A god-level fire spirit at the beginning Chapter 170

“Forget it, just solve him completely! I was tired of playing and thinking that there must be strong people at this grand event, but I didn’t expect them to be some rookie chickens! Enough is enough! ”

Then Zhao Changge raised his head, staring at the Nether Ghost King in the distance with dark eyes, and then slowly spread his hands, and at the tips of his fingers, there were strange seals.


In those countless slightly doubtful gazes, the earth under Zhao Changge’s feet trembled slightly, and a strange pulse fluctuation, with a bang, swept away from the ground.

With this fluctuation, there was a sudden uproar between heaven and earth, because they saw that the earth within a radius of thousands of miles actually began to move as if something was about to come out.

“This is”

The Nether Ghost King’s scarlet blood pupils looked at this scene, his pupils shrank abruptly, and a feeling of extreme danger surged into his heart.

“What is this!!”

The entire land seemed to be shaking at this time, the mountains trembled, the boulders rolled down, and cracks spread out from under Zhao Changge’s feet, and then diffused into the distance with an astonishing degree

The originally lush mountains quickly cracked with thirst, and a desert-like sand and dust shrouded the world.

Such an astonishing change also immediately attracted the attention of countless strong people, and their complexions also changed drastically, and their eyes were full of incredulity, because they could faintly feel that the vitality of this earth was slowly dying at this time by a high temperature permeating vitality! !


All eyes looked in that direction, where the young man stepped on the ground, his hands were spread, and his thin figure seemed to have a majestic shore that could stand up to heaven and earth at this time.

“This is”

Zhao Shiya, Su Yiyi, Zhou Ze and others looked at the ground under their feet in amazement, they were strong, so their perception was even sharper, under their detection, at this time, they were in an extremely violent state, and the power that belonged to the fire was rapidly condensing and ready to come out at any time.

“Can you mobilize the power of the magma in the center of the earth? What a wonderful move!! ”

Zhao Shiya’s eyes were slightly bright, and the scorching look was thin and thin, this young man of similar age to her, although he knew at first sight that he was extraordinary, he didn’t want to hit him so strong, maybe the power at this time is not his full strength, which makes people even more curious, this gesture is the best lethality for women!

Zhou Ze on the side nodded, he squatted down, grabbed a handful of dirt in his palm, and the hot heat in the soil slowly transmitted to make him feel like he had reached the center of the earth.

“I don’t know if this is the case, can kill that Nether Ghost King!”


The mountain peak where Zhao Changge was located cracked one crack after another, and in the crack, the violent energy rose up into the sky, tearing the clouds in the sky alive.

At this time, around him, majestic energy gathered like a sea, and the surrounding space became more and more distorted and twisted under the surge of this majestic energy, with a trace of black and some golden flames.

The majesty of that energy made the surrounding psychics and the people on Longmen Mountain feel full of scalps.

At this time, looking down at this area from the sky, you will find that within more than a hundred miles around the Daotianshan Mountain, all of them have turned into deserts without a trace of life, and the power of this region has been changed abruptly by the scorching power in Zhao Changge’s body into a desert with only yellow sand!

The Nether Ghost King looked at Zhao Changge whose breath was soaring, and the sneer that originally existed on his face suddenly froze, although his eyes were still gloomy, but at this time, even he had to admit that the Zhao Changge in front of him once again made him feel threatened!

All kinds of contempt before the seal was unlocked dissipated at this time, as long as they were not a fool, no one would maintain their contempt when facing this Zhao Changge who constantly burst out amazing potential.

“But do you think you’ll kill me?! Inadequate! Not enough! It’s not enough!! ”

The Nether Ghost King’s eyes were suddenly hideous, his hands were fiercely sealed, and a low roar came out between his throats, only to see that at the center of his eyebrows, a blood-colored rune faintly appeared, and the monstrous black qi spread out, and the whole heaven and earth became darker.

Countless eyes were looking at the two people who were fighting to the limit at this time, and there was an unconcealable emotion in their eyes, who would have thought that this Dragon Gate Ceremony would fight to this point

This level of struggle, Mo said that the younger generation, even the strong of the older generation, few people can reach it!

Looking at the Nether Ghost King Zhao Changge who became stronger again, he was still indifferent, but the slight smile at the corner of his mouth reflected how happy he was.

“Not enough! It’s not enough!! If you only have such energy, then die!! I can’t even dance with me! ”

Zhao Changge slowly stretched out his palm, and the fire spirit behind him followed Zhao Changge’s movements and also stretched out his palm, and then Zhao Changge held his palm lightly, and the majestic energy condensed in the palm, and under that handshake, the space around his hand shattered. _

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