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All the Beasts: I, the Beast Master of the Underworld Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Green Thunder Demon Bull? The monarch bows down with a stick!!

“Dad, what’s that!?”

Chen Xiaoxiao trembled and pointed to the monkey that was locked at this moment almost at this moment, shining with some trembling!

Chen Tianyan opened his mouth, he wanted to say that this was a fruit stealing monkey king.

However, in the world, the value of stealing dried fruit monkeys is mainly reflected in the brewing of monkey wine.

Such a fighting force, can still be the Fruit Monkey King!? Don’t say that Chen Xiaoxiao doesn’t believe it, he doesn’t believe it.

He had seen it with his own eyes before, Su Mu randomly summoned this monkey and picked up the Ruyi Golden Hoop Rod that he had personally commanded!

Although he was curious, he didn’t care, but now, sure enough, the hands of the perverts were all perverts!

Chen Tianyan remembered that the red-blooded demon lizard was also speechless, but soon, the corner of his eyes flashed and looked above the ground.

A very light red color appears.

It seems to be some kind of plant, flower.

But where are the flowers above the battlefield!?

He was about to take a good look at it, when the flower disappeared and the camera shifted.

Chen Tianyan’s brow frowned slightly, however, before he could think about it more, an exclamation had already sounded again!

Chen Xiaoxiao’s breathing even stopped at this moment! Staring intently at the battlefield at this time.

Sure enough, this reckless slaughtering monkey attracted the prying eyes of the truly powerful people in this herd!

Small and medium-sized beasts, under normal circumstances, there will be no emperor-level beasts

Moreover, the military and the province regularly search around the city, and high-level pet beasts do not even have the germination and opportunity to appear.

Therefore, generally speaking, the monarch-level pet beast is already the top of the sky! At this moment, along with the continuous rush and killing of the Great Sage, it attracted attention!

It’s a huge green cow!

All over the body, flashing thunder light after another! It’s like an electric thunderbolt.

Even those fierce beasts that were not afraid of death did not dare to go near this green cow! And this green bull appeared in front of the Great Sage

The boundless bloody qi soared into the sky, and even on this battlefield where the killing was fierce, a vacuum was formed!

Above the city wall, even those few subconsciously clenched their fists: “This is… Green Thunder Demon Bull! A monarch-level beast! Su Mu, let your pet beast come back, and we’ll let people deal with it! ”

In an instant, the bear maniac subconsciously shouted that the bear’s large body had appeared behind him.

It’s just that at this time, Xiong Da seems to be a monarchical state of complete body, which is different from the situation when he was violently beaten by the Great Sage!

Su Mu shook his head at this time: “No! ”


Two simple words made Xiong Crazy, Wu Changgeng and others look at him incredulously.

Such a fierce pet beast wants to cultivate it, but it is even more difficult, not to mention, when the pet beast dies, the imperial beast master will also be implicated.

However, Xiong Fan knew that this monkey and Su Mu were not in a contractual relationship, but it was precisely because of this that it was even more precious!

“Su Mu!”

He involuntarily asked again.

Su Mu smiled and shook his head.

Only because, among Xuan Jie’s glasses and headphones, there was the voice of the Great Sage!


Not to ask for evacuation, not to let the rest of the pet beasts help, but to ask a question:

“Is the meat of this Green Thunder Devil Cow better than the taste of tea mixed with beef and stewed violet ginseng?!”

Su Mu’s voice also laughed and passed into the Great Sage’s ear: “Pepper and hemp taste, crunch!” ”

His voice dropped, and the squeaking sound in the headphones was filled with unimaginable excitement!

The Great Sage raised the long stick in his hand and directly crossed the Blue Thunder Demon Bull in front of him!

The latter was furious, and with a moo, the magic bull that flashed with thunder and thunder rushed straight towards the Great Saint in front of him!

“Sleeper! Is that guy crazy!? This is to let this monkey go to the level to challenge the monarch level!? How is this possible! ”

“Indeed, it is a pity that such a monkey pet with unlimited potential has met such an unreliable owner!”

Obviously, the appearance of the first monarch-level pet beast, in the midst of this beast tide charge, undoubtedly attracted everyone’s attention, drones and cameras, etc., all looking at this green thunder demon bull at this time!

At the moment when he saw that Su Mu did not let the Great Sage leave the meaning at all, countless viewers could be said to be excited: “How is this possible!?” Above the monarch level, if you want to cross the level challenge, it is very difficult! Unless the racial gap is too large, or the attribute ability is perfectly restrained, there is a little possibility! ”

“That’s just a little possibility! The reason why the monarch level is said to be impossible to be challenged by the level of crossing, because the monarch deterrent has been awakened! ”

“Monarchical deterrence, under this deterrence, ordinary pet beasts do not dare to even flee, let alone resist!” Even if you can fight, your strength can’t play much! ”

“I really didn’t expect that the boy was so talented and lucky, but he didn’t even know such common sense!”

Some people shook their heads in regret, obviously feeling sorry for such a powerful pet beast to die under the tide of this Green Thunder Demon Bull!

But no matter what, everyone still looked at it.

In any case, this monkey can also become one of the most profound pet beasts in their memory!

However, at this moment, on the battlefield, the Great Sage obviously did not know that he was being cared for by so many people!

It watched as the thunderous body exploded, and the infinite king’s threat intensified, and it looked at the young man who had charged at him.

There was a human disdain and coldness in his eyes! Monarch deterrence?!

Does this thing work for you!? No!

Its indestructible will to fight, ignoring all deterrent capabilities.

Even the big lizard with wings did not dare to use deterrence against it, your green-skinned beef has become a refined thing, why dare to use it on yourself!?

Although I am currently the last one in the team, it is also in the team

That’s because the master’s ability is too perverted, and the rest of the guys have grown longer than it!

As for the rest, they dare to show off their might in front of themselves!?

In an instant, the golden light soared!

That huge golden hoop rod seemed to be even more dazzling at this moment, under the blessing of this golden light!

The Great Sage’s body jumped straight up.

At this moment, all the strength of the body was concentrated on the long stick in his hand.

In the face of the Thunder Demon Horn that the Green Thunder Demon Bull charged at him, there was no intention of avoiding it at all!

Such a frontal and tough battle is really the battle that makes it the most liked!

It took off a jump, the golden hoop stick in its original hand was carried on its shoulder, and then, in the face of the charging of the oncoming thunder horn, it did not dodge, and a stick swept out with the strength of the shoulder and waist!

Liuhe big gun – Erlang Danshan! Bang!

Cracking sound!

The sound of the thunderstorm was accompanied by the roar of the impact of heavy objects, and at this moment, a huge fire and movement bloomed above this station!

However, such a cracking sound was heard, and all the rest of the place was silent!

Throughout the city, above the head of the city, countless televisions and computers were in front.

Everyone was incredibly silent at this moment!

Only because the stick that was wrapped around the blue thunder had already split the thunder at this moment and embedded it into the head of the monarch-level green thunder demon bull!

The blue eyeballs burst, the bones shattered, and the red and white things, under the stick of the golden hoop stick, were like watermelons that had been directly smashed.

The Great Sage threw away his numbing arm, and a loud roar that an ape-like pet beast could rarely make, showing its excitement at this moment!

What about monarchy!? There are still bones under the stick!

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