Automatic point addition, 500 years have not been completed Chapter 145

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Bai Ze, who was advancing in one direction, suddenly felt a strong tremor, as if an army was galloping towards him.

Just as Bai Ze felt, soon a team composed entirely of machinery appeared in front of Bai Ze.

“Stop coming! Announce your team number! Otherwise, you will be recognized as an enemy and killed on the spot by us! ”

Where did Bai Ze know what number, he simply stood there with a big grin.

Looking at Bai Ze like this, the hearts of the soldiers of the Ring Star were on fire, and the captain of this team simply directly photographed the missile launch button on his driver’s seat!

A missile flew out of the humanoid mecha, dragging a long white tail smoke and crashing towards Bai Ze!

“Look how you survive! Why should a rat fight with us! ”

While the captain triumphantly waited for the missile to hit Bai Ze and explode, Bai Ze made their unexpected move.

He turned sideways and grabbed the body of the missile.

Looking at Bai Ze as if he was playing with the missile that the captain had just shot out like a toy, everyone present in the mecha team was blinded.

Is this something that a person can do?

It’s a pity that this group of Ring Star soldiers has not met the contestants of the crazy war, just a missile, and the contestants with a little bit can rely on various ways and methods to avoid this missile.

After playing with the missile for a while, the fuel used for missile propulsion ran out, and Bai Ze lost interest in research.

“Give it back to you.”

After saying that, Bai Ze threw the missile casually, and the missile roared and smashed on one of the mecha in the team at a speed that was even faster than just now!

The fuse on the top of the missile was touched, and suddenly the mecha was blown up into fireworks by Bai Ze’s casual throw!

“Wasn’t there no reaction just now? Why did it still blow up? It seems that the delay of your missile is a bit high? ”

Facing Bai Ze’s ridicule, the captain of the mecha squad gritted his teeth and issued a new order.

“All of them! Free fire at the target and its area! Fire! ”

The remaining six mechs present all erected rotating cannons on their shoulders at the same time, and fired at Bai Ze collectively without hesitation!

The rotating cannon fire on the shoulder of the mecha was extremely ferocious, and it only took a few breaths to sand and splash the area where Bai Ze was located, and the pervasive dust suddenly shrouded the area where Bai Ze was!


After everyone’s rotating cannons spit out the third block of energy, the squad leader ordered everyone to cease fire, and then let one of the squad enter the dust to check Bai Ze’s life and death.

Not long after the team members entered the sand, a sound of metal breaking, followed by a scream, pierced the dust and pierced the ears of the squad leader and the others.

Everyone opened the auxiliary equipment on the mecha, and after some sand, it revealed Bai Ze and the mecha team member who fell to the ground and did not know whether he was alive or dead.

It’s just that everyone doesn’t know where the hatch of the original mecha went.

Bai Ze kicked away the driver who had been pierced in the head with a toothpick, lit a cigarette, and hooked his hand towards the remaining group of mechs.

“Everyone! On the high vibration particle knife! I don’t believe in this evil! ”

The shoulder spinning cannon pulled down, followed by the large mecha-specific dagger that popped out of the mecha’s arm and the entire blade glowed orange due to rapid vibration!

“Charge with me!”

The captain of the mecha squad rushed up first, brandishing the high-vibration particle knife at the tip of his mecha arm to stab Bai Ze in the heart!

Bai Ze took a step towards the side of the front, dodged the slow stabbing and rushed into the arms of the mecha.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Bai Ze twisted his waist in anger, and a slap of iron mountain leaning directly hit the mecha of the squad leader!

“How stupid it is to use your flesh against mecha…”

Before the squad leader’s taunting ended, the mech he was riding on directly fell apart at this moment! Only the squad leader was left holding the joystick and staring blankly at the screen in front of him.

Kicking the squad leader away, Bai Ze once again rushed to another mecha, just an ordinary grab and tear, and tore off the mecha’s arm holding the activated particle knife!

Then Bai Ze waved this arm and cut the remaining mecha into two pieces from his waist!

On the barren white sand on the surface of the moon, there were corpses and severed limbs of mecha distributed horizontally, and black engine oil was spilled everywhere like blood stains.

And Bai Ze sat on the hill made of cockpits, smoking heavily with a heavy face.

Temadan, dismantled too quickly, forgot to let this group of people unlock the mecha to cool themselves!

That’s right, the dream of a posture mecha in Bai Ze’s heart was hindered because he disassembled the machine too quickly!

“It’s okay! As long as you walk in the direction they came from, you will definitely find no broken mecha! ”

Bai Ze stood up and patted his pants, ignored the squad drivers who were trapped in the cockpit and could not escape, and walked towards the squad leader who was kicked by himself.

“You… You devil…! ”

The squad leader who was kicked by Bai Ze at this time had been broken by Bai Ze’s kick, and the whole person was lying on the ground like a salted fish and unable to move, but his mouth still seemed to be very sharp.

Bai Ze also didn’t care about his insults to himself, and grabbed him by the collar.

“Your family’s Gundam, no, where is the mech hangar? Take me quickly. ”

The squad leader laughed and spat out an object towards Bai Ze, but flew to the side because of the avoidance and protection BUFF on Bai Ze’s body.

Bai Ze saw that it was a bitten tongue, and then looked at the small captain in his hand, who was already coughing and rolling his eyes, as if he was about to suffocate.

After the defeat, he didn’t want to reveal the secret, so he decided to bite his tongue and commit suicide, so as to avoid being tortured out of the secret?

Bai Ze narrowed his eyes, and he had some admiration for this guy in his heart.

“In that case, I can only rely on myself.”

Throwing the body of the squad leader on top of the cockpit, Bai Ze’s most ordinary flame ball (enhanced version) was thrown over, and suddenly a raging fire swept up, engulfing the cockpit where the squad leader and his subordinates were.

Clapping his hands, Bai Ze stepped like a fly according to the trajectory of the mecha on the ground, and rushed out in one direction!

Forward base and headquarters of the Lunar Ring Army.

“Report! The mech squad codenamed Gamma-2 is missing! Their last video has been uploaded! ”


With an order from the staff officer, a male face that they knew so well that they could not forget it appeared on the virtual screen.

“…… The notice went down, and everyone went into the highest state of alert. The key to life and death is on this time! “_

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