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American comics: To become a god at the beginning, I choose to practice both science and magic chapter 391

Soul, the consciousness database of living beings.

This is Dane’s definition of the special substance “soul” as the God of Death.

But in fact, the formation of self-awareness is a very complex process. It is not only related to the soul, but also closely related to the material body of the living body.

Dane had done research on this when he first gained the power of Death. From a scientific point of view, the formation of self-consciousness is inseparable from the activity of brain neurons, and it also cannot lack the participation of the body’s senses.

The senses of the human body, such as touch, hearing, vision, smell, taste, spatial perception, etc., participate in the shaping of self-awareness.

When a baby is just born, there is no self-awareness. Although it has a sound soul, it is just an empty database with nothing in it.

But when the baby begins to interact with the outside world, exchange materials, and exchange information, consciousness begins to sprout and develop.

The germination of this kind of consciousness relies more on the synergy of the body’s senses and the brain’s information processing, and does not seem to have anything to do with the soul.

But we cannot draw conclusions so hastily, because if we fully accept the results of the above research, it means that human self-consciousness is actually a collection of hormones and brain signals, so it is impossible to explain the existence of “spirit bodies”, and It is impossible to explain clearly what the sinner devil is.

In fact, during Dane’s research, he discovered that self-consciousness is not continuous. As the controller of dreams, he knows very well that every time a person sleeps, his consciousness is disconnected from the body.

At this time, the body’s senses and brain no longer continue the previous thinking activities, so how can consciousness survive?

The answer is soul.

The soul contains consciousness and is also the collection of information about all self.

Every life activity of a living body, and even every thought fluctuation, its trajectory will be integrated and preserved in the carrier of the soul, so the weight of the soul is usually the weight of the entire life of the living body.

As for why the soul is invisible to the naked eye, it is because it needs to store such a huge amount of data. Existing in the form of physical particles is not conducive to the development of life, because it may occupy more energy.

Therefore, the soul appears in the form of a “field” most of the time. It has similar characteristics to the magnetic field. You cannot see it, but you can also perceive its existence under certain conditions.

Of course, it would be more troublesome to take the technological route. If you take the magic route, the true nature of the soul will be clear at a glance.

But magic also has drawbacks. What you see with your naked eyes is actually the result of magic integrating soul information in a way that you can understand.

This is also the reason why when a magician sees a person’s soul out of the body, the other person’s soul is almost exactly the same in appearance, clothing and physical body. This is because it can be seen clearly at a glance.

It is magic that allows the mage to directly identify whose soul it is in a way that the caster can understand. It actually omits a lot of key information.

The real soul body does not actually look like this. It has no fixed shape, no gender, and no vocal organs. It is a collection that contains all the information of this living body.

The soul that a mage sees with the naked eye is just an illusion, just like everything that humans can see with the naked eye is actually an illusion after processing by the brain. It helps you understand the basic material properties of some things, but it is still far from the truth. Far from it, mages just see more things than ordinary people, but the amount is very limited.

After understanding some basic knowledge about the soul, you can understand the keyness of Dane’s proposal.

Since the soul is a database that records all information about a living body, the capacity of this information database is naturally different for different living bodies.

Life forms such as ring masters and demon nobles, in addition to accommodating their self-awareness and life experiences, must also accommodate information about power.

Power is the authority to control nature, and what is recorded is of course natural formulas. This is an extremely large amount of data. In order to accommodate such a huge amount of data and information, these life forms must need a larger database to accommodate them.

Therefore, demons such as ring lords and nobles and royals have souls that are inherently of higher quality than ordinary demons.

Dane didn’t know what these demons had gone through in the past, but they must have paid a considerable price to complete the transformation of their souls.

Even Dane himself only upgraded his soul to this level after completing the demon experiment in hell.

But if reforms are carried out in accordance with his monetary policy, then even ordinary demons will be able to expand their soul database, which is equivalent to them being able to continuously add external hard drives to themselves.

As the database grows larger, you can continue to add more information to it.

The fundamental reason why Bilize couldn’t use the magic book in Stolas’s hand was because his soul database was too small to contain the high-end knowledge in the book.

But as long as the capacity of the soul is expanded, even Bilize may become a demon mage comparable to Stolas.

The key point of this technology is how to separate only the soul body of another person without touching the integrity of the other person’s information.

Generally speaking, the soul and the information it contains are one and inseparable.

It’s like the total capacity of a D drive is 200G, the information already occupies 50G, and there is still 150G of available space, but you cannot separate the 150G blank space from the hard drive and transfer it to the E drive.

As a top student among demons, Storas was well aware of the technical difficulties of this matter, so after calming down, he began to suspect that this plan could not be implemented at all.

But Dane turned the impossible into a possibility.

Right in front of Stolas, Dane still used Vicki as the experimental subject, but this time he added himself. A line of ridiculously long numbers also appeared on his arm, extending from his wrist to the inside of his clothes, with no end in sight. Where.

Dane thought for a while, and he felt that his soul value must be marked using scientific notation, otherwise it would be a very long list.

He put his wrist on Vicky’s wrist, and the numbers on both wrists suddenly jumped.

The numbers on Vicky’s wrist increased, and the numbers on Dane’s wrist decreased, which represented that a soul transaction was completed between them.

Stolas immediately used his magic eyes and stared at Vicky with his four wide eyes, almost not causing her to have a stress reaction.。

“Incredible, simply incredible! “Stolas was a little bit embarrassed.

Because he did see Vicky’s soul expanding a little. In order to let him see more

clearly, Dane has been continuously inputting “soul currency” into Vicky, so Vicky’s soul expanded. It can be clearly observed by the magic eye.

