A god-level fire spirit at the beginning Chapter 169

I don’t know when the black mist gushed out from the Nether Ghost King’s body, and the black fog spread out, and even the surrounding space emitted a wailing sound, and finally couldn’t withstand the slow breakage.

The Nether Ghost King’s flesh seemed to be unable to withstand the erosion of the black mist, slowly dissolving.

The black mist was pervasive, and the lower body of the Nether Ghost King was completely dissolved and suddenly raised his head, at this time, there was a blood-colored condensation in the depths of his pair of pupils, and the runes in the blood-colored pupils were pervasive, and there was an unconcealable evil in that rune.


The blood eyes opened, and the disappearing aura of the Nether Ghost King suddenly exploded again, and this time, that aura was expanding and strengthening with an astonishing degree!

Between heaven and earth, the fierce wind sprang up, blowing Hua Chen’s robe to hunt, and under the rendering of the monstrous black fog, he was like an evil god descending into the world at this time

“This breath”

Outside the martial arts mirror, countless people were shocked by the sudden surge of the Nether Ghost King’s aura, and no one expected that the latter still had such a powerful power hidden, but fortunately, he finally opened this hole card under heavy damage.

“Damn it.” Zhao Hao clasped his hands, originally his face was hit hard because of the Nether Ghost King, and the joy that poured out of Buxiu being killed also dissipated at this time, and Zhao Changge only had some upper hand, but he didn’t expect to be reversed so quickly.

Beside him, Xiao Nan’s cheeks also surged with worry, the strength of this Nether Ghost King is too terrifying, and those who can surpass him will probably not pass the index of one hand.

“It’s really the breath of demons.”

In the Great Desert Chamber of Commerce, the Great Elder said to the middle-aged man next to him: “Guild President, look at this is a demon class, Dongyang King actually captivated the demon class, this is seeking his own death!” He stared at the raging demonic energy in the martial arts mirror, and on the surface of his body, a faint murderous aura gushed out.

“It’s indeed a demon, but it’s not,” the middle-aged man beside the Great Elder of the Great Desert Chamber of Commerce frowned, “But even so, the strength of this Nether Ghost King at this time is also Zhao Changge’s desire to hit him hard, I’m afraid it will become a little difficult.” ”

Zhao Changge’s offensive before, even if even this great chief of the Great Desert Chamber of Commerce was amazed, and the former was able to severely damage the Nether Ghost King, which surprised him even more, but the accumulated advantages may become wiped out at this time.

The strength of these demons is indeed a little difficult to compete with for a young generation like Zhao Changge.

The middle-aged man stared at the martial arts mirror, where a young man with a thin body was also looking at the alienated Nether Ghost King, but from his young face, the middle-aged man did not see panic but a trace of interest was jumped, as if he had found a fun toy, and then he smiled, with an unconcealed appreciation in his eyes, and said: “Shiya’s eyes have always been very good, and Zhao Changge, who we support this time, is afraid to be the top person in this continent!” ”

“But the battle situation has not reached the last minute, and it is too early to make any results”

“Kind of interesting! Keep starting your show! Let’s dance! ”

Zhao Changge stared at the monstrous evil aura, pursed his lips, and looked at the stool-like Nether Ghost King and said with interest, he was not too surprised by the Nether Ghost King’s means, because this method is a desperate means that every peak powerhouse must have.

“It seems that you know that I have this means, otherwise I would not be so calm, but is calm useful?” You’re still going to die!! ”

The Nether Ghost King’s bright red blood pupils looked at Zhao Changge, and there was endless resentment surging in that pupil, and then he grinned proudly at Zhao Changge, and said to himself: “The offensive just now should have consumed most of the spiritual power in your body, right?” ”

Unfortunately, at this time, the Nether Ghost King did not know that Zhao Changge, who had the Holy Grail, just turned over the offensive just now was just a question of whether he wanted to or not, not a question that could not be let go, and he was silent for 3 seconds.

Zhao Changge saw that this Nether Ghost King was so self-concerned and speculated, and he thought that he didn’t have the slightest expression on his face, but he wanted to laugh in his heart!

“Now you, what else are you going to compete with me?”

The curve of the corner of the Nether Ghost King’s lips was a little mocking and a little comfortable, and then he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, when I defeat you, I will tear your limbs alive.” ”

“Huh! Is it? Then try to see who is better! ”

Zhao Changge indifferently looked at the Nether Ghost King’s Yan Yi performance, shook his head helplessly, and immediately put on a posture and waited for the Nether Ghost King to throw himself into the net.

The Nether Ghost King looked at Zhao Changge so arrogantly, and immediately became angry and immediately thought of something, so he chuckled and said in a calm tone: “Is it!” Then give it a try! Anyway, you are also a dying person, so why should I fight with you? ”

However, for his sneer, Zhao Changge was still unheard, and his body fell from the sky to the top of a majestic peak. _

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