Bizarre adventures at Hogwarts Chapter 164

Hagrid shook his head vigorously, saying that he would not listen to Joshua.

Harry, who was sitting on the side, also began to persuade Joshua, “I don’t think it’s okay, after all, the headmaster is also so busy…”

Joshua snorted coldly, ignored Harry, and continued to say to Hagrid: “Hagrid, let me ask you… How did Dumbledore treat you? ”

Hagrid, who was sitting in front of the fireplace, was silent, and the brave fire tongs pulled the big egg for a long time before saying: “Nature is excellent… Mr. Headmaster is a very good man…”

“So you’re repaying him with this kind of thing?”

Joshua was about to laugh, although it would definitely hurt Hagrid to say this, but it was not okay not to say it.

“This egg was won at a reclusive tavern, don’t you think it’s a big problem?” Why did a smuggling merchant who stayed in a tavern and had contraband on his hands that he was anxious to get rid of? Do you have to gamble with you? And then lost this thing to you? ”

“Are you stupid or is that person stupid?! IMHO! No adult with brains would give such a possible conviction to you so easily! ”

Joshua is really a little angry, after spending so much time, Hagrid still doesn’t open up, this feeling makes Joshua very uncomfortable, such a clumsy person is actually his own teammate’s side, this is too uncomfortable!

The more he spoke, the more excited he became, and he even stood up, almost pointing at Hagrid’s nose and cursing the street.

“Joshua! Don’t talk so rushed, okay! ”

Hermione frowned, and quickly shouted out to stop, Joshua was a little hurtful to say this.

Harry and Ron immediately nodded like garlic and persuaded Joshua with kind words.

But Joshua still looked angry and corrupted, glared at Hagrid, who looked down and said nothing, sat back in his seat, and subconsciously reached out and took a small cookie from the dinner plate,

But as soon as he passed the cookie to his lips, he saw Hermione and the three looking at him with incredible eyes, as if to say: My old swan, you have scolded Hagrid with bloody heads and are you embarrassed to eat people’s things?

The angry look on Joshua’s face suddenly turned an embarrassed red, and the face that had been stilted was embarrassed to keep it any longer, so he had to cough and say, “Okay… I’ll admit that I just said something too much… But my apology does not mean that I have retracted my opinion… Hagrid, did you tell the story of the three-headed dog Luffy when you got the dragon egg? Now that you think about it… Don’t you think that’s wrong? ”

At this time, the faces of the three little wizards changed, and even Hagrid raised his head, which was full of panic.

Joshua sighed, “It’s obvious… This is a… There are evil forces who are preparing to attack our school, and I suspect that Halloween is what those forces are doing…”

“How can this be! We must act…”

Harry was a hundred at the time, and although he had only lived at Hogwarts for three months, he had already made this place his home, and now someone wanted to take it over?

No way! He didn’t allow it!

“Well… Hermione, help me suppress Mr. Harry Potter, this kid is stupid again…”

So bear children hate the most, always want to do something strange. Joshua snapped his fingers for Hermione to strike.

Hermione gave Joshua a blank look, although she didn’t want to be called by Joshua, but she couldn’t let Harry do anything stupid that violated the school rules.

So she took out her wand with a serious look and nodded at Harry, meaning that Mr. Hermione’s small school rules class was about to start.

Harry couldn’t resist and listened sadly as Hermione turned to his balabala, only to cast his pleading gaze on Ron.

But Ron did not lend a hand, but took in all this with interest, and from time to time he picked up a piece of milk fat gummy and threw it into his mouth.

Hermione felt that she couldn’t be too thick and pointed her wand at Ron, meaning: You kid is also coming to make up for me.

“The safest way now is to find Headmaster Dumbledore and explain all this, and when the time comes, with the endorsement of Old Deng, then many problems can be solved…”

Joshua saw that Hagrid still looked sincerely terrified, so he opened his mouth to persuade.

“Or Hagrid thinks… At that time, Noble will really hatch, one day the paper will not be able to contain the fire, its existence will be discovered by others, maybe those evil forces will attract the Ministry of Magic… At that time, the school will definitely be messed up…”

“So… What Dumbledore wants to keep…”

Joshua didn’t want to say more, lest the three of Harry listen to him.

Hagrid’s face suddenly turned pale, “No… Not… Demon… That thing must not fall into the hands of anyone else…”

“That is, since it is very likely that part of the matter has been exposed, then you can’t continue to sit still.” I’m not afraid of 10,000, just in case, if something goes wrong because of such a trifle, and finally causes Dumbledore’s arrangement to collapse, I think… You’re going to blame yourself to death, right? ”

Joshua walked up to Hagrid, leaned down and lowered his voice, which was so cold that he seemed to say that if he really had nothing to do, he would let Hagrid be buried.

Hagrid was really frightened, some six gods masterless, “This… It doesn’t really become like that, does it? ”

“I can’t guarantee… Hagrid, I’m not a prophet, and neither are you. But we have to do everything that could cause damage before it happens… Let’s go to the headmaster now and ask him to rearrange things, isn’t it over? ”

Joshua said slowly, trying to make Hagrid as comfortable as possible.

“If you’re afraid of disappointing Dumbledore because of your mistakes, I don’t think it’s a concern, after all, you’ve been at Hogwarts for so long, and you know that he is not the kind of person who throws tantrums at will, maybe he won’t lose his temper at all… Or to put it simply, since he can entrust you with such an important matter, he must have a certain trust in you and made a certain psychological preparation, and don’t care too much about his mistakes…”

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