place with its ugly giant dripping stone monster, behind which was a moving spiral staircase, and at the end of the stairs was a shiny wooden door with a copper knocker in the shape of a lion’s eagle’s head.

The two of them walked up the stairs and stood in the doorway, and Hagrid stepped forward nervously and reached out and knocked on the door.

Tuk tuk…

No one responded.

“To … Or Joshua, let’s go back… Looks like the headmaster is not there…”

Hagrid took half a step back and whispered nervously to Joshua.

Joshua asked the sky speechlessly, if it weren’t for the world of Harry Potter, he would feel like he was about to wake up and roll his eyes…

“Big brother… Are you really stupid or fake stupid… The principal’s office is given through a password, I think you don’t want to see him at all, right? Actually embarrassed to go up and knock on the door? When I’m stupid? ”

Hagrid’s expression suddenly became very frustrated, and his careful thinking was a little embarrassed to be seen through.

But fortunately, there are only two of them at the door of the headmaster’s office now, and Harry and the others were forcibly left in the cabin by Joshua on the grounds that they need to take care of Norber, otherwise Hagrid is estimated to be able to grab Diehl’s head…

Hagrid didn’t speak, just looked at Joshua with a hopeful gaze, but Joshua didn’t intend to let him go, narrowed his eyes and stared at Hagrid, nodding towards the door, signaling Hagrid to open the door again.

“You’re such a weird fellow… I’m kind of planted on your hands…”

Hagrid muttered softly, then cleared his throat and said to the door, “Lemon ice cream.” ”

(I didn’t find the office password in the first grade, but Old Deng’s habit is to use his favorite snacks as a password…) But what is the cockroach pile… )

The door opened with a sound, revealing the spacious and bright circular room inside.

The room was large and divided into two floors, about the size of the Gryffindor common room, and the layout was similar.

The first floor is about a resting place, and there are many tables with slender legs, and many strange silverware are placed on them, spinning, and spewing out small puffs of smoke.

The walls on both sides are filled with portraits of old principals, men, women, and headmasters.

Some principals happened to stay in their frames, saw Hagrid take Joshua into the office, and opened their mouths to say hello to the two.

Of course, there was also a headmaster who was quite bad mouthed and unfriendly to the two, and Joshua knew that it was Sirius’s headmaster, and it was clear that he was a purebloodist.

Hagrid led Joshua up to the second floor, where there was also a huge table with a lot of papers, which was supposed to be where Dumbledore was dealing with official business.

On a shelf behind the table was the school’s sorting hat, next to a glass box with the Gryffindor Sword in it, and opposite the glass box in a dark cabinet with a meditation basin.

“Oh~ it looks like the principal is not there…”

Hagrid was a little relieved and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“The headmaster is not there, and then what? You think you can go? Wait! ”

Joshua glared viciously at Hagrid.

Hagrid muttered unknowingly, sullenly finding a place to sit down and draw circles.

Coming to Dumbledore’s office, Joshua was still quite interested.

He walked with interest to the back of the large desk, where there was a tall golden shelf with only a horizontal stand on it.

“What is it? A clothes rack for clutter? But wouldn’t it be too wasteful to have only two forks? And it feels a little lower…”

Joshua reached out and pinched the golden shelf, and couldn’t help but secretly pout.

[Cut…. Gilded…]

Hagrid heard Joshua asking himself, so he spoke, “That’s Fox’s perch… The phoenix also has a place to rest…”

Joshua caught a glimpse of a small basin under the golden bracket with some scraps in it, thinking that this thing was used for….

Pick up guano…

This thought really made Joshua laugh for a long time.

The phoenix can be described as a treasure all over the body, not to mention the conventional phoenix tears that can make wands and cores, phoenix feathers and cures all diseases, phoenix guano is also a potions material with high medicinal value…

Think about it every once in a while Snape would come to the headmaster’s office to pick up guano…

It’s still quite sensual…

“But it’s a pity that Fox is not there… I also want to see what the phoenix looks like…”

Joshua subconsciously sighed, as a traditional Chinese person, he still yearned for the phoenix.

Although it really has to be calculated, Fox should be an immortal bird in the West, not a non-sycamore phoenix that is well known to Easterners, but it is also excellent to be able to take a look…


Joshua suddenly had an idea.

He snapped his fingers, and a flame appeared out of thin air, then turned into the form of a small rooster and landed firmly on the gilded perch branch of Fox.

This is Joshua’s own stand-in, Magician Red.

Through the flame roaring fire, which can be observed, he was summoned here by Joshua.

Today, the little fat chicken magician red has almost evolved, almost half the height of Joshua.

The chicken head that was no different from a normal little rooster has gradually become a little human, this strange change is similar to Itchy, when he first appeared, it was still a standard dog’s head, but the more the plot goes, the more it becomes like a person… I don’t know if it’s Araki Hiruhiko-sensei’s bad taste…

Little fat chicken like this… It looks like it won’t be long before it turns into the bird-headed brother of Abu in the original work…

“Nope… It’s too big, lying on it doesn’t feel like a phoenix at all… Even if it’s just cosplay, I hope you can be like a little… Your fat is about to overflow off the shelf…”

The little fat chicken felt that Joshua was too strict, and his smart little eyes glanced at his master quite helplessly, and then the biu suddenly became smaller, becoming the size when he was first summoned by Joshua, but it was only the size of a fist.

“Oh! nice! It looks like a lot! ”

Joshua clapped his hands in satisfaction, although the big little fat chicken did not have the appearance of a phoenix, but the little fat chicken that turned into a fist was still a bit like the phoenix baby bird in Joshua’s mind.

Joshua felt that he had to let Hagrid watch and correct himself what else was not like Fox, and twisted and shouted at Hagrid: “Hagrid! You come and take a look! See what I say about this magic! ”

Just as Joshua turned his head, a golden-red light suddenly flashed from Joshua’s side.

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