Automatic point addition, 500 years have not been completed Chapter 146

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Walking all the way in the direction where the mecha came, after Bai Ze eliminated several infantry patrols, no new patrols came up to find death.

It seems that he is afraid of Bai Ze’s thunder means, or he has laid a lot of ambushes waiting for Bai Ze to throw himself into the net.

Bai Ze stood still, in his perception, the densest life reaction on the entire moon was right behind the sand dunes in front of him!

“It feels like there’s going to be a big battle.” I wonder if there will be any damaged mechs? ”

Bai Ze couldn’t forget his mecha dream in his heart, so he stepped out in one step, and the whole person stood at the top of the dune!

The moment Bai Ze’s figure appeared on the dune, endless projectiles and energy pulses poured down towards Bai Ze’s head!

Bai Ze, who was bathed in a rain of bullets but did not stick to a leaf, slowly moved forward, and all the soldiers of the Ring Army present watched in horror as the point of light representing Bai Ze on the enemy’s radar was getting closer and closer to him.

His own bullets could not cause any hindrance to the enemy at all, and the pressure brought by Bai Ze weighed on the hearts of everyone present like a mountain, forcing their fingers to keep pressing on the trigger.

“Click”, “click”, I don’t know when a soldier was in a trance and kept pulling his empty magazine, until his teammates next to him slapped him.

This little thing seemed to be a resting charm, and the fire suppression that had been covering Bai Ze had finally come to an end.

“Finished fighting?”

The demon’s faint inquiry came from the area of the sand dunes, which had long been beaten into pieces.

Although the sound was not loud, everyone present felt as if the sound came from their ears, which made everyone look back behind them, but no one noticed anything.

“Whew” spit out a smoke, Bai Ze felt that this transformation of the ring star was really good, at least in a vacuum environment, he couldn’t smoke, right?

“Since everyone is here, I will simply say something.”

Bai Ze stretched out his finger and pointed at all the mechs present.

“Just keep a few technicians alive.”

Where did the soldiers of the Ring Star receive such an insult, everyone present pulled out their melee weapons, and the mechs were also loaded with high-vibration particle daggers, and they vowed to kill this arrogant guy on this moon with their lives!

Looking at the army and mecha rushing towards him under the dunes, Bai Ze threw down the cigarette butt in his hand, clenched his fist, and faced down with an ordinary punch!

Before the soldiers of the Circle Army could see Bai Ze’s extremely simple punch, the fierce fist passed through the army, and the person and mecha who were hit by the fist suddenly fell apart, clearing a bloody road with Bai Ze as the origin!

Looking at the tragic death of their colleagues, the pupils of the surviving people’s eyes shrank sharply, and several soldiers with slightly inferior mental qualities fell to their knees and vomited.

“Aren’t you coming to kill me?”

Bai Ze walked down from the sand dunes and looked in front of him

Although his punch was powerful, he did not use his full strength in order to protect the Circle Star’s branch.

Otherwise, the ground in this area should have turned over at this time.

“Everyone! Don’t be frightened by him, with such a blow, he must consume a lot! ”

I don’t know who shouted to call back the consciousness of the soldiers of the Ring Star, making their eyes regain a murderous aura.

Yes, the opposite side is just one person, how can this attack be casually hit? Didn’t you see that he stopped attacking now?

After being reminded by that voice, the soldiers all surrounded and killed, and several daggers stabbed at various fatal parts of Bai Ze’s body at the same time!

“What a disappointment.”

Bai Ze swung a knife in front of him with one hand, and only then took the dagger and stabbed the bodies of several soldiers who were at Bai Ze’s point, all fell to their knees, and the neck of the lost head sprayed blood outward, and several heads turned to their former comrades with godless eyes.


A bitter scream came from the mouths of the soldiers with poor psychological quality, and these soldiers actually dropped their weapons and fled towards the rear.

Without Bai Ze’s hand, the officer supervising the battle in the rear pulled out his pistol and killed the deserters.

“It’s important to finish work early and go back to accompany your wife.”

Bai Ze, who was muttering, stepped over the corpse that fell to the ground and rushed directly into the place where the life reaction was most dense in the frontline base!

For a while, flames and explosions filled the entire front-line base!

Bai Ze walked all the way into the depths of the front-line base, all of which were met with strong resistance from the Circle Army, but whether it was a silent sneak attack and assassination, or a death with a bomb, or even a poisonous gas poison by manipulating the safety door to release poison himself, Bai Ze was a punch!

In the end, Bai Ze finally came to the top of the front-line base, the expeditionary headquarters.

Bai Ze’s five fingers made claws into the locked security door, and easily pulled the door off the wall.

“Are you natives so rude?”

The general staff officer of the headquarters stood in the command room, quietly watching Bai Ze tear the security door in half.

“Ridiculous, would you say hello to the robbers who broke into your house?”

Bai Ze sneered and threw the fragments of the security door aside.

“How about you give me a show?”

“Indigenous! Watch your words! ”

As he spoke, the General Staff Officer stepped forward, and the tight military uniform showed the robust figure of its owner, and an aura permeated from his body.

“Since you came to the command room! Then you will die here! ”

As soon as the words fell, the fist of the General Staff Officer smashed into Bai Ze’s eyes!

With a “snap”, Bai Ze’s left hand raised and easily grabbed the staff officer’s fist.

“That’s all your fist has? With this bit of strength, dare to say let me stay here? ”

After speaking, Bai Ze kicked on the staff officer’s lower abdomen, and directly kicked him into the big screen hanging on the wall, and the sharp fragments pierced the staff officer’s whole body, and the staff officer’s whole body was instantly soaked with blood.

“It’s boring.”

Bai Ze turned around and let the staff officer fall from the screen, panting like a dying old dog.

“Indigenous … This is what you asked for! Let you see the latest biotechnology of our ringed star! ”

Bai Ze’s footsteps paused and looked back, but he saw that the general staff officer took out a syringe out of nowhere, stuck it on his thigh, and injected all the black liquid into his body……_

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