Automatic point addition, 500 years have not been completed Chapter 144

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Following the message in Solomon’s words, Bai Ze’s gaze pierced the ceiling and looked directly at the moon of this world.

“My Lord, this group of invaders of the Ring Star built their front-line base on the far side of the moon, I am afraid that the matter of counterattack will still bother my Lord.”

Solomon bowed his head and bowed deeply to Bai Ze.

“This is not a big deal, since you respect me and listen to my orders, it is not unreasonable to bear some pressure for you.”

Putting the teacup back on the table, Bai Ze stood up and patted his pants.

“Solomon, tell me where the front line is. I’ll find a way to help you annihilate a group of enemies first, and then go and raid their hometown. ”

“Praise my Lord!”

Solomon hurriedly led Bai Ze to the war room in the Juliard City Lord’s Mansion, and in the center of the war room was a huge sand table, on which the red and blue magic chess pieces represented the distribution of the combat power of the Void Church Army and the Ring Invaders.

“My Lord, please look here.”

Bai Ze followed Solomon’s hand and looked over, and saw that the red chess pieces representing the Void Church and the blue chess pieces representing the Ring Invading Army were crashing back and forth in a canyon.

“This place, called the ‘First Line Canyon’, is a necessary way to reach Dumbarun, and without this location, Dumbaron’s troops and supplies cannot be smoothly and quickly transported to the battlefields everywhere.”

“Didn’t you expect that the Circle Army had already attacked to this point?”

Bai Ze groaned and walked out of the war room.

After confirming the direction, Bai Ze paused at his feet, and the whole person rushed into the sky like a rocket!

First-line canyon and line of fire.

“Hahahaha! Natives, I see how many of you can fill it out! ”

The soldiers of the Circle Army held their weapons and constantly poured ammunition on the front line of the Void Church, and one after another the exhausted energy blocks fell out of the chamber of the gun, and the dense vitality pressed the soldiers of the Void Church without any power to fight back, they could only hide behind cover and wait for the opportunity, throwing one or two small fireballs that had no pressure on the soldiers of the Circle Army.

The soldiers of the Circle Army laughed loudly, and at the same time ripped off the energy grenade from their waist and threw it towards the trench.

In their image, as long as such a random one is dropped, a large number of enemies will be blown out, holding their broken hands and feet wailing and being harvested by themselves.

However, this time the explosion happened to them.

The soldier who had just thrown the grenade lay on the ground, staring blankly at his blown legs, and severe pain instantly swept through his brain, forcing him to howl like the soldiers of the Void Church before!

The soldiers of the Void Church looked at each other, and something called a grenade that could explode exploded in the enemy’s ranks?

A bold man poked his head out and saw not only the soldiers of the Circle Army who had been blown up, but also a man who was said to be seen only by bishops.

“Guys! It is the Lord of Nothingness who has come to help us! ”

As soon as the bold young man mentioned his weapon, he got out of the trench and fell down towards Bai Ze.

“Ancestor of Nothingness! May the Ancestor of Nothingness bring victory to me and others! ”

Bai Ze was standing there thinking about how to collect the weapons of this group of Ring Army soldiers, and free labor came to the door.

“Ahem, this is what I will teach you, go and bring death to these invaders! And collect their equipment and supplies, I am of my own use. ”

Looking at the group of church soldiers who were so excited that they seemed to be beaten with chicken blood, Bai Ze encouraged them with a smile on the surface, and then took off into the air and rushed to the nearby war zone suppressed by the Circle Army.

It turned out that Bai Ze’s reinforcement this time was very timely, and just by throwing the grenade that was about to explode back into the middle of the Circle Army, it caused a lot of success.

Also because of Bai Ze’s activity, the offensive of the ring invading army in the first-line canyon was directly blocked back by the Void Church, and the remnants of the ring army only escaped two or three shrimp under Bai Ze’s unsparing blow, all of them were wounded.

Leaving the work of the pursuit to the remaining Void Church soldiers, Bai Ze left the front line by himself.

Finding a big tree on the top of the mountain to squat, Bai Ze felt out the cigarette he bought and smoked it, and the whole person was very fishy.

Don’t look at Bai Ze’s current appearance, in fact, he has considerations.

Instead of running all the way across time zones to places you don’t know, wait until the moon rises on its own. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to wait until the moon was three poles and jump up towards the big and white moon?

Seeing that it was almost time to eat dinner, Bai Ze thought about it, simply returned to the real world, and luxuriously ordered a green pepper shredded meat bowl and a large platter of marinated vegetables in the national chain intelligence department-Shaxian snacks, and ate a mouth full of oil.

Eating and eating, a thought arose in Bai Ze’s heart, probably Tia this guy was holding bubble noodles without heart and lungs and sucking it.

After solving the dinner and paying for it, Bai Ze took a toothpick and picked his teeth and walked back to the other world, and at this time the moon also began to show his face.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Bai Ze leaned down, and after running a few steps, he jumped, and the whole person turned into a streamer and crashed into the direction of the moon!

“My Lord! I wish you prosperity and victory! “

Solomon, who noticed this streamer, and the soldiers who were collecting supplies on the battlefield blessed in their hearts, and even shouted them directly.

Bai Ze, who rushed out of the atmosphere, looked at the dark space around him, and sighed in his heart that he also had the experience of space walking, and Bai Ze landed on the surface of the moon.

Coming to the lunar surface, Bai Ze tried to inhale the air on the lunar surface, but found that the air here had changed to be the same as the earth’s surface.

“It seems that the invaders of the Circle Army still have the technology to transform the planet?”

Keeping this in mind, Bai Ze became more and more curious about the technology of the Circle Army.

It is not so much that this group of invaders are aliens, but that they are future people who have been ahead of the world where Shirasawa is for a while.

At a glance, he couldn’t see the front base of the Ring Star, Bai Ze chose a direction that looked good, and took a step forward, in his perception, the sand over there vibrated much more than other sand.

A bulging sand dune suddenly parted to the sides, revealing the Gnaku within.

“A little mouse has intruded into our territory, brothers, let’s go meet this smugglers!”

Several huge war machines drove out of Gnaku and galloped in the direction of Bai Ze. _

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