All the Beasts: I, the Beast Master of the Underworld Chapter 110

Chapter 110 The Flowers Bloom on the Other Shore! The biggest beneficiary of the beast tide!!


The loud sound of swallowing spit was extremely harsh above the city.

Just because, it’s not people who do it!

But at this moment, standing behind the bear maniac, the height of the giant N big bear!

This black and white, thunderous iron eating beast wrapped around purple electricity, dripping eyes under the black circles, staring at the battlefield above, the bloody monkey who was carrying the stick again.

At this moment, it really understood that this monkey was in the ring, in the Shigeyama Martial Arts Hall, and it was definitely left behind!

Thanks to the fact that the monkey did not take the stick in the first place, otherwise, would he have been killed directly with a stick!?

After all, it and this Green Thunder Demon Bull are both monarch-level!

And purely from the perspective of physical strength, who is strong and who is weak, who is better, is really not certain!

Thinking of this, Xiong Da looked at his own Imperial Beast Master.

It’s this stupid Imperial Beast Master!

Fighting such a terrible and fierce opponent, his grandmother was a bear, and even let Grandpa Xiong suppress a realm and fight with this monkey in the same realm!

This sesame rice balls that have not been directly broken into dew fillings are considered to be their own bear life! The bear maniac obviously did not know that his own bear was big, so he had a greater opinion of himself.

The Great Sage looked at it with a roar, and this huge green thunder demon bull, which was like a house, fell directly under its stick.

It doesn’t have half a bit of pride, pride, pride.

Because it knows that the pet beasts of the outside world, the fierce beasts, are not worthy of being their own targets at all.

His goal can only be the pet beast of Su Mu’s contract, and can only be those perverted things!

Its cultivation so hard was to one day become the most powerful of Su Mu’s pet beasts!

Wait a minute……

Dasheng thought about the first place in the team qualifying tournament that he didn’t touch and played against, Xiao Pi.

The three-tailed macular snake that looked extremely thin.

The Great Saint shook his head, forget it, this goal, for the time being, is a little bit farther away!

Let’s set a small goal first!

Let’s not be the last of the four pet beasts for now!

Thinking of this, the Great Sage didn’t even pay attention to the fallen Green Thunder Demon Bull, holding a long stick, and didn’t even rest again, continuing to rush towards the beast tide in front of him!

However, the situation of just smashing a monarch Qinglei Demon Bull with a stick was too terrifying, so that the fierce beasts in these beasts even subconsciously avoided this great sage with the king’s threat and blood!

At this moment, it is the two dogs that give full play to their advantages.

Other corpses are just that, not valuable.

It can fully understand the importance of the ‘money’ thing to their owners.

As a result, the cargo’s body suddenly fell, and its sharp claws grabbed the corpse of the Green Thunder Demon Bull like a small house.

Then he spread his wings and threw them directly above the city.

Looking at this scene, everyone was also slightly speechless.

But they can also understand that the pet beast of the ‘dragon’ race has always had a desire to collect high-value things.

Almost any dragon, especially a Western dragon, will add a collection of gold, diamonds, and even high-grade treasure resources to its hobby.

Su Mu stood calmly above the head of the city.

There was no surprise that the Great Sage had killed that Green Thunder Demon Bull with a stick! After the first qualifying battle, the monkey was hit.

These days of ascension, the realm has been improved again, reaching the sixth level of the general!

Moreover, the true combat strength of the Great Saint can only be said to be in the ranking battle in his Imperial Beast Space, which has not been brought into play at all.

Xuan Jie analyzed it afterwards.

Whether it is Paper Auror or Second Dog, one has the ability of building classes like the Nine Shadows Land, one flies in the sky, and there is no shortage of long-range attacks.

How does this make the monkey fight with a stick!?

Not only the Great Sage, but even Su Mu and Xuan Jie were helpless for the Great Sage.

However, this in no way means that the Great Sage is weak!

In fact, the strength of the body, the Great Sage is more terrifying than any other

Quite simply, at this moment, the corpses of the fierce beasts falling from the sky were all contaminated by the corrosive breath of the two dogs and the poisonous flame spitting out, and they directly disintegrated and had no way to live.

The slightest contamination is a terrifying poison that will undoubtedly die! However, what was the situation in the qualifying battle at that time!?

The Great Saint was spit on by the two dogs for half an hour, and the two dogs’ throats were dumb, and the Great Sage did not insist.

But even with such a terrible poison, after sitting around the fire for a little while, plus some of the rest of the means the Great Saint returned to jumping around alive.

Therefore, the strength of the Great Sage lies purely in his matchless physique and terrifying power.

As a result, in the qualifying battle, even the bodies of these guys were not touched, and it has to be said that they were restrained to death.

And now, on top of this battlefield, the strength of the Great Sage can be said to be completely and completely exerted!

What about monarchy!?

Dare to come hard and hard, the great sage is really not afraid!

And here, it is indeed the best place for the Great Sage to truly display his own strength and quickly promote his own evolution!

Thinking of this, the corners of Su Mu’s mouth were raised, revealing a faint smile.

Just because, in the mythological chart, that belongs to the evolution conditions of the Great Sage, from the Great Sage killing into this tide of beasts, this number began to soar up madly and rapidly!

Before, it seemed that it might take a long time for ten thousand beings to slaughter beings who could become fighting forces, but now it seems that it really doesn’t matter!

However, Su Mu knew that if he really talked about the harvest, the Great Sage was definitely not the one who gained the most in this battle!

The one that gained the most from this battle was another figure that did not show the mountains and did not leak water, and even at this moment, the rest of the people on this battlefield had not found it!

The paper is hidden in the dark.

And under its feet, everyone probably didn’t pay attention.

Only because, on the blood-stained earth, the color of the original ground could no longer be seen.

Naturally, no one will know that the original land has long since turned pitch black!

And in the blood and water, under the flesh, a small red flower that was inconspicuous at all slowly bloomed in it, absorbing the corpses and strength of these countless fierce beasts.

Come and feed yourself! Grow fast! The other side of the flower!

Su Mu smiled slightly, so it seems that the Great Sage’s side should be uncertain, but if this speed continues, one of the evolutionary conditions of the Nine Shadows of the Paper Pride Heaven.

The skill level of the other side of the blossom should be enough for eight!

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