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# Fan fiction

Naruto Auxiliary

[The new book has been published – online game: Tavern Big Boss, you can take a look if you like it] Traveled through time, came to Naruto, and opened a…

# Fan fiction

Naruto Fusion System

Travel to the Naruto world and get the fusion system. The fusion of the branches actually obtained the ability of photosynthesis. Absorbing sunlight can not only restore physical strength, chakra,…

# Fan fiction

Naruto god level pickup

[Hot recommendation from editors! The popular Naruto plot is synchronized and exciting, worth looking forward to! 】 Traveling to the world of Naruto, the non-orphan protagonist template starts, and the…

Naruto I am the most handsome

Traveling through the world of Naruto, there are no boundaries of blood, it doesn’t matter, as long as I am the most handsome, I have everything. Naruto who got a…

# Fan fiction

Naruto level template

When he woke up, Luo Lei found that he had traveled to the world of Naruto. There was no Byakugan, no Sharingan, and no awesome Blood Succession Limit; However, fortunately…

# Fan fiction

Naruto, I’m really too steady

Traveling through the Hokage World, the tombside immortal just wants to develop quietly and obscenely. Cultivating ninjutsu, physical arts, illusion arts, sealing techniques, blood succession limits, blood succession elimination, blood…