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All the Beasts: I, the Beast Master of the Underworld Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Talent Improvement? Beast tide showdown!!

Su Mu looked back at this huge Green Thunder Demon Bull!

Above the huge corpse, there was still an electric light that had not dissipated.

Su Mu’s mythological illustration identification ability was activated in an instant, and the ability of this huge demon bull’s corpse also appeared in front of Su Mu’s eyes!

【Green Thunder Demon Cow (Dead)】

【Rank: Second Order of the Sovereign】

【Potential: Ninth Order of the Monarch】

【Talent: Thunder Absorption (Monarch)】

[Skills: Lightning Quenching Body (Monarch), Horn of Lightning (Monarch), Raging Charge (General), Deterrence (Monarch)]

This is a decently fierce beast.

Compared with the Fierce Wind Condor in the hands of the old principal seen in the school before, there is naturally no comparison!

However, Su Mu thought about it and still glanced at all the skills and abilities of this Green Thunder Demon Bull.

His innate ability of death plunder had not been unleashed for a long time.

Previously, Su Mu had mainly focused all his attention on the evolutionary path of the Mythical Atlas Book.

But Su Mu also knew that in addition to evolution, skills were also a crucial part of pet beast evolution!

The main reason why Xiao Pi was able to kill the rest of the pet beasts so easily and become the strength of his own team was that in the final analysis, wasn’t it because of the two skills of the Wind Realm and the Ethereal Body?!

Before Su Mu did not properly study and develop this talent of death plunder, now it seems that there is still great potential.

Even without this mythical book of his own, relying on this death plunder, he can also make the pet beast extremely powerful.

In an instant, all four skills of this Green Thunder Demon Bull were known to him.

Relatively speaking, these four skills, deterrence is eliminated first, and there is no egg use

The Horn of the Thunder requires a long horn on the top of the head to be used, unless the two dogs really evolved into the Black Dragon King in the future, and the horns grew on the top of the head.

But after becoming the Black Dragon King, with the Dragon Horn, what else can you do with this skill!?

The furious charge was still suitable for the Great Sage, but it was just a general-level skill, and Su Mu couldn’t see it.

Turning it over, there is only this lightning quenching body!

Use thunder and lightning to refine the body, so that the body is further strengthened.

It was because of this ability that the Green Thunder Demon Bull fought hard with the Great Saint in the flesh.

Then it becomes the meat under the stick.

Now it seems that this skill can further increase the strength of the Great Sage’s body and become more fierce.

At the time of the ascent, the long-lost Death Plunder Skill was launched, and in an instant, a soul wave was instantly transmitted from above.

However, this transmission made Su Mu slightly stunned.

Previously, after being promoted to the rank of general, Su Mu’s entire attention was placed on the Time and Yin River Water in the Imperial Beast Space, and then he frantically tested the power of the Time Yin River Water Effect for several days.

Then, he let the two dogs evolve, and then he contracted his own third pet beast to create Xuanjie.

It can be said that after being promoted to the rank of general, Su Mu completely forgot the most important thing!

That is, after the Royal Beast Master is upgraded, the talent effect of the Royal Beast Master will also have the corresponding improvement!

Last time, after Su Mu himself was promoted from the ordinary level to the elite level, the number of skills that could be plundered and saved was increased from five to ten.

However, this kind of improvement actually has no meaning for him.

After all, these skills, after being taught once, disappeared directly, how did Su Mu think that he had no reason to be able to plunder the five skills without imparting them to his pet beasts, keep them for himself!?

Isn’t that sick?

And this time, in his perception, he launched this death plunder again, but found something unusual!

The skill of detonating the thunder quenching body appeared in the bottom of his heart!

[Lightning Quenching Body (Monarch): Can summon thunder to split, strengthen the flesh, quench cells, and increase the thunder attribute of your own body! 】

(Can be taught twice)

Yes, behind this, there is one more tip!

Can be taught twice?!

Su Mu’s brow raised slightly.

Is this skill now able to teach pet beasts twice? But there’s an egg to use?!

Besides the Great Sage, who else could learn this ability to detonate the body again?!

Not to mention whether their flesh needs to be refined or not.

Take the paper auror, a thunder split down, split to his soul body, the undead creatures, the most feared attribute, is no more than the thunder system!

The soul of the non-direct girl is scattered!? And quench a ball!

Is it difficult to give two dogs again!?

The problem is that the second dog is already a pure poisonous fire attribute.

The Great Sage can learn this skill, mainly because of his good physique, and the thunder system is violent and fierce, and it is indeed suitable for the Great Sage…

Su Mu’s brow furrowed, but soon, he spread out slightly, and he thought of a possibility.

Just need to try it yourself!

When the time comes, if you want to go astray, you really can’t do it, so you will pass this thing on to some other pet beasts at will.

But if it is really possible, this talent effect may really be against the sky!

At present, the most important thing is the current tide of beasts! Su Mu’s gaze looked at the vast battlefield, countless skills were bombarding in it, countless kinds of terrifying beasts rushed to kill, almost every second, there were watching the creatures fall.

In this battlefield, it turned into meat paste and melted into the dirt. Blend into the deep buried flowers on the other side. All of them have become the deepest nourishment of the Nine Shadows! However, the most eye-catching thing is undoubtedly the monarch-level pet beasts of these monarch-level imperial beast masters at this time, as well as the two pet beasts of Su Mu. At this moment, the Great Sage and the two dogs came a lizard knight.

Or ‘dragon’ knights.

The speed of the Great Sage is not slow.

However, compared with the two dogs that can fly, in this battlefield, they are still constrained by speed.

Therefore, in order to allow the Great Sage to kill as many fierce beasts as possible to meet the requirements of evolution, Su Mu directly ordered the Second Dog to take the Great Sage and directly transform into a cavalryman

On the battlefield, the lethality of a cavalry is much greater than that of infantry!

Not to mention the terrible toxicity of the two dogs, as long as they are close to a certain range around their bodies, not to say that they are directly poisoned, but the combat effectiveness is also greatly reduced.

And under the stick of the great sage, it directly turned into meat paste.

It can be said that the transformation into the Great Saint of the Black Dragon Knight is even more terrifying than the power exerted on this station just now!

And this beast tide has completely become the performance show of these two guys!

Finally, it seems to realize that if you don’t shoot again, you and others may not have the opportunity to shoot.

Almost at the same time, the roar of the soaring beast sounded, and a dozen monarch-level fierce beasts suddenly jumped out of the beasts!

And above the city wall, the pet beasts of the monarch-level imperial beast master who had long been prepared also flew down, and at this moment, everyone knew.

This decisive battle of the beast tide came several times faster than everyone imagined!

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