For Dane, this loss of soul quality is less than a drop of water in the ocean. There is no such thing as loss at all.

Dane continued to explain: “This kind of soul transfer also has a critical limit. At this point, the amount of information in each living being has a minimum threshold. If it exceeds this threshold, the integrity of the information may be damaged. ”

There may be many side effects at that time, and these side effects will eventually be reflected on the body.

There may be memory loss, reduced intelligence, damage to sensory functions, magic bottlenecks, etc., so for sustainable development, everyone who uses the soul should be The demons of currency all arrange a payment red line to ensure that their souls will not be overdrawn.

Stolas’s mind was a little confused, and he did not expect that Dane had already achieved practical results.

There is no doubt that this is an epoch-making invention, and for the coming of hell It is easier to accept.

But the interests involved are too great, and Storas feels that he is not even qualified to participate in such a major event.。

“Zansha…My lord, I can’t answer you now. If you agree, I can submit your plan to the noble council, and they will invite you to participate. ”

For this kind of thing, even if all the nobles are present, it’s not enough. I’m afraid we have to bring in all the major ring masters, so that we can be qualified to discuss the feasibility of this plan. It’s a pity that

Lucifer doesn’t know where he ran, otherwise…Storas quickly gave up this idea. If Lucifer was here, I’m afraid he would just have fun.

Dane understood Stolas’ concerns very well, so he nodded understandingly and said he would give him time.

In fact, it is useless even if these demon nobles object. As long as the Dream Exchange is still open, sooner or later he will be able to transform all demons through it, but the process will be more tortuous and lengthy.

But if these demons don’t participate now, I’m afraid there will be no chance for them to participate in the future.

After Storas received Dane’s approval, he quickly said goodbye and left. Instead of returning to his castle, he opened a portal and ran directly towards his father’s location.

Storas’ father is named Paimon, who is also one of the seventy-two demon gods in occultism.

Although there is no Solomon in this world, and therefore no one specifically categorizes these demons, if Dane were here, he could still apply the division method of the seventy-two pillars of demons to these demons. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Paimon ranks ninth among the seventy-two demon gods, and his rank is king. Of course, just listen to this ranking, it does not represent the devil’s strength.

In fact, the strength of Demon Paimon is in the first echelon among the seventy-two pillars, second only to the first fallen angel Baal.

It should be mentioned here that the strength of the demon nobles does not completely represent their class. For example, Storas, his strength is in the middle range among the nobles, but his rank is relatively low, only the noble son.

Your young master is already the lowest-ranking person among the nobles, and anyone lower than that is a commoner like a devil.

Because of this, Stolas’s status is almost the lowest in the entire hell aristocratic system, and he is a guy who can step on anyone.

If his father wasn’t famous enough and strong enough, he might not even be able to live in such a big castle.

But Paimon didn’t give him anything more than leaving him a share of the castle’s estate. After all, he also had many children, and Storas was not the one who valued him the most. In other words, on the contrary, he was probably the least valued. valued.

Therefore, when Storas came to find Paimon, the demon royal who wore a mask and a jeweled crown on his head did not recognize who he was for a moment.

Storas was speechless at that time: “Father, I am your son Storas Goetia…”

When he said this to Paimon, he had an impression: “So it’s you, my son!”

Paimon pretended to be enthusiastic and stepped forward to greet Storas, but Storas knew that he must not have recognized him, but he just remembered the name. That’s all.

For an old demon like Paimon who has lived for countless years, his descendants are just tools to maintain the order of the nobility, and there is no relationship between father and son.

Fortunately, Storas is used to this, but sometimes he still feels a little sad for no reason.。

“Why do you have time to come to my place today? “And there is no appointment yet, but Paimon did not say this.

There is no magic barrier set up in the place where he lives now, so Storas easily came in through the portal.。[]

The reason why there is no forbidden magic circle is because Paimon does not need this thing. There is no demon in the whole hell who dares to invade his territory.

Storas did not have too many pleasantries with the nominal father, but directly stated his purpose.

He bluntly said that he had been summoned by a demon god. Paimon immediately thought of the unknown force that had recently made a lot of noise in Pentagram City. It was rumored that that force could rival Lucifer.

It’s not like the demon nobles haven’t tried to test that force, but their attempts were blocked by the two newcomers.

As far as Paimon knew, one of the two new guys, one named “Sinestro”, was rumored to be not from Earth and should not go to hell.

The other, named “Fiora”, is neither a sinner nor a demon, but a living person.

Paimon was surprised when he heard the news. Hell could actually allow living people to survive. He was even more surprised that Heaven had no reaction at all!

The existence of these two people has made the recent temptations of the demon nobles much more cautious.

Moreover, these two inexplicable guys are not weak in ability, and there is no magic fluctuation at all when activated. Paimon has some doubts that their power does not come from hell.

The information brought by Storas may help him understand the other party’s details better, so the expression on his face became more enthusiastic, even to the extent that Storas felt a little uncomfortable.。

“What is the purpose of that person looking for you? ”

Stolas adjusted his mood, organized his words, and then told Paimon the plan that Dane told him in detail.

When he heard what he said before, Paimon could still maintain a smile, but when he heard Dane His expression changed slightly when he wanted to use souls as a currency measure, and his eyes widened when he heard that the other party already had mature technology! Of course, what Storas can think of, Paimon can also think of,

and He thought of more.

Rather than worrying about the large-scale disaster that might occur at the lower levels because of this incident, Paimon was more worried that the higher-ranking demon would use this plan to harvest the souls of the lower levels.

Making the strong stronger and the weak weaker.。

“This matter is beyond your or my ability to handle. A noble council must be convened! ”.


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